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  • The World's Most-Overlooked Fine-Wine Regions? (Wine Spectator) News & Features
    3 Mar 2015 | 7:30 am
    Here's one nomination, anyway
  • 8 & $20 Recipe: Easy Braised Short Ribs and Roasted Carrots (Wine Spectator) News & Features
    25 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    This warming winter meal stands up to a bold red such as Malbec
  • Wine Tips: Essential Information About The Serving Temperatures Of Wines

    Today's Wine - Tasting Notes and Tips
    John Neimann
    6 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    The serving temperature of wine makes a difference because it affects the aromatics of the wine.  A temperature that is too cold suppresses the aromatics; too warm releases them too quickly. Either way you miss the optimum experience of enjoyment. Typically a refrigerator operates a few degrees above freezing between 35°F and 40°F. This range is too cold for any wine: white or red.  Room temperature is typically between 68°F and 78°F, depending on the season.  This range is too warm for any wine to be fully enjoyed.                              Wine            …
  • Unfiltered: Novak Djokovic Partners with Jacob's Creek (Wine Spectator) News & Features
    26 Feb 2015 | 12:30 pm
    Plus, Roederer Estate vineyard workers win $163,000 wage settlement from contractor, $200,000 worth of Chardonnay down the drain in Australia, retired wine barrels become skateboards, and more
  • How Much Light Is Bad Light When Storing Wine?

    Wine Posts
    Ana Berwick
    19 Feb 2015 | 11:18 am
    So we’ve told you why vibrations are bad for storing wine, so today we’ll give you some tips on proper lighting and the important ways it can effect a fine wine.  Do not expose your wine to excessive light. Sunlight or other forms of bright light age the wine too soon, leaving you with poor quality tastings. Ideally, wine should be stored in a dark, cool environment. The dark glass bottles can protect the wine from the way UV rays negatively affect wine. Be extra careful when the wine is in clear or light glass bottles. The lighter glass allows for more intensive exposure to the…
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    GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show

  • The Wines of Australia – with Tahbilk

    GrapeRadio Bunch
    28 Feb 2015 | 2:14 pm
    Established in 1860, Tahbilk is one of Australia’s most beautiful and historic family owned wineries. Located in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria (120kms north of Melbourne). The vineyard has some 200 hectares under vine which includes Marsanne, Viognier and Roussanne, as well as Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre. Also planted are the traditional varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdelho, along with Tempranillo and Savagnin. Purchased by the Purbrick family is 1925, Tahbilk is home to 5 generations. Join…
  • Wine in Film – “American Wine Story”

    GrapeRadio Bunch
    9 Feb 2015 | 5:30 am
    The wine industry always seems to make good subject matter for films and video. Some efforts are based on real figures, others on fictional characters. Some are romanticized versions of how we envision wineries, vineyards, and wines, while others seek to expose the unvarnished truth – embellished or otherwise. Less often, yet frequently more interesting, are films that inform us by documenting people’s experiences with growing, producing, or just drinking wine. The documentary, “American Wine Story” is a film that delves into the passion, the risk, the ingenuity, and…
  • 2014 World of Pinot Noir Seminar – Burgundy & Oregon: Parallels in Latitudes – a Look at 45º North, Part 2 – Burgundy

    GrapeRadio Bunch
    26 Jan 2015 | 5:30 am
    Part 2 of the 2014 WOPN seminar on Oregon and Burgundy takes us to Pinot Noir’s homeland in Burgundy, France. We were very fortunate to have Louis Jadot’s Technical Director Frédéric Barnier, present a vertical of the Premier Cru vineyard, Clos des Ursules, which included vintages: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2003, 1997, 1990, and 1985. The Clos des Ursules is a walled site within the Vignes Franches climat, at the southern end of Beaune’s group of Premier Cru vineyards near the commune boundary with Pommard. Being on the lower eastern side of the Montagne-Saint-Desire hill, the…
  • The Wines of Bordeaux – with Château Gruaud-Larose

    GrapeRadio Bunch
    15 Jan 2015 | 5:30 am
    As with many of the Châteaux of Bordeaux, Gruaud-Larose has a fascinating history. Originally, Joseph Stanislas Gruaud was the owner of the Ténac, Sartaignac and Merle Crus in the 18th century. He united them in 1757 under the name of “Fonbedeau”, also called Gruaud. When he died in 1771, he left the property to Monsieur de Larose. In 1781, the name of the new owner was added and the Cru became Gruaud Larose. Upon his death in 1795, Monsieur de Larose passed the Château on to Messrs Balguerie, Sarget and Verdonnet. By 1865, the undivided estate was shared between the heirs Balguerie…
  • The Wines of Champagne – with Jacquart

    GrapeRadio Bunch
    29 Dec 2014 | 5:30 am
    ‘Tis the season, as they say, so we thought we’d finish up the year with a show featuring one of our favorite wines – Champagne! The Jacquart story began in the early 1960s, as an effort by the Champagne growers’ to control their own destiny. Rather than selling their grapes or juice to the large Champagne houses, a small group of growers decided that they needed to launch their own Champagne label. The Champagne Jacquart brand was released for the first time in 1962, and the ‘Mosaïque’ label was chosen to represent the patchwork of grower families across the region,…
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    Vinography: A Wine Blog

  • Vinography Unboxed: Week of February 22, 2015

    28 Feb 2015 | 11:36 am
    Hello, and welcome to my periodic dig through the samples pile. I'm pleased to bring you the latest installment of Vinography Unboxed, where I highlight some of the better bottles that have crossed my doorstep recently. This week's trove of bottles included one of the sexiest, most impressive wines from Livermore that I've ever had: the Lineage bottling from Steven Kent winery, whose wines have been impressing me for the last couple of years quite consistently. There were also a couple of standout Chardonnays as well, from Thomas Fogarty Winery and Whitcraft Winery, both of which were fresh,…
  • Vinography Images: Frost and Fog

    27 Feb 2015 | 8:19 pm
    Frost and Fog HOPLAND, CA: Frost and fog envelope Mendocino County's Bonterra Vineyards in the middle of winter. INSTRUCTIONS: Download this image by right-clicking on the image and selecting "save link as" or "save target as" and then select the desired location on your computer to save the image. Mac users can also just click the image to open the full size view and drag that to their desktops. To set the image as your desktop wallpaper, Mac users should follow these instructions, while PC users should follow these. PRINTS: Fine art prints of this image and others are available at George…
  • The Glory of 2013 Napa Cabernet: Tasting Premiere Napa Valley

    27 Feb 2015 | 7:59 pm
    Each year, the Napa Valley Vintners Association pulls out all the stops to host its annual fundraising event known as Premiere Napa Valley. Not to be confused with its star-studded charity auction in the spring (known as Auction Napa Valley), Premiere Napa Valley is a more focused event. All the bidders are ostensibly in the wine trade (retailers, distributors, etc.), while other attendees include the media and winery staff, and the proceeds from the auction of 225 unique lots of wine go to help fund the Vintners Association. The auction action at Premiere always serves as something of a…
  • A Dose of Claret: Visiting With 2010 Bordeaux

    21 Feb 2015 | 11:56 pm
    I have two confessions to make, the first slightly more gauche (among wine lovers) than the last. Here goes. I don't have much interest in Bordeaux. While I've not yet tasted all the greats (I have yet to run into an open bottle of Petrus with my name on it) I've certainly tasted enough of the First Growths on down to the bourgeoisie to understand the nature of a proper claret. When I could still buy the once-modest Pontet Canet for less than $50 (a thing I find myself surprised to be able to say given my relative youth) or to splash out for a bottle of Cos d'Estournel at less than $80, I…
  • Vinography Images: The Cool, Cool River

    20 Feb 2015 | 10:15 pm
    The Cool, Cool River HEALDSBURG, CA: Spring arrives early in Northern California's Wine Country with warm temperatures bringing the vineyards to life in March, 2014, in Healdsburg, California. With little winter rain and warming temperatures, 2015 looks to be a repeat of 2014. INSTRUCTIONS: Download this image by right-clicking on the image and selecting "save link as" or "save target as" and then select the desired location on your computer to save the image. Mac users can also just click the image to open the full size view and drag that to their desktops. To set the image as your desktop…
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    Wine Posts

  • How Much Light Is Bad Light When Storing Wine?

    Ana Berwick
    19 Feb 2015 | 11:18 am
    So we’ve told you why vibrations are bad for storing wine, so today we’ll give you some tips on proper lighting and the important ways it can effect a fine wine.  Do not expose your wine to excessive light. Sunlight or other forms of bright light age the wine too soon, leaving you with poor quality tastings. Ideally, wine should be stored in a dark, cool environment. The dark glass bottles can protect the wine from the way UV rays negatively affect wine. Be extra careful when the wine is in clear or light glass bottles. The lighter glass allows for more intensive exposure to the…
  • Five Ways To Give Wine With Love

    Ana Berwick
    5 Feb 2015 | 11:00 am
    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you need some last minute ideas for making the day special with your significant other, then we’re confident today’s post will help. We’ve given numerous suggestions that’ll make the day special and have you ready to impress. POUR THE CHAMPAGNE  You could keep it simple and classy by popping open a nice bottle of Champagne. The tasteful and aromatic bubbly is always romantic. It is perfect for a sweet toast and can be enjoyed by itself or with a delicious meal. Pair it with a a light dessert or even the main…
  • Why You Should Eliminate Vibration When Storing Wine

    Ana Berwick
    29 Jan 2015 | 1:20 pm
    There are numerous important factors to consider when storing wine, whether it be long or short term. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees with a humid environment. Do not let light into the storage space and keep the bottles on their side when in storage. For now, we want to emphasize is the effect of vibration and how to minimize or just completely eliminate it.  Bad Vibrations Keep the bottles still! Do not place your fine wines in a storage fridge that is going to constantly moving! You may not even know there are vibrations in the storage space, but be careful of it! For short term…
  • A Glass For Your Wine

    Ana Berwick
    27 Jan 2015 | 3:23 pm
    Wine glasses and flutes make the wine and champagne look pretty and presentable. But their shape, size, and fragility all have an effect on the drink. It can change the wine taste and intensify or lessen aromas. Lettie Teague of WSJ and Jancis Robinson each discuss how they have learned to appreciate a fine glass almost as much as a fine wine. “Once more, there were stark differences—the bulbous Spiegelau Burgundy glass made the Meursault seem fatter and flatter while in the Zalto Universal glass, it was more minerally, showing a higher level of acidity. In short, it just seemed more…
  • The 100 Bottle Cellar – Chris Caughman

    Vinfolio Staff
    22 Jan 2015 | 10:19 am
    This is the first post in our 100 Bottle Cellar series where we ask collectors a simple question: How Would You Stock A 100 Bottle Cellar?  Chris Caughman is Vinfolio’s Director Of Content, ensuring that all Vinfolio, WinePrices and VinCellar data is accurate and timely. Chris is an avid wine enthusiast, collector and a world class wine expert. When not geeking out on wine, Chris is also a diehard sports fan and will destroy any and all challengers at Fantasy Football. To learn more about the 100 Bottle Cellar series, click here. Future Investment + Immediate Enjoyment With ten years…
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    Intoxicating Prose

  • RESTAURANTS: Stoke Place

    Douglas Blyde
    2 Mar 2015 | 3:14 am
    STOKE Place, a characterful Georgian pile unfairly tarred by its Slough postcode has retained the accolade of AA Notable Wine List year-on-year. While the hotel may be a little scuffed around the edges, the 30-page wine list authored by general manager, Terry McEvoy is lovingly put together. For example, worth noting, should the bank rule in your favour, a 75cl bottle of 1998 Chateau d’Yquem is significantly cheaper than retail (£140) within these sturdy walls. Among his suppliers, McEvoy praises Bibendum for their “great customer service and team training” and Amathus for whom…
  • SPIRITS: To Toast, Or Not To Toast?

    Douglas Blyde
    4 Feb 2015 | 2:40 am
    CRAFTED from fermented grains, distilled, then matured in porous clay pots, baijiu is China’s most popular spirit. However, for a Western dilettante the drink’s distinctive profile may seem unusual. Hammant Patel Villa of Brixton’s Courtesan ‘Birdcage Bar’ and ‘Boudoir’ notes, “It’s a very complex, earthy spirit – brooding, dare I say it, angry – challenging every aspect of a Western drinkers’ notion of an enjoyable practice.” Read at Alexander & James >
  • RESTAURANTS: Oakley Court

    Douglas Blyde
    28 Jan 2015 | 5:05 am
    TONIGHT’s meal, realised by sous chef, Meaden was bright, meticulous and very edible while being dramatically at odds, stylistically, with the presently drab dining room. However, when plans to redecorate are enacted, I predict a healthy tremble of critics will visit given the team’s inventiveness and energy. Indeed, I learnt at my 9am breakfast that Futcher had only finished hand-washing his much-loved comprehensive range of Riedel XL glassware a few hours before... Read at Harper's
  • WINE: Fluid Investment

    Douglas Blyde
    21 Jan 2015 | 3:31 pm
    “GONE are the days when a 40% mark-up would lazily be slapped on a bottle. As the market has become more efficient and transparent, so too have wine merchants. Which is a very good thing...”Read at The Wharf newspaper.(Page One / Page Two)
  • SPIRITS: The Land of Cîroc

    Douglas Blyde
    21 Jan 2015 | 3:23 pm
    WHY, he wondered, did I stir the spirit in an ice-laden shaker for a full two minutes? With Cîroc, there was no need, he explained, to insist on dilution and chilling to the point of killing flavours, seeing as there were few if any harsh edges to begin with, thanks to the grape base of his drink... Read at Alexander & James >
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    Wine Camp Blog: a points-free zone

  • $217 a Gallon for Grape Juice

    Craig Camp
    22 Feb 2015 | 9:39 pm
    Harvesting the Cornerstone Cellars To Kalon blocks at Oakville Station A recent article on The Drinks Business quotes Tor Kenward saying he was paying $26,000 a ton for Beckstoffer To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. That's $217 per gallon for grape juice or about $43 a bottle for just the grapes. Certainly this is an extreme example, but it is symptomatic about what is happening in the Napa Valley. Over the last several years the prices of grapes has been moving inexorably higher with no signs of slowing down. The Napa Valley average for cabernet sauvignon now approaches $6,000 a ton and…
  • One Hundred Percent

    Craig Camp
    15 Feb 2015 | 2:02 pm
    2012 Cornerstone Cellars Cabernet Franc Black Label We believe in the power of blending the classic Bordeaux varieties for the same reason the French do: it makes the wines better. Cabernet provides the power and structure, merlot texture and aromatics and cabernet franc is a bit like MSG as it lifts, brightens and adds excitement to the wine. This blending process is an important part of what we do at Cornerstone Cellars. Well most of the time. The fact is the 2012 Cornerstone Cellars Cabernet Franc Black Label, Napa Valley is one hundred percent cabernet franc. We did not plan it that…
  • The Pineapple Express Arrives in the Napa Valley

    Craig Camp
    8 Feb 2015 | 9:55 am
    The arrival of a storm brings welcome rain and beauty to the Napa Valley Clouds at dawn signal the arrival of the "Pineapple Express in the Napa Valley. Soon the spring mustard and the vines will get a good drink Stunning twisting cloud formation at dawn over the Napa Valley vineyards of Yountville
  • Morning after the rains #Yountville #NapaValley [Flickr]
    29 Dec 2014 | 8:42 pm posted a photo:
  • #SantaCon #NapaValley at CornerstoneNapa donated 81 toys to #ToysForTots [Flickr]
    18 Dec 2014 | 10:03 am posted a photo:
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    June Smith & Jerry Starr's feed

  • Updated menu themes for Michael’s on Main March food and wine pairing dinners

    June Smith & Jerry Starr, Santa Cruz Wine Examiner
    27 Feb 2015 | 9:48 am
    An earlier published version of the March menu was incorrect. Here is an update of the new themes and wineries.Join Michael Clark and staff every Tuesday night for their popular food, wine & beer pairing dinners. Wineries &amp...
  • March Tuesday food and wine pairings at Soquel’s Michael's on Main

    June Smith & Jerry Starr, Santa Cruz Wine Examiner
    25 Feb 2015 | 7:12 pm
    Join Michael Clark and staff every Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. when wineries and breweries pair their fabulous selections to complement authentic themed menus. Live music adds ambiance to the evening.$25/person &ndash...
  • February wine and food pairings at Michael’s on Main restaurant in Soquel

    June Smith & Jerry Starr, Santa Cruz Wine Examiner
    5 Feb 2015 | 2:04 pm
    Each Tuesday evening, owner/chef Michael Clark and staff match the dinner menu with wineries, breweries, produce and area seafood. A sumptuous buffet complements the food, contributing to the chosen theme of the evening. Enjoy live music inside...
  • Soquel Vineyards mines Gold at the 2015 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    June Smith & Jerry Starr, Santa Cruz Wine Examiner
    16 Jan 2015 | 11:06 pm
    During the week of January 6, 2015, nearly 60 Wine Judges from many aspects of the wine industry -- winemakers, retailers, restaurateurs, wine writers, sommeliers, and chefs -- came together for the 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition....
  • January 2015 Winter Passport Day on the Santa Cruz Mountains Summit

    June Smith & Jerry Starr, Santa Cruz Wine Examiner
    14 Jan 2015 | 11:11 am
    On the third Saturday of January, April, July and November, passport guests are welcomed into 50+ wineries throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, each offering a unique pairing of artisan handcrafted wines, gourmet food and entertainment. Passports...
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    Catavino | Spanish wine, Portuguese wine and a whole lot more

  • Catavino’s Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Portugal: Ditch the High Heels!

    Gabriella Opaz
    4 Mar 2015 | 7:25 am
    I adore a stunning pair of high heels. I’m not talking about the mammoth spikes that can alternatively be used as an assault weapon, or block heels that make you walk like un-oiled stick figure; I’m referring to the elegant sensible heels that sculpt your legs into sumptuous, sleek delectables. That said, Portugal is not for the heel obsessed. Frankly, Portugal hates pumps, because no matter where you travel, you’ll inevitably hit slick cobblestone. These intricately designed death traps are stunning to look at but torturous to traverse. Either the heel will get…
  • Fried Foods of Portugal! You know you want it!

    Sonia Nolasco
    2 Mar 2015 | 11:52 am
    Though there’s every reason to tout the Mediterranean traits of the Portuguese diet, let’s be real, there’s also plenty of fried and fatty goodness to gorge on. On my latest trip to Portugal, I checked off a few savory and sweet items that had been on my long list of treats to taste. On this (ongoing) list, I also have items I return to on every trip—my go-to spots. Here’s what I discovered this time around as well as what I can’t resist. SAVORY SIDE Salgados: There’s a category of finger foods in Portugal that I have a hard time resisting. They’re called “Salgados” (salty…
  • Friday Feature Photo: The Homeless Clowns of Spain

    Gabriella Opaz
    27 Feb 2015 | 2:15 am
    Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: January 27, 2006 Location: Madrid, Spain About: There’s something to be said for originality and pure cojones, andhis dude most definitely falls into this category; because not only is he stating that he’s hungry, but he goes so far as to dress up in “sad clown” attire. Add the fantastic expression of awe from the child, and anger / shock from the guy, and you have a priceless moment! Purchase: Please contact the photographer directly if you’re keen to purchase their photo. If you want to have your photo featured here…
  • African Influence on Portugal

    Rochelle Ramos
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:02 am
    When I look at the timeworn façades across Portugal, listen to the tune in the language, or taste the spice of the food and I find it fascinating when I realize how much of it is influenced by the warm, culturally rich continent to the south, Africa. The strong Arabic structures of the Lisbon walls and the Castelo dos Mouros atop Sintra have kept them from crumbling over a thousand years after they were built. Words that carry the sounds of a Lusitanian-Mozarabic language can be still heard in words from “Algarve” to “arroz”. And what would the food be without a sprinkle of salt…
  • Recipe: Piri Piri Peppers Preserved in Olive Oil and Whiskey

    Rochelle Ramos
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:02 am
    If using straight piri piri is too much for you, here’s an old-school family recipe to try at home, capable of being used a bit at a time. You can add it to several dishes, or simply create your own Portuguese hot sauce. I personally love it with sautéed shrimp, basted chicken or in a bowl of hot soup during the cold season to clear things right up! Beware! Like all hot peppers, we suggest using gloves when handling them, or simply to wash your hands thoroughly when finished. The last you want is to touch your eye, or your kid, after handling wicked hot peppers! (photo by…
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    Dr Vino's wine blog

  • Eataly: a lot of pasta

    Dr. Vino
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:59 am
    Fast Company has a piece on Eataly, the enormous and enormously successful (grocery) store with restaurants inside it. For those who haven’t been, the stores have an innovative concept that harkens back to an olde tyme market with different vendors for fish, meat, and pasta, interspersed with fresh fruit and vegetables, dried pasta and olive oils, restaurants of various themes, a wine store (now back), a rooftop beergarden, a wine bar, an espresso bar, a gelateria, and a bookstore. My kids never want to leave when we’re there. Eataly NY is a collaboration with Mario Batali and Joe…
  • The drought files: Calera edition

    Dr. Vino
    24 Feb 2015 | 6:37 am
    Drought has been wreaking havoc on all of California, including the wine industry. Producers have varied their responses to it, with some irrigating as much as they still can and others calling for “dry farming.” Yesterday, Josh Jensen (right) of Calera Wine told a packed seminar at the In Pursuit of Balance tasting in New York about his approach. He irrigates his 84 acres of hillside vines in the Gabilan Mountains (south of the Santa Cruz Mountains). Initially, when water was more available, he watered three hours at a time, four times a year. Then the increased those durations to six-,…
  • Contents under pressure (Champagne)

    Dr. Vino
    13 Feb 2015 | 2:03 pm
    During the recent week-long episode of “deflate-gate,” another dad at a youth basketball game leaned over and asked me, “How do you feel about the important matters of our day, such as Tom Brady’s balls?” Frankly, I hadn’t heard so much talk about pounds per square inch since the last sparkling wine seminar I attended. So, for your reference, our senior pressure intern (PSI: balls and bottles) compiled the following infographic. Prosecco, from northeast Italy, has about 3.5 times atmospheric pressure in a bottle. Champagne bottle pressure is about 6 times…
  • Cold water on the “red wine myth”?

    Dr. Vino
    11 Feb 2015 | 8:29 am
    Researchers have poured cold sauvignon blanc on the idea that red wine is good for your health. Eegad, it was all a chimera! The new study, published in the British Medical Journal, makes a methodological point: previous studies looking at the effect of red wine an health had grouped respondents into drinkers and non-drinkers. But, they find using health data from England from 1998-2008, that lumping former drinkers in with teatotalers in the non-drinker pool brought down the overall health of the non-drinkers. Looking just at the teatotalers, the health effect of red wine was reduced or…
  • Tasting note: “bitter clown tears”

    Dr. Vino
    26 Jan 2015 | 10:22 am
    This tasting note is no doubt better than the wine! But, oddly, I bet it actually helped sales of the wine (assuming people read it). It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a store out there somewhere that posted only mockeries or send-ups of tasting notes. Would resonate well with the youngs. If anyone lacks creativity but wants to get started, there’s always the silly tasting note generator. Via imgur The post Tasting note: “bitter clown tears” appeared first on Dr Vino's wine blog.
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    Spirit of Wine

  • Review: *** $ Estancia Pinot Noir, Monterey County, California, 2013 = BEST VALUE

    27 Feb 2015 | 8:04 pm
    Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Estancia Pinot Noir. Original tasting and review : This is Estancia Pinot Noir, Monterey County, California, 2013, finished at 13.5% alcohol and first sampled two years from vintage date, in February, 2015.In the glass: Light magenta and pink.On the nose: Poured at cool room temperature and swirled vigorously, shows spicy and cinnamon with solid fruit.  From the aroma, seems like this will be fleshy and fresh.On the palate: The primary elements on the palate are in fact purple, somewhat candied fruit with light elements of red…
  • Review: ***+ $ Apothic Crush Limited Release Red Blend, California, 2013 = BEST VALUE

    23 Feb 2015 | 8:15 pm
    Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Apothic Crush. Original tasting and review : This is Apothic Crush Limited Release Red Blend, California, 2013, a unique blend of petite sirah and pinot noir, finished at 14.5% alcohol and first sampled a mere 2 years from vintage date, in February, 2015.In the glass: Deep magenta and purple, opaque in the center.On the nose: Poured at room temperature and swirled vigorously, shows deep fruit, though somewhat generic in style - think California appelation merlot. Still, it does have a nice furriness and depth.   From the aroma,…
  • Review: ***+ $$$ Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Syrah Vino Da Tavola, Italy, 2005

    21 Feb 2015 | 5:44 pm
    Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Syrah . Original tasting and review : This is Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Syrah Vino Da Tavola, Italy, 2005, finished at 13% alcohol and first sampled 9 years from vintage date, in February, 2015.  An unusual experience for me, being a pure syrah varietal from Italy.In the glass: Dark burgundy, opaque in the center.On the nose: Poured at cellar temperature and swirled vigorously, shows muddle dark and red fruits.  From the aroma, seems like this will be hearty, perhaps tired?On the palate: The primary…
  • Review: *** $$ Altitude 1050 Malbec, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina, 2006

    21 Feb 2015 | 2:20 pm
    Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Malbec. Original tasting and review : This is Altitude 1050 Malbec, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina, 2006, finished at 13.5% alcohol and first sampled 8 years from vintage date, in February, 2015.In the glass: Deep ruby red.On the nose: Poured at cool room temperature and swirled vigorously, shows soft, but enchanting and rich lightly oaked blackberry fruit.  From the aroma, seems like this will be full and creamy.On the palate: The primary elements on the palate are in fact soft red raspberry and fuller…
  • Review: ***+ $$ Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2013 = GOOD VALUE

    15 Feb 2015 | 7:48 pm
    Check out today's pricing and retail availability for Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon. Original tasting and review : This is Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2013, finished at 13.8% alcohol and first sampled 2 years from vintage date, in February, 2015.In the glass: Black reddish purple, opaque from a quarter inch of the edge.On the nose: Poured at room temperature and swirled vigorously, shows funky, inverted stewed raisin fruit.  From the aroma, it is hard to anticipate the flavors.  Seems like there's a lot of "punch" in reserve.On the palate: The primary elements on the…
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  • Cocktails at the Bread Street Kitchen

    Andrew Barrow
    2 Mar 2015 | 8:22 am
    Cocktails at the Bread Street Kitchen I’m sure if you ask the talented bar staff will supply the specific amounts; or maybe they are trade secrets! I’ve attempted to recreate cocktails tasted in various bars back home, with, how can I put this, varying degrees of success… For these three beauts you need to get your arse down to the Bread Street Kitchen in deepest EC4. Bread Street Kitchen is part of the Gordon Ramsay Group is but a stroll from St. Pauls.
  • Hambledon Classic Cuvee

    Andrew Barrow
    22 Feb 2015 | 6:53 am
    Hambledon Classic Cuvee Hambledon Classic Cuvee stocked by Berry Brothers & Rudd, Fareham Wine Cellars, The General Wine Company RRP £28.50. Hambledon Classic Cuvee New Zealand may have thrashed England on the cricket pitch earlier but a couple of days ago the two countries went head to head with a strong team of sparkling wines each in Wellington and London, as eleven ‘players’ plus a twelfth man from each displayed a more even set of results. Hosted by New Zealand Winegrowers, Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, the ‘Battle of the Bubbles’ was played…
  • Learn About Wine With Sip and Learn

    Andrew Barrow
    2 Feb 2015 | 9:29 am
    Learn About Wine With Sip and Learn If you are in the wine trade or have aspirations to be there really is only one route to learn about wine (that’s the WSET in case you were scratching your head) but what if you want to learn at home? With friends perhaps, to make a social event of it. Options are a bit limited; unless you have signed up to the Sip and Learn wine tasting series. A monthly £30 subscription brings a two bottle tasting case, complete with professionally produced, full-coloured, booklet through the post to your doorstep. Each monthly box gives contrasting wines to…
  • Domaine Gueguen Bed and Breakfast in Chablis

    Andrew Barrow
    25 Jan 2015 | 7:13 am
    Domaine Gueguen Bed and Breakfast in Chablis A delightful bed and breakfast in Prehy, just outside Chablis. A welcoming English speaking couple, Celine and Frederic Gueguen, a lovely room (€20 per person) and views (at least from the breakfast kitchen) of the estates vineyard. Yep, they even make wine so be sure to ask for a tasting (€5 per person). Through the Kitchen Window: Domaine Gueguen Bed and Breakfast in Chablis “The Gueguen family is based in the hamlet of Préhy, just 7 km south west of Chablis. The winery is situated in the village of La Chapelle Vaupelteigne.
  • Dusty Wine Bottles

    Andrew Barrow
    11 Jan 2015 | 6:28 am
    Dusty Wine Bottles A corner of a cellar, a stack of wine bottles gathering dust. Uncertain if these are wines being given some serious age or just discarded, The winery, Chateau Saint Marie, out in the depths of Entre deux Mers was one of my favourite visits – its rustic, has lovely rolling countryside around (none of the trimmed and plucked grand chateaus of the Medoc) and was one of those places I wish I had time to wander around camera and tripod in hand. Dusty Wine Bottles, Chateau Saint Marie More photos from Chateau Saint Marie over on Lumination. - A UK Wine Blog -…
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  • Sonoma Harvest Truffle Oils Mixed (4)

    4 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    truffle spasmsOil be there for you"Hold the elevator - oh hey, Drudy!" "Hey there, Amblerd. Boy, I am so sleepy." "Oh, me, too! Like, don't EVEN talk to me until I've had my morning cup of truffle oil!" "Ha! Same! I can't even think about starting my day without a big hot mug of truffle oil." "I'm even like this on weekends! It's not a real Saturday unless I get to my little local truffle oil purveyor and fill up on some fresh truffle oil. Then I'm ready for my 6 mile run around the lake!" "Oh em gee, Amblerd, you are, like, my total twin. I just lose time at the truffle oil shop. It's like…
  • White Oak Vineyards Aged Syrah (4)

    4 Mar 2015 | 9:00 am
    AgedOh, no! That thing we had sold out! So out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a bonus sale for today. Consider it a gift to us from your wallet to all of you who were hoping for something like this. This is your chance to help us look good to our bosses get a little something for yourself, okay? Thank you You're welcome.Pliny the Elder’s recipe for Syrah [or headache remedy]: -Take 1 carrot -Make sure carrot is of good lineage -Seriously - carrots of unscrupulous lineage will sully the wine -Convince the carrot to…
  • Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Red (4)

    3 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    final tasting notesSuncé is Croatian for "sun" and American for "I wanna drink this whole bottle."TWANG - THWACK. ugggggggggggh. GAAAAAH IT HURTS. EEEnnnnggGGGG. This is it for me, partner. I'm - AAAAAGGGHGGHGHGH. I'm done for. Wha's that…nnnngh…what'd you say? Describe the - describe the wine? Ehhhhhhghhghghg. Can't you see I caught an arrow in the gut, friend? AW GAWD. I ain't got much longer, 'fraid. FFFSSSTTT FFFFSSSST. Listen, uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnngggghhhhh - tell my wife back in -- sorry, what? It was a red wine, OK? No wait, there were a buncha different wines - a mix pack or…
  • Reata Sonoma Coast Chardonnay (3)

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    It's a winner!Reata be in pictures. Reata Wines have earned medals and awards from all kinds of organizations. Check out some of these obscure accolades! -Winner, Gold Medal, Maxim’s 1999 Sexiest Fruiting Berry Deciduous Vine Juice. -Winner, Gold Medal, 2014 US Scrabble Championship. -Winner, Gold Medal, 2014 US Scrapple Championship. -Winner, Silver Medal, RipDizzle 1989 Breakdancing and Jam Tournament. -Participant, “Storage Wars.” -Winner, Bronze Medal, Lathe Integrity Category, 2004 International Woodcraft Finals. -Recurring extra on the 4th season of “Friends.” -Winner, 2012,…
  • Pedroncelli Sauvignon Blanc & Rosé Case

    1 Mar 2015 | 10:01 pm
    matureThat's right! The complete winemaker's dozen.Just look at you. My little 2013 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel ... all grown up. You look just as rosy as your mother did when she was your age. You’ll be quite the knockout at the party, I’m sure. But before your friends pick you up, I thought maybe we could have a bit of a chat. So your mother told me there will be six bottles of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc East Side Vineyard at the party, too. Now, hold on, before you get all “it’s no big deal” on me, just hear me out. See, I was young and aromatic with a bouquet of passion fruit, peach, and…
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    1 Wine Dude

  • Furmint Adventures Episode 9: Majoros Estate

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Say, riddle me this, Batman: where else are you going to get Hungarian Furmint coverage coupled with quotes from Terminator 2? Nowhere, beeeeeeach, that’s where! Join me on the next episode of my Tokaj jaunt as I visit the cellar of Majoros Estate, and introduce you to The Furmintator! Furmint Adventures: Episode 9 Majoros Estate Cheers! Grab The Tasting Guide and start getting more out of every glass of wine today! Shop Wine Products at Copyright © 2015. Originally at Furmint Adventures Episode 9: Majoros Estate from - for personal,…
  • MS, MW, 1WD (DIAM Wine Conversations Forum 2015)

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    What do you get when you cross a Master Sommelier, a Master of Wine, and… me? I don’t know, either, but it’s happening, and I am guessing that it will be entertaining, and hopefully not a little informative. Wine Conversations 2015 I’ll be joining Master Somm Evan Goldstein, and Master of Wine Bob Paulinski in both Santa Rosa and Portland this summer as part of the DIAM Wine Conversations Tasting and Marketing Forum. We’ll be discussing wine consumer trends, and I’m not gonna say that there will be a lot of tough love on that topic… but… well,…
  • Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For March 2, 2015

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    So, like, what is this stuff, anyway? I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available wines. Below is a wrap-up of those twitter wine reviews from the past week (click here for the skinny on how to read them), along with links to help you find these wines, so that you can try them for yourself. Cheers! 11 Simi Alexander Valley Chardonnay (Sonoma County):…
  • Furmint Adventures Episode 8: Kvaszinger Winery

    26 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    First off, for this video you’re going to need to pour yourself a glass of perky Furmint and queue up CCR’s “Green River” (BRAAAWHHHHWWWWW…. brahw-wahw-wahw-wahw-whaw-WHAW!). That’s because from a rainy day, with nice people, fine wine,  and a backdrop that’s a fisherman’s wet dream (get it?… ok, whatever…) comes the next installment of my Tokaj Furmint Adventures, a trip to Kvaszinger Winery (for the whole round-up of FurmintUSA jaunt vids and articles, see A fisherman’s wet dream: Kvaszinger…
  • Wines… “In A Glass Case Of Emotion!!!” (12th Annual Critics Challenge Wine Competition)

    24 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    Maybe this is a bit early, but the judging lineup for the 12th annual Critics Challenge International Wine Competition, held in Stay Classy San Diego, has been finalized, and once again I’ll have the honor and pleasure of being one of said critics putting the submitted wines through a GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!! Critics Challenge 2015 Previously, the CC has been the origin of many an entertaining and surprising wine find for me, several of which have been reported on these virtual pages. Back in 2013, I was luckily paired up with the irrepressible Leslie Sbrocco, which is kind of like…
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    Aristide, a wine blog

  • Lugana, quando il successo non è un caso
    25 Feb 2015 | 2:32 am
    Fabio Zenato, co-titolare dell’azienda agricola Valerio Zenato-Le Morette nel Lugana DOC: “Caso probabilmente unico in Italia, nell’area del Lugana la gran parte dei vigneti negli ultimi cinquant’anni deriva dallo stesso vivaio (l’azienda agricola Le Morette) e questo ha comportato un elevato grado di conservazione del germoplasma, in altre parole ha garantito la presenza del vitigno autoctono nel territorio, senza influenze di altre varietà estranee”. Un bel caso da raccontare, un connubio che mi appare felice tra scienza e imprenditorialità. Fabio…
  • Anteprima Amarone 2011/2015
    12 Feb 2015 | 7:39 am
    Courtesy of Consorzio Valpolicella Fatevela raccontare da un indigeno adottato, questa rassegna dedicata all’Anteprima Amarone 2011, svoltasi nell’ultimo week-end di gennaio a Verona. Vivo in Valpolicella da qualche anno, in piccola parte ci lavoro pure, creando in proprio alcune opportunità, soprattutto attraverso lo strumento di Terroir Amarone, sito in lingua inglese, che condivido con Elisabetta Tosi. Il problema principale del format “Anteprima Amarone”, sta nella rappresentatività. La base produttiva è largamente sotto-rappresentata: una sessantina di 64…
  • Il senso del “servigio”
    10 Feb 2015 | 4:51 am
    Cristiana Lauro racconta di questa particolare rappresentazione – “Il Signore non è servito” – messa in scena da Noi di sala, associazione di professionisti di sala e cantina, e Marco Giallini, durante Identità Golose 2015: “Il senso è una promessa per il futuro della categoria che ha chiaro il significato del termine “servigio” (a differenza di qualche chef che ha dimenticato il senso della ristorazione, permettendosi di mandare i clienti a quel paese). (…) Mi piacerebbe che diventare stimati camerieri fosse tanto ambito quanto essere ottimi chef e che…
  • “Rosé Revolution” del Chiaretto di Bardolino
    21 Dec 2014 | 4:04 am
    Litchi (Litchi chinensis) – foto tratta dal sito Si chiama Litchi (Litchi chinensis), e il suo colore – o meglio tre gradazioni di esso: normale, chiaro e intenso – sono il cuore della “Rosé Revolution” del Chiaretto di Bardolino. Ma il colore è solo l’aspetto più immediato ed esteriore di questa rivoluzione. Perché dietro al bicchiere di un Chiaretto di Bardolino 2014 c’è un lungo e importante lavoro cominciato almeno tre anni fa. Ne abbiamo parlato durante un’interessante mezza giornata, su invito dei…
  • Un appello per la Scienza all’Expo 2015
    19 Oct 2014 | 12:30 am
    Patrick Moore, Ambasciatore di Expo 2015, ecco l’appello dell’Associazione Luca Coscioni: «All’interno di Expo 2015, dal titolo “Nutrire il pianeta, energia per la vita”, non si può tralasciare una discussione scientifica sugli OGM”, scrivono i firmatari dell’appello, chiedendo che “uno dei fondatori di Greenpeace oggi impegnato per una corretta informazione scientifica in materia di tecnologie agroalimentari e di organismi geneticamente modificati, sia ambasciatore di EXPO 2015. Per contrastare una disinformazione sul tema che causa vittime, inutili…
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    Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman

  • Revisiting an old friend: Morrison Lane Syrah - 2005

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:41 pm
    Syrah is one of France's most noblest black grape varieties. This dark inky grape is known for its dark brooding color, distinctive and intense nose and palate. Here on the West Coast people will often think of California for Syrah. However, I will differ on that. Washington State, notably those Syrah vines from Walla Walla AVA, and especially now with the new "The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater" AVA across the border from Walla Walla, is known for some of the finest Syrah in the world, especially in North America. It's been my opinion, Syrah grown on rocks aside, that…
  • Virtual Twitter Tasting: Hope Family Wines

    10 Feb 2015 | 8:30 am
    Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Twitter Tasting. It's been a few years since I have particpated in one, but when I do, I always enjoy them. They are quick, yet fun. How tough is it to sit in front of your computer with three bottles of wine, sip on them, and then tweet up some wine tasting notes?  This Twitter Tasting in particular was part of the Boston Wine Expo #BWETaste held this coming weekend, and they teamed up with Hope Family Wines, of Paso Robles, CA to provide the wines. In 1978, the Hope family arrived in Paso Robles looking for new…
  • Saying Goodbye: Mannina Cellars

    5 Feb 2015 | 10:15 am
    Time rolls along and before we know it, we look at a landmark and it is ten years later. Indeed. When I think of the time Mannina Cellars was first getting their start, so was this wine blog - ten years ago.Don and Jason It's with a sad heart that I read last night Don and Nicole Redman have chosen to close Mannina Cellars after ten years of operation. It's bittersweet news, but I am very happy for them. They are free of the liabilities, the rigorous responsibilities, and hard work that goes along with owning a winery and vineyards. As they can tell you first hand, that owning a winery…
  • Bubbling Over: Champagne Tasting

    3 Feb 2015 | 2:50 pm
    The last couple of years I have really paid attention to Champagnes, and other sparkling wines, such as Cremants and Cavas. We seem to have this attitude that Champagnes and other sparklers are reserved for special occasions. Not so! The older I get, every day I wake up is a special occasion. Possibly the myth behind it all is that Champagnes are expensive. Not always true. There are many affordable sparkling wines on the market, and again, especially Cremants, Cavas, Proseccos, and good domestic sparkler can be found at affordable prices - - and I am not referring to those cheap American…
  • Who is responsible for making wine "snobby?"

    27 Jan 2015 | 8:30 am
    Mr. Thurston Howell, IIIIs it you? How about you, Mr. and Mrs. "I Only Drink 95+ Parker Point Wines." Are you responsible for making wines snobby? Or you over there who rambles on incessantly about your "allocations." Are you responsible for making wines snobby? We just heard you over and over again that you are in town to pick up your "allo-caaaay-shunsss." And the word, "allocations" was said with an extended jaw like Mr. Thurston Howell, III of "Gilligans Island" and Dr Niles Crane, the Corkmaster of the Seattle Wine Club, on "Frasier." We heard it so often, now we are wondering…
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    Lisson - infos autour de la vigne et du vin - et d'autres choses

  • 26 Février 2015 - ainsi va la vie....

    Iris Rutz-Rudel
    26 Feb 2015 | 2:49 am
    26 février, date du décès de Claude Rudel - toujours présent dans la petite vignette sur les étiquettes des vins de Lisson, date de commémoration annuelle du jour de sa mort précoce par accident ce jour de 2001 depuis la création de ce blog. Commémoration, qui aujourd'hui est rejointe par celle d'un autre compagnon de route dans la vigne, la cave et la vie - Klaus Olewicki - qui s'appelait lui-même volontiers Klaus de Lisson, depuis qu'il était venu vivre et continuer cette belle aventure avec moi - et qui nous a quitté il y a deux mois, la veille de Noël -…
  • Vendredis du Vin # 66 : tous dans le 66

    Iris Rutz-Rudel
    10 May 2014 | 9:13 am
    copyright photo: Michel Smith, Les5duVinvolontaire à la présidence de ce 66ième Vendredi du Vin, je ne me suis pas trop creusé la tête pour vous trouver un sujet passe partout et facilement à retenir - tout est dans le chiffre: en route pour le département 66 - Pyrénées Orientales, pas seulement chers à Michel Smith - le Canigou toujours en fond de perspective :-) Il y a de quoi vous régaler - environs 25 000 ha plantés en vigne - de quoi vous abreuver en rouge, en blanc et surtout en vin doux! Que cela soit en AOP Côtes du Roussillon, Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Les Aspres,…
  • cela avance dans la nature....

    Iris Rutz-Rudel
    26 Apr 2014 | 1:45 am
    la vigne pousse - et l'herbe aussi - et comme chaque année - l'arrivé du faucheur, pour mettre un peu d'ordre dans tout cela est attendu avec impatience! L'ébourgeonnage aurait du être commencé depuis un moment, mais la vigneronne traine les pieds, après avoir trainé après la finition de la taille (comme chaque année ;-) encore dans le Nord, pour aller voire sa maman,s’aplatir les pieds en travaillant au grand salon de Prowein et se changer les idées en faisant un marathon d'art dans les musées de sa ville natale... un cocktail de photos de tout cela,…
  • Taille, Millésime Bio et Vinisud - et encore un 26 Février...

    Iris Rutz-Rudel
    26 Feb 2014 | 7:49 am
    Le LISSON 2006 - copyright photo Alain Reynaud Encore une année bien avancée, sans nouveau message sur mon blog. Et pourtant, les deux premiers mois étaient riches en travail et évènements... Pour le travail, c'est la taille d'hiver du vignoble - d'abord retardée par un temps plutôt frais-humide en Janvier/ Février - sans les catastrophes d'autres régions, comme la Côte d'Azur, la Bretagne ou le Bordelais, mais assez désagréable, pour ne pas sentir un besoin urgent, de commencer sous des vents violents et les averses - maintenant de plus en plus pressant,…
  • Calendrier de l'Avin 2014 - un petit coin du Paradis...

    Iris Rutz-Rudel
    5 Dec 2013 | 3:00 pm
    Comme chaque année pendant la trêve des Vendredis du Vin du mois de Décembre, c'est notre chère queen des blogueuse du vin (ou du glou, comme on dit dans ses cercles Parisiens et Jurassiques), Eva Robineau, qui nous ouvre les pages de son blog Oenos, pour que nous puissions trouver une petite porte à ouvrir chaque jour pendant cette période de l'Avent, qui nous inspire pour nos repas de fêtes (ou même de jours plus "ordinaires"). Pour ce 6 Décembre, connu comme le jour de la Saint Nicolas dans les pays nordiques, c'est ma tâche, de vous proposer un vin, qui…
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    Wino sapien

  • Fig almond and halloumi

    4 Mar 2015 | 3:38 pm
    I'd normally mark March 5 with something vinous, but this year, my ninth, a recipe.I think these will be the last figs I'm gifted this year, the season has come to an end and the fruit is starting to look less than pristine. The scent is still wonderful and I still get a flutter when I slice them open. Little wombs, rich and fecund with flavour and memory.I was always going to make a salad, so it was just a matter of deciding what bed fellows. For the leaves - rocket (if only I was more successful at growing dandelion) and sun flower shoots (for something warm and nutty) and a small handful…
  • Domaine Leroy Bourgogne 2004

    3 Mar 2015 | 2:04 pm
    A melodramatic cork, weeping through the wax seal and breaking in half on extraction. Thankfully the liquid seems unaffected and it is very much as I recall.  Unfiltered, pale and full of scent. Spice and stems, earth, needles of pine and even my nemesis - black cardamon. Curved but lean in the mouth; structured, slightly stern, expansive and poised. I'm still enamoured.Image: The last of my home grown apples. This one a pygmy, surely no more than 50 grams. Click here for the original context
  • Eucalyptus and pepper

    1 Mar 2015 | 6:48 pm
    Eucalyptus and wine. I've written about the scent of gum leaves and eucalyptus in wine before. My previous understanding was always partial and shallow, I'd assumed it was entirely caused by the evaporated oils blown and deposited onto the skins of grapes.From a several year old AWRI report four snippets of additional information to expand my understanding.Some people like their wines to smell of eucalyptus - When AWRI had previously performed consumer preference studies looking at 1,8-Cineole (aka eucalyptol, the scent of gum leaves, in wine it sometimes gives a minty character),…
  • Testalonga El Bandito Cortez 2014

    26 Feb 2015 | 6:08 pm
    I can't immediately decide which of the twins I prefer. This is clear and crisp, while the other is turbid, cheesy and slightly malodorous. The Cortez, free of additions is the easier to explain, the edges are sharp and distinct, but both wines are revealing in their own way and certainly the sum of the two is greater than the parts.The scent is hard to transcribe. Wax and acacia, mustard fruit, tangerine and fleetingly (and most likely incorrectly) turmeric root. It's interesting to compare it to the skin contact bottle - they most certainly rhyme and this shines a light on the other.
  • A trio of notes

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:25 am
    Kooyong Estate Chardonnay 2012. They say there's a tendency for technique and method to trickle down. This is the first entry level chardonnay that I can recall having such a distinct and strong note of curry leaf. . . Peach and smoulder. . . despite the nose - the shape is still round and fleshy with butter scotch and cream. Nose yes, body no.Voyager Cabernet Merlot 2001. Tasted blind, I assumed this was a Penfolds red from 2002. . . I called it a 389. . . Wrong again - but in my defence - a suggestion of cabernet on the nose, but smudged with ginger and meat and age. This bottle was from my…
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    4 Mar 2015 | 7:33 am
    Word Trend: This cool name keeps a pulse on what's trending or of note when it comes to the written word. Keywords:  words, writing, editing, trendy, cool, hip, edgy, latest, fashionable, stylish, chic, marketing, news

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:33 am
    This ravishing name refers to multiple beauties. Keywords:  multiples, belle, beautiful, beauties, gorgeous, ravishing, charming, dashing, numerous, varied, different, several

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:33 am
    A fun and refreshing name that will quench any "thirst." Keywords:  water, juice, thirsty, bar, cocktails, refreshing, hydration, liquid, gardening, plants, drink, beverage, mixology

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:33 am
    This clever name relates to the world of 'science'. It can also allude to a 'science zone'. Keywords:  science, learning, research, education, experiments, chemistry, physics, biology, discoveries, clever, smart, intelligent, wise, zones

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:33 am
    This humorous name invites one to 'laugh fully'. Keywords:  laughter, funny, humorous, comedy, hilarious, silly, playful, goofy, fully, completely, totally
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    On the Wine Trail in Italy

  • Comfort me with Nebbiolo

    Alfonso Cevola
    1 Mar 2015 | 10:51 am
    The waking world is fraught with disappointment, large and small. From the land mine of the news cycle to something as simple as overexposure to tannins. And so it was, last week, bundled up in my warm little cabin on the side of a hill in California wine country, that I eagerly awaited a night away from the fears and the pains of everyday life. A winemaker friend in Napa Valley, who considers Nebbiolo to be his true love, invited a group of winemakers, writers and industry pros for a “boys night out.” I had been anticipating this night for months.Curiosities from the forgotten boxIn…
  • An Italian-American mantra: "My grandfather made my life possible today."

    Alfonso Cevola
    22 Feb 2015 | 9:28 am
    To Kalon "I" BlockComing home from a week at the 11th annual Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley, I missed my plane and caught a later flight, and was wired, tired but also inspired. To wind down, I crashed on my ancient green couch and veged out on TV. PBS is running a series on Italian Americans, so I watched a segment. It prompted me to think about the arc of my family, in that both my grandfathers came to America for different reasons. One, my mother’s dad, Attilio, was trying to escape the most abject of poverty. He was married and left his wife (a “white…
  • France by way of Italy

    Alfonso Cevola
    15 Feb 2015 | 10:46 am
    Avignon - 1985When I was coming up in the wine business, there was this invisible wall between France and Italy, put there mainly by wine snobs who thought France was the epitome of all that wine was meant to be. In those days I would often hear things like “Oh, you are an Italian wine-lover. I never thought all those grapes and wine were worth much of a fuss.” and “Who needs to look any further than France, with the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone, the Loire and Alsace?” I would be made to feel like my love was a second-class affair, that I could never rise to…
  • The Disneyfication of Barolo - The Queen of Jelly and Her Cannubial Bliss

    Alfonso Cevola
    8 Feb 2015 | 5:02 pm
    For this observer, Italy is a source of endless fascination. They take rugged, sun scorched stone and turn it into a timeless beauty. They take a land that has for years been revered by the people living on it, and turn it into a parody of modern day life. I love it. There are no barriers, no boundaries. Good taste lies down next to the tasteless. The sacred sleeps with the profane. Italy is humanity’s perfect mirror of our evolution, for better or worse. And now, in the land of Barolo, in the historic Cannubi vineyard area, again, the mirror is pressed to our face. Our existential selfie,…
  • Amarone at a Crossroads

    Alfonso Cevola
    1 Feb 2015 | 9:59 pm
    This past week I have been in the Veneto as a guest of the Valpolicella Consorzio. The occasion was Amarone Anteprima, an annual event showcasing the release of the latest vintage of Amarone, in this case the 2011. During the week I tasted hundreds of wines going back to 1998, and visited scores of estates, large and small. And while this has been a brief week of exploration into the wines of Valpolicella, of which Amarone is a main player, it has served to give me a deeper understanding and appreciation for this often misunderstood and misinterpreted wine.The idea of a traditional style of…
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    Write for Wine: It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere!

  • UPDATE on Taste Washington & Washington Wine Month

    1 Mar 2015 | 12:51 pm
    Welcome to March, Taste Washington Wine Month, an annual celebration of the excellent juice made in this fine state. The entire month is full of special deals and promotions by restaurants, wineries, hotels and retailers to honor more than 850 wineries in our exciting Washington state industry. For example, discounts, flights and bonus pours of Washington state wines will be offered at many local wineries and tasting rooms across the state. Winemaker dinners will take place at various restaurants. There is a full calendar of Wine Month activities available, so you can plan ahead. The…
  • Taste Washington Adds Farm-to-Table Experience

    21 Feb 2015 | 4:58 pm
    The Super Bowl of wine events in Seattle, Taste Washington, is even bigger and better this year. The largest single-region wine and food event in the U.S. is adding a new hands-on dining experience featuring the farm-to-table concept. Known as Taste Washington on the Farm, this series of lunches takes place on local farms, so you can meet the talented people who grow and produce northwest gourmet products. The lunches take place on March 27, right before Taste Washington’s Grand Tasting on March 29. Three lunch experiences are available: Cheese bliss at Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island…
  • There’s nothing like a stellar Cab Franc from Washington State

    16 Feb 2015 | 3:08 pm
    One of our favorite wines is Cabernet Franc, which is one of the main varieties in Bordeaux blends. Many people don’t realize that Cab Franc is one of the genetic parents to Cabernet Sauvignon; the other is Sauvignon Blanc. In addition to Washington state, you can find it planted in California and in the Bordeaux and Loire regions in France. Cab Franc is typically used as a blending wine to add more complexity to the robust Cabernet Sauvignon or more structure to the softer Merlot. But Cab Franc is also created as a single-varietal wine; in other words, a stand-alone wine. When…
  • Hope Family Wines

    8 Feb 2015 | 2:40 pm
    Hope Family Wines is a pioneer in Paso Robles wine country, established 30 years ago and still family-owned and operated. Five brands are in their barrels and bottles, three of which we experienced recently during a Twitter tasting sponsored by the winery and Boston Wine Expo. 2013 Liberty School Merlot, $16 This medium-bodied wine is ruby in color, and packed with flavors. Dense and earthy with blackberries, blueberries and plum, with a hint of dark chocolate and spice, this is one good-value, good-tasting Merlot. Try pairing it with pizza or burgers. Troublemaker Blend 8, $20 Troublemaker…
  • Columbia Crest Reserve Wines

    2 Feb 2015 | 3:47 pm
    We recently sampled three red wines from the Columbia Crest Reserve program — a layered red blend and two robust Cab Sauvs — all of which we recommend if you like your wine big and smooth. These wines were free samples provided by Columbia Crest, which is located in Horse Heaven Hills, next to the Columbia River in eastern Washington. After tasting them, we can say that we would buy all three, particularly the Reserve Cab from Red Mountain — it speaks to our palate! Columbia Crest 2011 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain This big Cab received 91 points from Wine…
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    Organic Wine Journal

  • Natural Winemakers’ Week 2015 NYC: Feb 26–Mar 3

    Organic Wine Journal
    13 Feb 2015 | 5:43 am
    Jenny & François Selections is pleased to announce the 11th annual Natural Winemakers’ Week, February 26th – March 3rd, 2015. Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Winemakers from France, Italy, Spain and the USA are coming to NYC for a week of wine dinners, classes and free tastings. Winemakers Coming: Dufaitre (Beaujolais), Clos Siguier (Cahors), Oudin (Chablis), Chemins de Bassac (Languedoc), Patience (Languedoc), Grange Tiphaine (Loire), Mortier (Loire), Rimbert (Loire), Plageoles (South West), Quantico (Sicily), Ca’ dei Zago (Veneto), Azimut (Penedes), Flos de Pinoso (Valencia),…
  • Organic Wine And The American Wine Consumer

    Organic Wine Journal
    28 Jan 2015 | 8:03 am
    The Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute released a new annual study they’ve started conducting about American wine consumption. Here are their findings for 2014 as relates to organic wine: Though the Organic Trade Association reports that 41% of American consumers are now buying organic food, this number is not as high with organic beverages. That could explain why only 16% of this sample said they look for organic wine as part of their decision-making process. Listing “sustainable” on the label only was important to 10% and “biodynamic” to 6%. Other research…
  • Daniele Ricci — Piedmont

    Michael Tulipan
    15 Jan 2015 | 12:22 pm
    The pile of grape skins sitting in the middle of a field provides the first clue that Daniele Ricci is no ordinary winemaker. When asked about it, he remarked “what comes from the ground, returns to the ground.” The skins are fertilizer for next year’s vines and we have on display, in vivid detail, full-circle, ultra-natural winemaking. Carlo Daniele Ricci is a third generation winemaker, making wines under the label Azienda Agricola Ricci in the town of Costa Vescovato, a little-tread corner of southeast Piedmont. Not even an hour from Milan, the province of Alessandria is…
  • RIP Volker Eisele, Organic Napa Winemaker

    Organic Wine Journal
    9 Jan 2015 | 9:09 am
    From The Press Democrat: Volker Eisele, the outspoken architect of a landmark farmland protection policy in Napa County that became widely emulated as a model for staunching unwanted development, died Friday at his ranch home near St. Helena from complications related to a stroke. He was 77. The German-born Eisele was an organic wine grape grower before the concept was popular. As a community activist and leader in the agricultural industry he fearlessly took on established orthodoxy, often in blunt style. He will be remembered most for engineering Measure J, a controversial land use policy…
  • 5 Biodynamic Champagnes To Enjoy All Year Long

    Organic Wine Journal
    5 Jan 2015 | 9:35 am
    On Forbes, Organic Wine Journal Editor Adam Morganstern names 5 Biodynamic champagnes you can enjoy all year long. See the list here.
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  • Santa Rita, Medalla Real Gran Reserva, Chardonnay – Delightful!

    Tim Lemke
    2 Mar 2015 | 6:11 pm
    I find it interesting to look at the history of some Chilean wine producers.  Some have a long history, but it often appears to be a rather sleepy one.  Such is the case for Santa Rita, with a history dating back to 1880, but things really started happening there 100 years later. Perhaps it’s just the perspective from here in the US, but it seems like Chilean wine producers really found their stride in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Regardless, I’m happy they’re doing what they’re doing now and we have access to their wines. This chardonnay comes from the…
  • Vinas Viejas de Paniza Garnacha – Rich and Delicious

    Tim Lemke
    17 Feb 2015 | 5:59 pm
    I love garnacha.  It’s an easy, affordable, everyday wine that’s often more interesting than other wines in the price range.  This one from Bodegas Paniza is a great example of why I think of garnacha in this way. The vineyards where the grapes for this wine were grown are in Cariñena, the origin of carignan.  But this isn’t a post about carignan, it’s about garnacha — and a tasty one. This wine has a lovely, deep red color.  The aromas feature blackberry, cedar, plum and spices with good balance.  The palate has plenty of fruit, without becoming a fruit bomb.
  • Villa Wolf Pinot Gris – What a Pinot Gris Should Be

    Tim Lemke
    8 Feb 2015 | 8:22 am
    Pinot gris is one of those wine varieties that some people love and some people hate.  Or perhaps it’s one of those varieties that’s easy to make poorly, lending itself to frequent dislike.  But when it’s made right it can be beautifully delicious. While many US wine consumers may not think of Germany when they think of pinot gris, it’s the 4th most grown white wine variety there.  Although it’s often sold under the grauburgunder name versus pinot gris. The Villa Wolf pinot gris comes from vineyards in Pfalz (Palatinate), Germany — the second largest…
  • Louis Guntrum Nierstein Rehbach, Riesling Spatlese – Fantastic!

    Tim Lemke
    1 Feb 2015 | 9:11 am
    Last fall I reviewed a dry riesling from Louis Guntrum that I absolutely loved.  It turns out they also make at least one absolutely stellar sweet riesling. The Louis Guntrum vineyards are located in Rheinhessen, Germany.  More specifically, the vineyards are in Nierstein right along the banks of the Rhine.  An excellent climate for riesling.  And while many American’s might expect riesling to be the most common grape planted in Rheinhessen, it’s actually in a close second place to Müller-Thurgau, which is used to make Rivaner — a wine I come across much less frequently…
  • Château Beausejour, Grand Vin De Bordeaux

    Tim Lemke
    25 Jan 2015 | 2:51 pm
    Over the past year I’ve reviewed a few different Bordeaux wines, a category that generally isn’t on the list of “cheap” wines.  But they do offer some good values and it’s possible to find some tasty ones for under $20. This particular one is a little over the $20 price target.  I tasted it without knowing the price and fell I loved it.  And although it’s a little more pricey than the typical wines I write about, some shoppers might still consider this one a good value. This wine comes from Château Beauséjour, on the left bank of Dordogne River, in…
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    Rockss and Fruit

  • Perhaps the Most Distinctive Wine We've Sold: Macle, The Iconic Wine of the Jura (Under $35)

    Lyle Fass
    4 Mar 2015 | 5:43 pm
    If You've Had Macle - You Know.  If You Haven't, You Need to Try It.  The Wine Every Wine Lover Needs in the Cellar If you ask me, I can go through categories of wine: New World Chardonnay, Burgundian Pinot...  And most people have heard of most of them.  I can certainly say thatthe "sous voile" style wines of the Jura are their own category and to a certain extent stand alone in terms of distinctiveness.  And Macle is really the winemaker most associated with this style.I'm really excited for everyone to try the Domaine Macle Cotes de Jura 2010 for $34.99 on a…
  • A Plea to Avoid AOC Discrimination: One of My Best Producers. Sells Out In France. Let's Show Him the Love

    Lyle Fass
    3 Mar 2015 | 12:13 pm
    Two Wines: One a Nuits St. Georges Ringer.  The Other More Aromatic (Think Volnay).  Both 1/2 the Price of Their Northern "Separated at Birth" TwinsFrancois Raquillet was worried. Very worried. The growing conditions in 2013 were some of the worst he had ever seen, his wife explained to me as we walked through his 1er Cru "Les Naugues." He was convinced he had a clunker in 2013. It hailed, it rained, it was not sunny, it was "merde." Then a miracle happened. The wines turned out better than he ever could have expected.I love the Burgundies of Francois Raquillet. Probably more than…
  • The Essence of Elegance: One of My Favorite Rieslings at Any Price (It's Under $30): Laible's Klingelberger (Limited)

    Lyle Fass
    26 Feb 2015 | 11:27 am
    My Annual Allocation of the Wine that Outshines Gross Gewachs/Grand Crus 2-3 Times the PriceThere are two types of Fass Selections Riesling customers. One who believes in the God   of Battenfeld-Spanier and one who believes in the God of Andreas Laible. They are both terrific customers but also very devout to their respective beliefs. Today I want the Battenfeld fans to open up to the possibility that maybe, there might be another God who can coexist with their God. That God is Andreas Laible. I have never brought up religion in a Fass Selections e-mail, but the fervent, almost…
  • The Kingmaker of the Northern Rhone: The Best Value Hermitage I've Ever Had (Insanely Complex)

    Lyle Fass
    24 Feb 2015 | 11:41 am
    Perfect Northern Rhone from the Man Who Has Tasted Them AllThe Best Value Hermitage I've Ever Had ($45.99)Ready to DrinkA Must Buy for Syrah Lovers     Note: We are delaying East Coast shipping until the week of March 2 (at least) because of weather concerns.Jean-Louis Chave is the King of the Northern Rhone.  But when you taste with Jean-Louis he tells you to visit Georges Lelektsoglou, the owner of THE store in the Northern Rhone, Compagnie L'Hermitage.  Georges has been the first retailer to carry and push pretty much every famous name in the Northern Rhone…
  • Herve Murat, Our Young Pinot Star in Burgundy: The Wine That Is Making Him Famous

    Lyle Fass
    21 Feb 2015 | 11:10 am
    Saving the Best for Last: My Last 2012 Hervé Murat My Allocation of The "Sleeper" 1er Cru: Tuvilains NOTE: I will be travelling in France till March 16th, and responses may and will be delayed based on my travel schedule. If you need anything instantly email Pete at or Nick at Nick@fassselections.comI drank my 2 bottles of the 2011 Beaune 1er Cru "Tuvilains" just the other week and they were glorious bottles of BurgundyCrazy vivid aromatics, a long winding finish and in that elegant, soil-driven Murat style.  The 2012 is much better than the 2011 which…
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    HaKerem: Israeli Wine

  • 15 Feb 2015 | 2:08 am

    15 Feb 2015 | 2:08 am
    The Zichron Ya’akov Ramat HaNadiv Wine Festival is returning on March 25-26 Come get a taste of the Carmel’s culinary wealth, and meet the creative folk behind the food scene at the first Winefest ever held in Ramat Hanadiv’s magnificent gardens. In early April, dozens of wineries from the Carmel region will gather here to present their collections; alongside the wines will be mouth-watering cheeses, olive oils, chocolates, and other temptations — the best that local agriculture and artisans have to offer. Wine-tasting workshops, the launching of new wines, and…
  • Boutique revolution puts Israeli wines on world map

    14 Feb 2015 | 1:03 pm
    Read the full article In the rolling pine-covered hills west of Jerusalem, winemaker Eran Pick checks on the vines he cultivates, plying an ancient trade which has been common to the area since biblical times. “For 3,000 years wine has been produced in these hills,” says Pick, 40, who is trained in a mix of New and Old World winemaking and worked in California and Bordeaux before joining Tzora Vineyards. Established in 1993, Tzora was one of Israel’s first boutique wineries — defined as those which produce fewer than 100,000 bottles per year. “We have renewed…
  • Israeli Wineries to Visit

    4 Feb 2015 | 12:06 pm
    Live in Israel or looking to visit? Several Israeli wineries, from the Negev to the Golan, not only are open to visitors but also have visitor centers that cater to the needs of wine tourism. Some recommended wineries include: Galil Mountain Winery, Upper Galilee Recanati, Emek Hefer Industrial Park (conveniently located between Ra’anana and Netanya) Carmel Winery, Zichron Ya’akov – in the past few years Carmel completely changed their wine tourism, building a brand new visitor center. Israel’s oldest continuing running winery, since the 19th century. Tulip Winery, Kfar…
  • Beit El Winery

    3 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
  • Sommelier on Israeli TV

    28 Jan 2015 | 11:30 am
      Sommelier was covered by many Israeli TV news shows and media outlets (in Hebrew). Click on the links below (sorry, embedding is disabled) to watch the clips:   Calcalist TV Walla! Channel 2 Channel 10
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    יינות ישראל

  • ביטוח ריאלי

    15 Feb 2015 | 4:17 pm
    העולם המוצג היום הוא עולם מלא של העליות והמורדות שבה יום אחד תוכלו ליהנות כל הנוחיות, לחיות ללא כל בעיה, בלי זה להציג כל סוג של אי נוחות, אבל בחיים שום דבר לא בטוח, משהו בלתי צפוי קורה בצורה של רגע אחד למשנהו, ללא כל הוראה, אשר שניהם לא היה בתוכניות שלה, אשר יכולה להיות השפעה גדולה על המורשת של העם, ולכן, כמו כסף גרידא מונעת יצירת האלה…
  • עיצוב שיער איפור

    11 Feb 2015 | 3:03 am
    מאפרים ליישם איפור ואת סגנון השיער אמנים המציגים. הם יכולים לעבוד בתוך סרט, טלוויזיה, תיאטרון, פרסומות, מבצעים פופ, חברות הפקות, אופנת ולחיות הופעות ותצלומים. סוג האיפור היה תלוי הייצור. זה עשוי לנוע בין מראה עכשווי טבעי "הטלוויזיה המגיש., סגנונות של המונח דרמות היסטוריות, איפור"מרושע"(דם וחבורות) או היישום של תותבת קטנה…
  • ההתקדמות של רעב

    8 Feb 2015 | 3:38 pm
    כן שלנו אבי האומה Gral. דון José de San Martín לא העצום של הרי האנדים, עצר אותו אם על נפלאותיו של שלנו קשה וקשה היסטוריה היתה יציאת מצרים חוחוי, עונה העם נגד הצבא הספרדי, עוזב הכל; הם חייבים לעמוד להגיע מחווה ל Don Miguel Martín de Güemes; כאשר מנואל בלגראנו העביר השרביט אל La Virgen de La Merced היה הנצחונות של סלטה, טוקומן. Don Juan מנואל דה רוסאס הכין אותנו אהבה של…
  • הדרך אל המטרה.

    31 Jan 2015 | 9:38 pm
    בהודעת דואר אלקטרוני שהתקבלה השבוע מישהו סיפר לי כי לפני כמה חודשים שהוא ניסה להתחיל להסתכל על אפשרויות אינטרנט ועסקים שלא מצאו שום דבר כדי לשכנע אותו בכלל, ולכן זה היה הסיכום בשלב החקירה שלה והעדיפה , מעתה ואילך, לנסות קצת מנותק העסקי המסורתי. תפסו את תשומת הלב, עד כדי כך גדול מאוד לשלוח מייל דוחקים אותו לסקור את גישתה ולא לוותר…
  • רווח שוליים

    29 Jan 2015 | 11:23 am
    שוליים. מה זה? ראשית ברצוננו לתת לכם את ההגדרה מהמילון של שוליים כלכליים – מונח המשמש בבנקאות, בבורסה, מסחר בפועל ביטוח לציין את ההבדל בין הריבית מחירי ניירות ערך, מחירי הסחורות ואינדיקטורים אחרים, ההבדל בין vkami מאה על שאול והלוואות, בין שיעורי הריבית על הלוואות הניתנות קטגוריות שונות של לווים, סכום של הרווחה לפיו האשראי…
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    ShipCompliant: Wine Shipping Blog

  • New Michigan Excise Tax Structure Starts This Month

    Jessamyn Boltz - ShipCompliant Research Team
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:19 pm
    The January 2015 report for Michigan liquor excise taxes is due this month, bringing the first reporting period with the new tax liability structure (noted in a previous blog post) to a close. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) has sent several notices to registered licensees of all tiers regarding these changes in the reporting and remittance requirements. We want to reiterate that as of February 1, 2015 alcohol beverage suppliers (manufacturers, out of state suppliers, etc.) are not liable for excise taxes on their sales to Michigan wholesalers. Michigan wholesalers are…
  • Handmade, Homemade, Handcrafted — What’s Safe These Days?

    Patrick Barratt, Wholesale Product Manager
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:29 am
    If you pay attention to industry news, you’ve surely noticed an increase in stories about litigation surrounding “misleading” information on labels. Most recently, Anheuser-Busch’s use of “Bud Light Lime-a-Rita” is being questioned by two California-based law firms because it has twice the calories of regular Bud Light. Other recent lawsuits include Maker’s Mark (Beam/Suntory) and Tito’s Vodka which address whether having the word “handmade” leads people to believe that the product is superior. Templeton Whiskey’s label states “Prohibition-Era Recipe” and Angel’s…
  • Illinois sends over 100 cease and desist letters

    Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant
    24 Feb 2015 | 5:17 am
    The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) announced at their board meeting last week that they had sent over 100 cease and desist letters to retailers, wineries, and fulfillment houses. The letters state that the ILCC “has evidence that your business is transferring alcoholic liquor into Illinois from a point outside of Illinois without a license.” This action appears to be completely separate from the tax on shipping issues in Illinois. Recipients of the letter have five business days following receipt to respond if they believe they’ve received the letter in error or if they would…
  • Direct Wine Shipping to South Dakota Gets the Green Light

    Jessamyn Boltz - ShipCompliant Research Team
    19 Feb 2015 | 8:06 am
    Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law legislation House Bill 1001, passed by the South Dakota legislature that finally ends the state’s prohibition against wine direct shipping. When the new law becomes effective on January 1, 2016, the gates will be open for winery to consumer shipments to the Mount Rushmore state. The passage of this bill is a new opportunity for wineries — one more state, with nearly 600,000 residents over the age of 21. Under the new law, wine direct shipper licensees will be able to direct ship up to 12 nine-liter cases of wine per individual, per calendar…
  • How is the Direct Shipping Report Created?

    Andrea Steffes-Tuttle
    17 Feb 2015 | 2:27 pm
    As you might know, each year, ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines collaborate to publish an in-depth direct-to-consumer wine shipping report. If you’re not familiar with or haven’t seen this year’s report, you can find it here. People frequently ask us for details on how the report is created. We provide information within the report that answers this question, but for those of you who want a quick answer, here it is: This report is a collaboration between several sources and individuals and couldn’t be done without the help of each person involved. There are…
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    Sommelier India - India's only wine magazine

  • Fendant wine, Fondue and Films - A First!

    26 Feb 2015 | 9:20 pm
    Last year Sommelier India did a story on Saas-Fee, a charming Swiss mountain village and its neighbouring high altitude vineyard, Visperterminen describing its prize winning wine, Heida. It was also the year of Saas-Fee's first film festival, writes Renu Chahil-Graf Left: Festival co-organizer Gabriel Zurbriggen and Artistic director Stefan Fichtner
  • Soul Tree exceeds crowdfunding target

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:41 pm
    Indian wine producer Soul Tree has raised more than £388,000 through crowdfunding, which it says will help it put Indian wines on the map. Read here for more.
  • The Great Grover Wine Festival

    24 Feb 2015 | 2:38 am
    The Great Grover Wine Festival's inaugural event in Bangalore on February 21 drew an enthusiastic crowd of people who were out for a good time. There was plenty of activity to keep almost everybody entertained, including the ever popular grape stomping.
  • SulaFest 2015 rocks Nashik!

    19 Feb 2015 | 3:01 am
    It was bigger and better! The SulaFest 2015 drew a lot of people as they celebrated food, wine and music at the Gourmet World Music Festival. Here's what you missed... On the first weekend of this month more than 11,000 people flocked to attend the eighth edition of the SulaFest at the Sula Vineyards in Sawargaon, a small village in Nashik.
  • Recipe for Success

    19 Feb 2015 | 2:55 am
    Rajeev Samant has no qualms about admitting he can't describe his wine in flowery language, but he certainly has the recipe for success in creating an award-winning brand of wines. Read The Economic Times article here.
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    Grape Wall of China

  • Friday fun in Beijing: Taste more than 100 Chinese wines

    4 Mar 2015 | 10:24 pm
    Friday is your lucky day if you’ve been wondering, “where can I start my weekend with more than one hundred Chinese wines? French critics Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve are in town for a few days of events that will include a tasting at the Himalaya Club in the 798 Art District. The organizers say there will be two hours of sniffing and sipping, starting at 5 PM, followed by a break to announce the winners of an expert tasting held earlier in the day, followed by sniffing and snipping and perhaps even guzzling. Entry is rmb180, and space is quite limited, so RSVP ASAP…
  • In search of Chinese wine: My new and improved 5A formula

    4 Sep 2014 | 2:38 am
    By Jim Boyce Finding good Chinese wines is tough. True, hundreds of producers create thousands of wines in this country. Also true, few of those wines offer an attractive blend of quality, price and availability. To illustrate my perspective as a consumer of Chinese wines, I created the 5A formula shown above. (Apologies for my poor design skills!) I start with all of the wine sold under domestic labels (“available”). I then eliminate wines to keep those that are made with locally grown grapes (“authentic”), that taste good (“appetizing”) and that…
  • Selling wine in China: Helene Ponty on the Beijing market

    3 Sep 2014 | 3:07 am
    By Jim Boyce I recently wrote an article about the Beijing market for an upcoming issue of Wine Business International. It includes insights from a handful of industry players who work for companies that span top-ten distributors to small retailers. One of them is Helene Ponty, who moved to Beijing nearly three years ago to handle importing, marketing and sales of wines produced by the family winery in Bordeaux. The excerpts below include comments she made that I couldn’t fit into the article. For more of Ponty’s insights, and those of others in the China trade, see Wine…
  • Chardonnay in China: Harvest at Wangzhong, Helan Mountain, Grace and Great River Hill

    25 Aug 2014 | 8:49 am
    By Jim Boyce Harvest is upon us in China and I asked some of the nation’s more interesting Chardonnay makers what is happening in their fields. From west to east… Lilian Carter, winemaker at relatively new operation Wangzhong in the Xinjiang region, says the harvest started this week and is on a similar schedule as last year. “The quality is up on last year with better sugar, acid and flavor synergies,” she says. “Last year, the crop was light and a little exposed. This year the acid retention has been better due to milder conditions and a later start to the…
  • Chile specialists La Cava add options from Spain, Portugal

    24 Aug 2014 | 11:36 am
    My local wine shop, La Cava de Laoma in Sanlitun Soho in Beijing, continues to expand the portfolio beyond its initial exclusivity with Chilean wines. While Chile, home country of owner Mariano Larrain, remains front and center, La Cava also stocks items from France and — as of last Thursday — Spain and Portugal. The newcomers include a handful of sparkling wines as well as numerous bottles that retail for less than rmb100 (see pics below for some of the options). La Cava has established a small but loyal following, due in part to its rmb20 by-the-glass deal on Fridays and Saturdays.
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    Bevlog | beer, wine, spirits trends | beverage blog

  • ARTAL: The Movie

    Robert C. Lehrman
    1 Mar 2015 | 3:02 pm
    First there was ARTAL the list. Then there was ARTAL the blog post. And now, there is ARTAL:  The Movie. In which Oli tries to help you remember the power and pitfalls of the big list of Allowable Revisions to Approved Labels. In brief, this should help you remember that you don’t need a new COLA every time you make a change to your already-approved label. There are dozens of small and not so small changes that are ok to make, without any need of a new COLA — or the wait, frustration, and expense. Related Posts: Why on Earth Would Anyone Need a Lawyer to Help Get a COLA? (1) Oak…
  • Why on Earth Would Anyone Need a Lawyer to Help Get a COLA?

    Robert C. Lehrman
    14 Feb 2015 | 6:36 am
    Ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I introduce Oli, the sporadically employed climate scientist, from Chichester. What does that have to do with labels and COLAs? Watch and see. Find out why some may benefit from having a small group of specialized lawyers and paralegals to help you get things moved through TTB and to the marketplace with less pain and delay. Related Posts: Vas Deferens Ale (0) Unspeakable Beer (0) Umami Spirits, with Mushrooms and Durt (0)
  • A Great Bud Ad

    Robert C. Lehrman
    2 Feb 2015 | 3:22 pm
    What was the best beer ad, or ad of any type, in yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast? Hint, it was a Bud ad, but not the one with the dogs, horses, and wolf. Instead, it was the one above. The one in which Bud took on its main competition, directly and powerfully, roughly like those on the field. It’s the first time in many years that Bud did not seem to be on the defensive. It seems clear that Bud’s plan is to defend Bud the brand such as above, and defend Bud the company by buying a bunch of esteemed craft brewers. Maybe they can have their cake and eat it too. Before I scope…
  • Oak Aged Vodka

    Robert C. Lehrman
    17 Jan 2015 | 6:26 am
    TTB does not allow Aged Vodka, or Aged Gin. But this would seem to show it’s pretty easy to work around these arcane, antiquated restrictions. Note how the word “aged” is nowhere but everywhere on this label, and Absolut does not mind throwing in a reference to “craft” for good measure. Related Posts: Tito Responds (16) The Tito’s Lawsuit: When Approval is Not Approval (15) Rye Beer (1)
  • Tito Responds

    Robert C. Lehrman
    4 Jan 2015 | 6:35 am
    Over the years many have suggested that Tito’s vodka is not really made in small batches or by hand. I tried to keep an open mind, as the brand grew, and even in the face of the lawsuits summarized here. So I have been particularly looking forward to a response, on the merits, at long last, from the source. Tito finally responded, on November 17, 2014, in the form of a motion to dismiss the Florida case. (The defendants also filed a similar motion, a month later, in the California case. The California motion is 28 pages and substantially similar to the one filed in Florida, right down…
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    The Wellesley Wine Press

  • 10 Amazing Producers Pouring at Wine Spectator Grand Tour

    27 Feb 2015 | 7:43 am
    Dates are set for Wine Spectator's 2015 Grand Tour. This is a stand-up/walk around wine tasting with stops at 3 cities in the US this year where hand-picked wineries each pour one signature wine. And it's usually a really good one. Winemakers and winery owners are often the ones pouring and Wine Spectator editors are in attendance so it's a great chance to chat these folks up.The event also provides an opportunity to meet up with other wine enthuisiasts. I've made some friends through the blog and on Twitter I'm looking forward to meeting at the Dallas event. If you're on the fence about…
  • Juan Gil Wine Dinner in Lenox, MA

    15 Feb 2015 | 6:48 am
    I received an email from Spirited Wines about a paired wine dinner at Alta Restaurant & Wine Bar in Lenox, MA on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 from 6:00-8:30pm.Here's the lineup:Bacalao CroquetasHoney AioliLagar de Condesa Albarino 2013SecondWild Boar TerrinePistachio, Apricot, Quine, SpinachCellars Can Blau Tinto 2012 ThirdRabbit & Merguez StewPeas, Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, RiceClio Jumilla 2012FourthSan Simon CheeseFig JamJuan Gil Monastrell 2012 DessertCrème CatalaneAlmond Brittle, Grapefruits GranitaJuan Gil Moscatel 2013$65 per person, plus tax…
  • Twelfth Night: New Zealand Wine with Massachusetts Roots

    13 Feb 2015 | 3:20 pm
    If you wanted to build a successful winery, and could build it anywhere in the world, which region would you choose and why?That's the decision Boston-based Vela Wines principals Max Risman, Arie Dahan, and Beth Ann Dahan were faced with a few years ago as they scoured the globe for a location. The eventually decided on New Zealand. On the twelfth day of a visit to the Central Otago region they found their mark and that night as they looked up at the stars the Twelfth Night name was born.They now produce Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand under the Twelfth Night label,…
  • Nobody Drinks Wine Like...Massachusetts!

    12 Feb 2015 | 3:46 am
    Only one problem: That's not MassachusettsCalifornia Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producer Red Car Wine sent an email yesterday announcing they've received their Massachusetts shipping permit and are on the list of wineries that can ship to Massachusetts. Only problem was the email featured a picture of the great state of Michigan.They quickly followed up with a corrected version with pitch-perfect humility saying "That last email sure shows how little we've shipped to your state." Pretty funny.Ironically I probably wouldn't have looked at the first email a second time, so the mistake works to…
  • 20% Off e-Gift Cards

    9 Feb 2015 | 9:51 am
    On eBay PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $50 Gift Cards for $40. 20% off helps take edge off's not-so-great prices, though they do have decent sale item prices from time to time. Discounts like this are also useful for certain brands they carry that are hard to catch at a discount.I think you can use multiple gift cards on a single order. You load them up and they're attached to your account then drawn down by future purchases.Shipping costs are high at so I'd recommend signing up for a StewardShip free trial. Just be sure to cancel it (here's…
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  • 2012 Penfolds Shiraz Kalimna Bin 28

    4 Mar 2015 | 4:00 pm
    2012 Penfolds Shiraz Kalimna Bin 28Aged 13 months in old American oak hogsheads, the deep garnet-purple colored 2012 Kalimna Bin 28 Shiraz opens with a nose of baked blackberries, mulberries and crème de cassis with hints of licorice, baking spices and a touch of tar. Full-bodied with firm, rounded tannins and tons of fruit, it concludes with a very spicy, long finish. Rating: 91+  Estimated Cost: $20-$37
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    Wine Peeps

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Delivers Serious Bang for Your Buck

    11 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    Chateau Ste. Michelle is Washington State’s founding winery with its roots dating back to the repeal of Prohibition. In 1976, Ste. Michelle built a French-style chateau in Woodinville, just northeast of Seattle. While all of Chateau Ste. Michelle’s vineyards are located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, all of their white wines are made in Woodinville. Their red wines are made at Canoe Ridge Estate in eastern Washington. No matter where you live in the United States, you are probably familiar with the wines of Chateau Ste. Michelle, particularly their Columbia Valley line. While…
  • Happy 7th Birthday to Wine Peeps!

    9 Jan 2015 | 7:00 am
    Today marks seven years since we started sharing our wine adventures with you here on Wine Peeps. What an exciting seven years it has been! We have written 1,269 posts and tasted over 6,500 wines. We have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people in the wine industry as well as fellow wine enthusiasts. This past year, we welcomed the many opportunities we had to expand our palates and taste wines from all around the world through our tasting dinners, private tastings, samples tastings, trade tastings, and other events. Thank you so much to all of our readers! We love wine and love…
  • Happy New Year!

    1 Jan 2015 | 7:00 am
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and wine-filled 2015! Happy New Year! was originally posted on Wine Peeps. Wine Peeps - Your link to great QPR wines from Washington State and beyond.
  • Merry Christmas from your Wine Peeps

    25 Dec 2014 | 7:00 am
    “But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’” (Luke 2:10-12) Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas from your Wine Peeps was originally posted on Wine Peeps. Wine Peeps - Your link to great QPR wines from Washington State and beyond.
  • Fall Line Winery: Current and Upcoming Releases

    29 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
    Recently, we had the pleasure to catch up with winemaker Tim Sorenson and taste through Fall Line Winery’s current and upcoming releases. We tasted six of their current releases and also previewed three other wines that will be released in the fall of 2015. While we were very impressed with all nine wines, we thought that the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2012 Red Willow Vineyard were truly outstanding. Tim and his wife Nancy Rivenburgh founded Fall Line Winery in 2003. Located in South Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, the winery was officially licensed and bonded in 2004. Both Tim…
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    The Good Wine Guru

  • February 2015 VA Wine Chat – Rappahannock Cellars

    George Perry
    20 Feb 2015 | 5:13 am
    It’s a new year (ok, it’s February), and this month we had our first Virginia Wine Chat of 2015. Frank Morgan of Drink What YOU Like was at Rapphannock Cellars with owner John Delmar and winemaker Theo Smith to try some of their wines, pick their brains on both their vineyard and the larger Virginia wind industry, and to continue his efforts to expose the entirety of the world to Virginia wine. Keep up the good work Frank. As usual, you can find the video of the Chat embedded below, but first, a few notes about Rappahannock Cellars and then we’ll ge to my thoughts on the…
  • 2013 Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection Red

    George Perry
    10 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Varietal:  Carmenere; Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah Region:  Rapel Valley, Chile Cost:  $15 (SRP) Winemaker’s Notes:  This bold, bright blend of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc, and Syrah from Chile’s Rapel Valley energizes with flavors of dark ripe fruit, plum, black cherry and a sinful hint of dark chocolate. My Review:  I rather enjoyed the 2013 Devil’s Collection White, so I was looking forward to the 2013 Devil’s Collection Red as well. I won’t go so far as to say that it disappointed – it’s still a good wine, especially at the price point,…
  • 2013 Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection White

    George Perry
    9 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Varietal:  Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay; Gewurztraminer Region:  Casablanca Valley, Chile Cost:  $15 (SRP) Winemaker’s Notes:  This dazzling lemon-yellow proprietary blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer from Chile’s Casablanca Valley is youthful, seductive, and fresh, fresh, fresh from start to finish. Light yet luscious, the wine entices with aromas and flavors of pineapple, citrus, peach and a hint of honeysuckle. My Review: Well, after a brief hiatus to decompress (and move to another state), I’m back to sharing my thoughts on wines, and I kick off…
  • Pardon the Interruption

    George Perry
    15 Jan 2015 | 10:05 am
    So I’m taking a brief (very brief) hiatus from the blog. Why you ask? Because my wife and I are in the middle of relocating from Richmond, Virginia to Greenville, North Carolina and, to be honest, I just don’t have the time to keep up with selling one house, buying another, and moving. Also, most of my wine supplies are all packed up (not all…just most). I’ll be back around the start of February so don’t worry that I’ve decided to walk away from the site. The post Pardon the Interruption appeared first on The Good Wine Guru. Related posts: Happy Birthday…
  • 2012 McIntyre Vineyards Estate Chardonnay

    George Perry
    30 Dec 2014 | 9:00 am
    Varietal:  100% Chardonnay Region:  Santa Lucia Highlands, California – USA Cost:  $28 (SRP) Winemaker’s Notes:  Pale gold in the glass, like warm autumn sunshine, this wine embodies the essence of the Santa Lucia Highlands with its aromas of baked golden apples, ripe pears, butterscotch, and lemon cream pie. In the mouth, it has ample minerality, persistently pleasant acidity, and delightful flavors of lemon bars, pear creme brulee, pineapple-carrot cake, and lemon meringue pie. Finishes with lively intensity, leaving a pleasant hazelnuttiness in its wake. My Review:  If…
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    Luscious Lushes - a wine, food, and travel blog

  • Go Underground for Valentine’s Day! **Giveaway**

    12 Feb 2015 | 9:57 am
    It’s’ almost Valentine’s Day.  You don’t have any thing special planned.  Maybe you don’t have someONE special.  Maybe you don’t care.  But, if you’re like me, you at least want a good bottle of wine and a trashy movie to celebrate the non-event with!  Luckily for you, I’m giving away one $50 gift card so you can check out! Underground Cellar offers curated, limited edition wines with a twist – you can buy some great wines at great prices, get more bottles for free, and store them offsite with Underground…
  • Baconlicous is St. Supery!

    9 Feb 2015 | 10:02 pm
    When you think of wine tasting, I am going to guess that you don’t typically think of line up like this.  Think of your comparative literature class from college, toss in some bacon, and you have St. Supery’s Bacon and Bordeaux tasting experience summed up. Having tasted the wines at this Napa Valley stalwart several times, I knew that at the very least, I was going to enjoy my tasting experience, but this special tasting brings it to a new level.  Conducted upstairs, in the newly remodeled private tasting lounge, these special tastings are a world apart from the hustle and…
  • Viva Vouvray!

    8 Feb 2015 | 12:59 am
    Vouvray.  Just the name elicits a curling of the tongue and imaginary French wine drinkings, enjoy a glass at a sidewalk cafe.  Located in the Central Loire region of Touraine, Vouvray comes in many styles:  From fully sweet to dry; from still to brightly sparkling (Crémant de Loire).  But one thing is true of all of these wine:  they are all 100% Chenin Blanc. If you’re like me, when you hear Chenin Blanc you think of one of two things: 1.  South Africa 2.  Old School California jug wine, sister to “Chablis”, in the handy gallon contains, now served on the bottom…
  • Chinon: The Lady of the Lake

    2 Feb 2015 | 11:48 am
    Chinon might well be best known for it’s Chateau, and it’s central role in Joan of Arc’s story.  But in this case, Chinon is known for it’s Cabernet Franc, and it’s other wines.   Chinon is located in the region of Touraine, which is located in the central Loire Valley, in northwestern France.  Chinon is especially known for it’s Cabernet Franc, although up to 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon can be blended in.  There is also some Chenin Blanc planted in the region.  Cabernet Franc from Chinon is quite varied and can be bold and grippy, or light and…
  • Truchard Vineyards – a step back in time

    19 Jan 2015 | 10:00 pm
      When you step out of your car, in the small makeshift parking lot that is really the vineyard, you are immediately transported to a rural setting a scant 10 minutes from downtown Napa.  The iconic redwood barn and farmhouse stand proudly as sirens to Truchard Vineyards, straddling the Carneros region close to San Pablo Bay. Arriving in California in the late 1960s, Jo Ann and Tony Truchard were Texas transplants that were enchanted by wine country as they went on a road trip exploring their newly adopted state.  Ever the adventurer, Tony thought it would be fun to plant a vineyard in…
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  • Wine of the Month – Rosé

    Alana Ridley
    18 Feb 2015 | 6:51 am
    The gorgeously hot summer months are perfect for spending balmy sunsets with special friends, sipping on an icy-chilled, fruity Rosé. This month is the ideal occasion to pair this delicate, yet versatile, wine with a chicken salad, Mediterranean tapas, a gourmet braai, seared salmon with blanched vegetables or even a grilled hamburger. Rosé is crisply vibrant and full of fresh fruit flavours making it a wine befitting for any meal or occasion. Grenache gris Rosé, as the French named it, is a wine-style where red grape varieties are lightly crushed and left to macerate with the red skins…
  • Backsberg Picnic Concert Series 2015

    Alana Ridley
    17 Feb 2015 | 6:20 am
    Enjoy great South African musicians play live at the Backsberg Picnic Concert Series Join Backsberg on Sunday afternoons from 15 February to 15 March to enjoy some amazing local bands with the breath-taking farm scenery as the back-drop. Bring your friends and family to enjoy the natural surrounds, laze on the green lawns and take in the spectacular scenery as the sun sets on Backsberg. Savour a beef burger or Karoo lamb wrap, sip on chilled Backsberg wines and listen to the incredible, live tunes of some of SA’s incredible talent. The line-up includes: 15 Feb – Bed on Bricks 22 Feb…
  • Backsberg Winemaker nominated for the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year

    Simon Back
    4 Feb 2015 | 4:03 am
    [I am guilty of not having written this up sooner! Tomorrow sees Alicia being interviewed by Wines of South Africa’s New York Office – which you can follow here – so that was good ‘inspiration’– SB.] Everyone at the farm was thrilled with the news that Alicia, our winemaker, was nominated for the prestigious Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2014, for the Family Reserve White Blend 2014. This unique blend is something really special: it is made up of Roussanne 34%, Chardonnay 33%, and Sauvignon Blanc 33%. We only produced 150 cases of the wine, so it is seriously limited. Alicia…
  • Treat your Valentine to a Backsberg Gourmet Picnic, accompanied by a bottle of Rosé

    Alana Ridley
    22 Jan 2015 | 5:33 am
    The gorgeously hot summer months are perfect for spending balmy sunsets with someone special, sipping on an icy-chilled, fruity Rosé. This Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to pair this delicate, yet versatile, wine with a chicken salad, Mediterranean tapas, a gourmet braai or seared salmon, while sharing it with your beau. Backsberg produce a zesty, easy-drinking Rosé with profiles of sweet strawberries, candyfloss and peach on the palate. The wine is produced from Shiraz, Grenache, Carignan and Viognier. The grapes are cool-picked and gentle colour extraction occurs from a short…
  • Spend Day of Goodwill at Backsberg

    Alana Ridley
    18 Dec 2014 | 1:10 am
    Join Backsberg for a fantastic Day of Goodwill Lunch under the shady garden trees. Spoil your loved ones to a buffet feast and relax after the Christmas festivities. The serene Winelands is the best setting for an idyllic celebration. Let your children roam free in the landscaped gardens while you sit back and be served a delicious spread of home-cooked favourites. Enjoy live background music and let the day linger into the sunset while you savour some great Backsberg wines. Booking is essential. Call Nico, our restaurant manager, at 021 8755952 or email R250…
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  • Chaddsford Hard Cider Sports Contemporary ACI Screw Cap

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:55 am
    for a high resolution versionof this image, please contactinfo@winebizpr.comChaddsford Hard Cider Sports Contemporary ACI Screw Cap on Fast-Growth Traditional Colonial Beverage Newly launched craft cider keeps its freshness with ACI’s “fizz” screw cap linerChadds Ford, PA--Today’s packaging technology merges smoothly with Jim Osborn’s historical approach to crafting hard cider. Osborn, the winemaker at Chaddsford Winery, the largest and best known in Pennsylvania, evokes a centuries-old tradition with his contemporary rendition of the beverage favored by North American…
  • Valentine's Wines: Steve Bjerklie Writes from New Hampshire

    17 Feb 2015 | 12:46 pm
    Your lover wants chocolate, you want wine. Can this relationship be saved in time for Valentine’s Day?You won’t have to look far to find expert, well-meaning advice saying, yes, sure, no problem. Red wine — especially a dense zinfandel or petite sirah, even a good pinot noir — is a great match for chocolate, or so goes the conventional wisdom. I’m here to tell you, however, that’s baloney. I think red wine goes with chocolate like flip-flops go on a hockey rink: the combination usually proves embarrassing.So instead of following the crowd, try pairing Valentine chocolate with a…
  • COWBOYS, MAPLEWOOD AND SYRAH - Steve Bjerklie writes from New Hamphire

    30 Jan 2015 | 2:26 pm
    COWBOYS, MAPLEWOOD AND SYRAHBack in the fall of 2013, a windstorm took down a stately old sugar maple on some acreage we own in Dorchester, NH. I didn’t have a chainsaw just then, so I let the fallen tree rest and dry out for more than a year before cutting it up for firewood. The past few weekends I’ve been at the task, sawing rounds off the trunk and the larger branches, and it’s a beast of a job. The tree, maybe 150 years old, is four feet in diameter at its thickest, and the wood, now nicely dried out, is hard as stone. (It burns great, though.)While I work the old tree on a chilly…
  • Industry Veteran Raul Marques Joins ACI CORK USA

    23 Dec 2014 | 7:53 am
    Sales Executive brings more than30 years of experience toACI Cork USARaul Marques is the latest addition to the sales team at ACI CORK USA. Mr. Marques, a native of Portugal’s cork-growing region, has logged more than three decades in the cork business, occupying a progression of sales and management positions and working with winery customers around the globe. Headquartered in Fairfield, California, ACI CORK USA provides cork and non-cork closures to producers of wine, distilled spirits, vinegars and oils in the US, Canada, and Mexico. “Raul’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry…
  • 2014 Vintage Report from Nevada County, California: Sierra Starr Vineyards

    17 Dec 2014 | 12:32 pm
    Anne Starr pours Sierra Starr'swines in their Grass Valleydowntown tasting roomJackson Starr of Sierra Starr Vineyards, Vineyard Manager and Assistant Winemaker, sends along this very informative 2014 Vintage Report. Sierra Starr Vineyards is located in Grass Valley, CA, and is part of the growing number of quality vineyards in Nevada County, CA. You can learn more about them on their website (click here) SPRING2014 was an exciting and extremely busy vintage here at Sierra Starr Vineyards. The vintage began nicely with warm and dry conditions in month of April. Although we certainly would…
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  • Email: The Biggest ROI for Wineries

    24 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    You're busy - there are a million things to do today on top of selling your wine. So, where do you focus? Where should you spend time to get the biggest bang for your buck - or in your case, ROI? It's simple. If you're going to focus on selling more wine, focus on one email - this should be the email sent to your first time purchasers. There's no magic - but there are a ton of stats that back this up. Of all the emails you can send, the email that targets customers who have only bought once is the most effective by far. With an average open rate of 59.2%, it outperforms any…
  • Mobile Point of Sale is Changing the Tasting Room Experience

    3 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Mobile POS systems let you sell where you couldn’t before. When your POS is portable - you can use it at a private tasting, out on a deck, or as you’re walking through the barrel room. If you’re at an off-site tasting event, it’s now possible to take a sale right then and there. Using a point of sale system that gets you out from behind the tasting bar and creates a more intimate experience.  There are a lot of relatively simple things happening on the mobile POS that traditional systems just don't do. If a customer has an expired card on their wine club,…
  • Observations from an Emerging Wine Market (Colorado)

    23 Jan 2015 | 12:50 pm
    Last week, I attended the VinCO Conference and Trade Show in Grand Junction, CO. I was able to give two presentations to some of Colorado's most prominent winemakers, winery owners and emerging wineries. There were a lot of questions about selling more wine online - and I thought I'd share some insights. Overall, Colorado wineries are small compared to the 'Napa' and 'Sonoma' regions of the US, and the majority are family run. There are no corporations that own multiple wineries such as Constellation, Diageo, Crimson, Pernod Ricard, etc. The same people that are…
  • New Year, Old Website?

    30 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    2014 is coming to an end. It's that time of year where we pack up the holiday decorations, discontinue killer promotions and get back to wine club reality. Is your website looking as tired as you feel? Be honest and take a hard look at your winery's website. Does it function well? Is the ecommerce experience good for first time purchasers, repeat buyers and club members? Does your website reflect your brand, messaging, tasting room and overall experience? Do you have a beautiful tasting room, yet feel that your winery website is an eyesore? What's a winery to do? 1. Get mobile If…
  • Tweets From The Tasting Room

    18 Dec 2014 | 8:00 am
    This is a guest post from Mari Kane. She has worked in several tasting rooms throughout California and is now a writer, blogger and WordPress consultant living in Vancouver, BC. She blogs about wine at Tasting Room and about blogging at Blogsite Follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. Twitter has emerged as the most efficient method to send a short message to the world and get engagement in return. The more people engage about a wine, the more they tend to buy, and that’s why Twitter has been such a boon to the wine industry. It’s easy to whip…
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    Hungry Crowd

  • 5 Great Scotches That Don't Cost $628,000 a Bottle

    4 Mar 2015 | 3:30 pm
    Thank you, Guinness. Not the beer—the Guinness Book of World Records folks, who have finally confirmed that yes, indeed, the 6-liter, Lalique-decanter-enclosed bottle of Macallan that sold last year for $628,000 is, witho...
  • 5 White Lies about Chardonnay, Plus 25 Excellent Bottles to Try

    25 Feb 2015 | 10:30 am
    No wine has ever been so unfairly maligned as Chardonnay. F&W’s Ray Isle debunks the myths and extols the magnificence of great bottlings at every price and in every style. Myth: All California Chardonnay Is Big & Buttery Once upon a...
  • 5 Pink Sparkling Wines for Valentine's Day

    12 Feb 2015 | 11:00 am
    There are many things you could drink for Valentine’s Day, depending on the nature of your relationship: a snazzy cocktail at a dark bar (hot date), a cold Bud in front of the TV (married for 40 years), milk (you’re 8 years old and liv...
  • Italy's Philosopher-Genius of Wine

    5 Feb 2015 | 10:30 am
    Italy’s Josko Gravner is the only winemaker I’ve met who keeps a simple wooden chair in his cellar just so he can sit down there and think about his wine. Is he making it the right way? Should he have a different approach? Is it truly ...
  • Ray Isle's Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday Beverage Plan

    30 Jan 2015 | 1:00 pm
    Having people over? Planning to serve them something besides water? If you want them to actually stay for the game, that's an excellent idea. I headed over to the Today Show recently with some punch bowls and six-packs (literally) to share so...
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    Steve Ferree's feed

  • Livermore Valley Barrel Tasting Weekend is coming March 21 and 22

    Steve Ferree, San Jose Wine Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 6:47 pm
    Spring is returning to the vineyards of Livermore and the winemakers are opening their door for the annual Livermore Valley Barrel Tasting Weekend on March 21-22 (Noon to 4:30 p.m. each day). Each winery will host...
  • Downtown Campbell hosted an exciting Winter Wine Walk

    Steve Ferree, San Jose Wine Examiner
    13 Feb 2015 | 9:21 pm
    Why do we live in California? So we can enjoy a delightful February evening strolling along the avenue is pleasant weather tasting wine and exploring unique boutiques. The Downtown Campbell Business Association held their sold-out Winter Wine...
  • Early Bud Break Arrives at Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards

    Steve Ferree, San Jose Wine Examiner
    12 Feb 2015 | 6:44 am
    Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains winegrowing region are experiencing a significantly early bud break, with some vines having shown green in mid-January. This is the second year in a row that saw early bud break."It began...
  • Wine Lovers Weekend at the Summit Wineries

    Steve Ferree, San Jose Wine Examiner
    11 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Come to the summit with your lover where the air is fresh, the views are spectacular, and the wines are exciting. On February 14-15 the Summit Wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains: Burrell School, MJA, Silver Mountain, Villa...
  • Celebrate Pinot Paradise in the Santa Cruz Mountains

    Steve Ferree, San Jose Wine Examiner
    2 Feb 2015 | 8:42 pm
    The Santa Cruz Mountains is the place to be on March 21-22 for Pinot lovers when the winemakers of this delightful region host Pinot Paradise. On Saturday March 21 you are invited along the Pathway to Pinot Paradise...
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  • I am moving back to Greece

    Markus Stolz
    10 Feb 2015 | 9:03 am
    Ever since my family and I relocated to Germany 18 months ago, my life has been out of balance. It has taken a lot of energy and effort for my children to get settled into their new home, and indeed into the different way of life. I tried to walk the tightrope by keeping up my ties in Greece, while, at the same time, supporting my family here in Germany. Instead of combining the best of both worlds, I have come to realise that I have not lived for real in either. I will be moving back to Greece within the next three months, despite the economic uncertainties that clearly have never been more…
  • Pampas, Gauchos, Cattle and Brazilian Assyrtiko

    Markus Stolz
    13 Oct 2014 | 8:47 am
    One sip of Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko altered James Carl’s life path. Three years ago, the acupuncturist in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande de Sul knew little about wine. A budding interest in winemaking led him to start studying catalogs and scientific articles on grape varieties. James’ interest was soon drawn to indigenous varieties from Greece, Georgia and Portugal. It was during this period that he sampled the aforementioned Sigalas wine. “The Assyrtiko wine took my heart and carried my soul to Santorini” he says. The desire to cultivate Assyrtiko and other rare Greek…
  • First Assyrtiko to be planted in the US

    Markus Stolz
    14 Jul 2014 | 5:32 am
    Assyrtiko vines have handled strong winds, shallow soils, hot summers and cool nights since ancient times in their homeland of Santorini. A high elevation vineyard at 3200 feet (975 meters) with severe risk of frost, in the mountains of the Tahoe National Forest in the US, will add yet unknown challenges for this variety. The risky endeavor to plant Assyrtiko in this seemingly improbable location is the brainchild of Larry and Dayle Rodenborn, the husband and wife team of Tryphon Vineyards.  They just picked up sixty-four baby Assyrtiko vines from the Foundation Plant Services at the…
  • Vineyards of Greece

    Markus Stolz
    17 Jun 2014 | 6:50 am
    Travel along this journey to some of Greece’s finest vineyards and learn more about the local culture, history and food. I have once again chosen to publish this article via Storehouse, as the visual experience is simply so good. RSS subscribers, please make sure to click on the above title, which will lead to my site from where you can access the full article. Tweet
  • Faces

    Markus Stolz
    22 May 2014 | 7:59 am
    When I first published this article, it was a story only half told. I have since updated the visual content with roughly 900 words. Although it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, I cannot help but feel that words were needed to complete the story. Tweet
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    Uvinum's blog

  • The Grenache grape: promising future

    3 Mar 2015 | 11:30 pm
    Sommeliers, wine producers and connoisseurs from all over the world are praising the values of the Grenache grape, that offers fine wines and intense production. This variety, though it has a strong historic presence in countries such as France, Spain and Australia, is also spreading elsewhere. Additionally, those that highlight Grenache as a grape of great future, do so thanks to its large capacity to thrive in hot conditions. Something that must be taken into account, because of the climate change, which is making many places even hotter and therefore, this grape has a promising…
  • 9 tequilas and mescals you can not miss

    1 Mar 2015 | 11:30 pm
    Whether you are one of those who prefer the neutral flavour of tequila or you prefer the aromatic qualities of mescal, these are the most popular that you must purchase to enjoy a good time and release tension.   Tequila Patrón Silver It's the preferred by Hollywood actors, commercially available in versions Xo Café, Silver, Reposado and El Gran Patrón, an excellent purchase for a special day or a gift. Tequila Patrón Silver Tequila Patrón Silver is an ultra premium white tequila. Each bottle is individually handmade by a glass artisan in recycled glass and hand-numbered. It is…
  • Places to drink wine in Barcelona

    26 Feb 2015 | 11:30 pm
    Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, full of art, architecture, fashion, design and places to lunch or dinner. To get a drink, those traditional bars join the new and trendy ones, which hide truly good gastronomy. If you are planning your holidays in Barcelona and want to drink some good wines, we recommend some places that will surprise you. Bar Nostàlgic. In the very Eixample, we find a bar that is already a reference, where you'll find Catalan wines, in addition to several other appellations. It also highlights their spritz and whiskey list. Monvínic. This great wine center offers wine…
  • 2 sweet cocktails you shouldn't miss

    24 Feb 2015 | 11:30 pm
    While it is true that often we associate cocktails to seasons like summer, with refreshing elaborations and somewhat festive, the winter season is also appropriate for recipes like the ones we show today, two sweet cocktails that will delight your palates and those of your guests at any occasion. Hot chocolate with fennel seeds and ginger Nothing better to offset the rigours of a cold winter afternoon that this sweet, flavourful and restorative preparation. Ingredients (for 2 people): ½ l milk 100 g grated chocolate with milk (reserve some for garnish) 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1…
  • Go green: the best eco-initiatives in wine production

    22 Feb 2015 | 11:30 pm
    In recent years, winemakers have begun to participate in environmental initiatives to reduce the impact of wine production on the environment. There are many initiatives that have been undertaken and, thankfully, we will see many more. Today, some of the success stories related to wine production from a sustainable perspective are based on the following methodologies. Solar energy: The use of solar panels is increasingly becoming a constant feature in wineries. Far Niente pioneered the use of solar panels in California in 2008. The winery was the first to test the system called…
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    Wine Blog

  • Veraison is fruit set to raisin

    Jo Diaz
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:01 am
    In California, everything in nature is coming early for 2015, as regards growth of plants. This has been the winter from hell for most of the country, but we’ve been really blessed in the Golden state. Bud break has happened, this is when a grape vine’s tiny nodes begin to burst forth with the year’s […] The post Veraison is fruit set to raisin appeared first on Wine Blog.
  • The Thank You That Changed My Thinking

    Jo Diaz
    3 Mar 2015 | 12:01 am
    Do you have a publicist? Second question… Have you ever said thank you? PR – for the most part – is a really thankless job in many regards, and so it should be. I have no doubt about that one. I’ve learned some things along that way that are really worth sharing, though, that have […] The post The Thank You That Changed My Thinking appeared first on Wine Blog.
  • Food safety guidelines for wine and food events, the rigors

    Jo Diaz
    2 Mar 2015 | 12:01 am
    I was told, by one of our food partners, at Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah, The Alameda County Environmental Health Department is the most stringent, for compliance regulations being met in the entire US, as an example of letter-of-the-law compliant. That’s the bad news. The good news is that any event, which anyone goes to […] The post Food safety guidelines for wine and food events, the rigors appeared first on Wine Blog.
  • Pardonez moi in writing

    Jo Diaz
    27 Feb 2015 | 12:01 am
    Portia (1888) by Henry Woods… Portia is the heroine in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. This is my wine publicist’s journal. In most journals, nothing written matters to anyone but the author… but this one is public. In a public one, everything matters to everyone. Portia: The quality of mercy is not strain’d, It […] The post Pardonez moi in writing appeared first on Wine Blog.
  • From the “Get a Clue” department on Bad PR form

    Jo Diaz
    26 Feb 2015 | 12:01 am
    Get a clue, PR people…You’re giving all of us a really bad name, when you do something like the following story, but before I go there… I once read how this one writer hates PR reps. I didn’t get “why,” because PR people try to bring joy to writers, so they have a good story. […] The post From the “Get a Clue” department on Bad PR form appeared first on Wine Blog.
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    4488: A Ridge Blog

  • A New Season of Breaking Bud

    Ridge Vineyards
    24 Feb 2015 | 2:07 pm
    Bud break has arrived!   What is bud break you ask? It’s the beginning of the grapes annual growth cycle, which means that the kick off to #Harvest2015 has officially begun!!  Tiny buds on the grapevine start to swell and... Read More ›
  • Introducing Hooker Creek

    Ridge Vineyards
    20 Feb 2015 | 9:31 am
    We have a new wine to introduce! Our quest to find sites of true distinction and character has led us to yet another old vine zinfandel site in Sonoma County: Hooker Creek. Like many of our vineyard locations, Hooker Creek... Read More ›
  • 1997 Jimsomare Zinfandel

    Ridge Vineyards
    12 Feb 2015 | 2:05 pm
    As you’ve read on this blog before, we’re big fans of ZAP and their Zinfandel Experience.  It has become somewhat of a tradition for us to use this annual event as an opportunity to showcase our upcoming releases for the... Read More ›
  • 2014 Harvest Report at Monte Bello

    Ridge Vineyards
    2 Feb 2015 | 3:15 pm
    The vines experienced their third consecutive year of drought, receiving only one-third of normal rainfall. Early bud-break was prompted by unusually warm January weather, and pruning was hurried along to prepare the vines for the start of the growing season.... Read More ›
  • ZAP’s Zinfandel Experience

    Ridge Vineyards
    28 Jan 2015 | 2:56 pm
    ZAP (the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) kicks off their annual Zinfandel Experience tomorrow in San Francisco and you can bet you’ll find us there throughout the weekend.  Not familiar with ZAP?  Here’s the skinny: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ZAP was... Read More ›
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    Steve Ferree's feed

  • Around the World in 80 Sips in San Francisco

    Steve Ferree, California Wine Examiner
    22 Feb 2015 | 9:53 pm
    On February 27th, Bottlenotes, the leading interactive media company in the U.S. wine industry will host the 7th annual “Around the World in 80 Sips” wine tasting event in San Francisco, giving local wine enthusiasts the opportunity...
  • Napa Valley Online Winery Map and Trip Planner Released

    Steve Ferree, California Wine Examiner
    10 Feb 2015 | 7:49 pm
    The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) trade association today launched new and comprehensive tools for planning Napa Valley winery visits utilizing web-based features to make it easy to click, plan and go. Using cutting-edge, online mapping technology,...
  • Taste the winners of the 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

    Steve Ferree, California Wine Examiner
    10 Feb 2015 | 12:07 pm
    On Saturday, February 14, you will have the chance to sample the finest wines at the 2015 Public Tasting for the 14th annual San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest competition of American wines in the world. The event...
  • Lodi Wine and Chocolate Weekend celebrated a love for Lodi wine and food

    Steve Ferree, California Wine Examiner
    9 Feb 2015 | 10:59 pm
    Lodi winemakers invited wine and chocolate lovers to a pre-Valentine’s weekend on February 7-8 for the Lodi Wine and Chocolate Weekend. While the rain had people moving a bit faster from the car to the...
  • Rodney Strong Wines reflect a long history in Sonoma County winemaking

    Steve Ferree, California Wine Examiner
    7 Feb 2015 | 10:57 pm
    Rodney Strong Vineyards has a deeply entrenched history in Sonoma County wines, leading back to when a celebrated American dancer Rod Strong returned from France to begin his second career based on his passion for winemaking. In 1959 he...
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  • Holistic Dentistry – It Works!

    Floyd Young
    26 Feb 2015 | 3:32 am
    A Natural Approach To DentistryToday, a lot of people already prefer more natural approaches to everything – from the food that they eat to the medical treatment they receive. “Going green” is not a fad anymore, since these actions prove to have much healthier effects to the human body. One philosophy that is gaining a lot of attention lately is holistic dentistry. With the use of safe, mercury-free, and minimally invasive procedures, no wonder it is now a widely accepted approach to tooth care. It’s not just a fad! Holistic dentistry might seem promising to look at in a nutshell,…
  • How To Choose The Best Clothes For Your Babies

    Floyd Young
    5 Feb 2015 | 1:10 pm
    Your Baby Deserves The Best ClothesEven before you become parents, consider it important to follow some simple rules in buying baby clothes. You may have baby nieces and nephews, or grandsons and granddaughters who would be very happy in receiving beautiful dresses and cool outfits not just during special occasions but even on ordinary days. Why it is hard to buy clothes for babies? It does not need an expert to pick the best outfit for your kids; however, some adults find it hard to buy clothes for their cute angels because of so many options available. This made it more difficult to pick…
  • Public Private Partnership: A Cognitive Review On PPP’s

    Floyd Young
    5 Jan 2015 | 6:59 pm
    The Public-Private PartnershipThe Public-Private Partnership, otherwise known as PPP or P3, is a joint venture project between the government sector and one or more private sectors in running a business or service. The project may be a profit or non-profit organization. This arrangement would entail an agreement wherein the risk involved in running the business or service is shared by the contracting parties. In so doing, the resources are increase and the risk is reduced by the shared arrangements. Under this model, the government may opt to impose tax shields on the private organization…
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    Wine Channel TV

  • Wine TV Dream Kitchen Oven

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:37 am
    Sip More. Cook Less. Wine Lovers Dream Kitchen with Wine TV We all like to sip and cook at Wine Channel TV. But most people we know, would rather sip more and cook less. With over 175+ “Programmed Menu Selections”, this GE Profile™ Series 30 inch Combination Double Wall Oven with Convection and Advantium® Technology, is a wine lovers dream. Pour another glass with all the free time you now have and let’s talk more about the great wines we should be tasting. This GE oven is part of our Wine Lovers Dream Kitchen series on Wine TV. Here’s what we like most: Speedcook…
  • Worlds Best Wine Fridge – Wine TV Guide

    25 Feb 2015 | 9:32 am
    There are wine coolers; and then there is the GE Monogram Wine Reserve Cooler . Chilling and “wine cool” are at an all time new level. Wine TV thinks this is the wine chiller, cooler, fridge you’ve been dreaming of for your kitchen, wine cellar or anywhere in your wine kingdom. What do you get? How about wine fridges that have 7 full-width shelves. What does that mean? How about capacity to hold 50 champagne or wine bottles. These coolers have transparent glass doors that make for an easy sneak peek at what’s inside. Wine TV gives the GE Monogram Stainless Steel Wine…
  • Wine TV Mobile Video Revolution

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:14 am
    Raise your hand if watch video on your mobile device with a glass of wine in your other hand.  The Wine TV Mobile app  is the fastest growing wine video entertainment app on iTunes for a good reason. “Wine and everyday life” on video is the “perfect reality pairing”. Here’s the summary on mobile and video from Business Intelligence: YouTube: some 40% of YouTube’s traffic now comes from mobile. Compare that to just 25% last year and a paltry 6% only two years ago. Audience boom: About 50 million people in the U.S. now watch video on their mobile phones.
  • Wine TV Guide presents Mandrarossa Winery

    12 Feb 2015 | 8:30 am
    Ladies of Menfi with Wine TV Join Wine TV, for a special Wine TV Guide tour of Mandrarossa Winery. The views are spectacular as the wine. The vineyards lie along the southern coast of Sicily. The dry climate along with the proximity to the sea, the sea breezes all make for a unique blend of elements for this winery. Mandrarossa is the creation of Cantine Settesoli, one of the world’s largest wine producers. Located in the historic town of Menfi, in the southwest corner of this idyllic Mediterranean island, Mandrarossa was guided into modern times by the “father” of…
  • #WaitangiDay Wine Pairings with Wine TV

    6 Feb 2015 | 11:54 am
    Cheers to New Zealand as you celebrate the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Waitangi Day is a public holiday held each year on February 6th. It is the day that celebrates the signing of the Waitangi Treaty in 1840 at the original home of James Busby at Waitangi. The building is now known as Treaty House. This is the 3rd year Wine Channel TV has celebrated and covered the event and we’re excited to share this years #WaitangiDay Wine TV guide pairings with our worldwide audience. Featured Pairings: Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc…
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    Snooth - Articles

  • Drink Yourself Stupid? Not Quite, Researchers Say

    James Duren
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    A team of scientists from Sweden's Karolinska Institute have discovered a link between one's intelligent quotient and one's propensity for drinking in binges.   “We found that lower results on IQ tests in Swedish adolescent men are associated with a higher consumption of alcohol, measured in both terms of total intake and binge drinking,” said Sara Sjölund, a collaborator in the study who was quoted in a recent story by Nordic Life Science News (NLSN).   While at first glance the results may lead curious souls to think drinking fantastic amounts of…
  • Cheapskates They Are Not: German Drinkers Ready To Spend

    James Duren
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    If the numbers are correct, quality wines will soon have their renaissance in Germany.   This past week, research group Mintel released a report which said, according to their study, wine drinkers in Germany are prepared to spend money on quality wines.   “As competition abounds on the best deals for consumers across the food and drink sector, German consumers are no exception when looking for the best prices points,” Mintel said in a press release this past week. “New research … reveals that the segment may be one area consumers are looking to invest more…
  • Second-Year MW Student Wins Kiwi Wine Scholarship

    James Duren
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Where there's a will, there's a Way.   David Way, a student in the Institute of Master of Wine's Study Programme, won the inaugural Family of Twelve Essay Scholarship, an award given by New Zealand wine fraternity Family of Twelve. Way won the award, according to a Family of Twelve press release, for an essay he wrote about the New Zealand wine industry.   “The Family are thrilled to name David as our inaugural scholar,” said William Hoare, the Family of Twelve chairman. “Through his winning essay David has shown a keen understanding of and interest in…
  • Good Morning, Vietnam! Country Experiencing Dawn Of Wine Industry

    James Duren
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    China isn't the only Asian country making headlines these days.    Foreign investment firm Dezan Shira & Associates have published a story on the English-language business site Vietnam Briefing which details emerging wine trends in Vietnam.   “As Vietnam's consumer market continues to grow, more and more global products are pouring into the country,” Fabio Zaca wrote. “Among those products that have seen considerable growth in sales over the recent years has been wine.”   The past few years have seen the market grow at a surprising rate,…
  • Vinexpo: China, Turn That Frown Upside Down!

    James Duren
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    After several years of a downright wintry Chinese wine market, the emerging producer is poised for a comeback.   “The head of the world's largest wine and spirits exhibition, Vinexpo, predicts China's wine market will grow in 2015 after being hit by an anti-graft clampdown,” Yahoo Australia's Finance section reported last week.   The result of this clampdown, as well as a mandate by the government in which extravagant spending was discouraged, resulted in a drop in sales even though wine consumption rose 70 percent in the past four years.   “An…
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    Wine Country Getaways

  • Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek

    Joe Becerra
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:39 am
    Baiocchi Tasting Room on Main Street in Sutter Creek, CA. Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek is one of several new tasting rooms in this Gold Country town. Baiocchi Wines‘ first vintage was 2009. Greg Baiocchi is the winemaker and his wife Sharon tends to the business and PR end of the winery. Both Greg and Sharon work the tasting room that is open Thursday through Sunday, 11am to 5 pm. Baiocchi Wines is actually located in El Dorado County in the Fair Play AVA, about 30 miles northeast of Sutter Creek. In Fair Play, the Baiocchis have 12 acres…
  • Napa Valley Tasting Room Index 2015

    Joe Becerra
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:47 am
    Provenance winery and tasting room in Rutherford, Napa Valley I started the Napa Valley Wine Tasting Index last March in 2014. The idea behind the Napa Valley Tasting Room Index is twofold. It gives our Wine Country Getaways readers a ballpark dollar figure of what it costs to taste wine in the Napa Valley. Secondly, I thought it would be interesting to compare Napa Valley tasting fee inflation rates to that of the United States economy. This index is by no means scientific. It is a sampling of ten popular wineries among some 400 wineries in the Napa Valley. You get the picture; the…
  • Daffodil Hill in wine country

    Joe Becerra
    28 Feb 2015 | 9:18 am
    Daffodil Hill near Sutter Creek Daffodil Hill in wine country – Volcano, California Amador County is a hot tourist destination for wine country travelers. There are many small boutique wineries to visit in the spectacular foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But there is another attraction besides wineries that is worth seeing, Daffodil Hill in the very tiny town of Volcano. Timing is everything for Daffodil Hill! We always set aside mid to late February to visit Amador County. It is usually Presidents’ Weekend or Valentines Day. We have been visiting for the past thirteen…
  • Ann Kraemer, Master Vineyard Manager and Yorba Wines

    28 Feb 2015 | 7:30 am
    Yorba Tasting Room – 51 Hanford Street in Sutter Creek Ann Kraemer – Shake Ridge Ranch and Yorba Wines This is an update to an article I wrote five years ago about our tour through what is now regarded as one of the top vineyards in California, Ann Kraemer’s Shake Ridge Vineyards. Fast forward five years, and Ann Kraemer now has a successful tasting room in Sutter Creek. The Yorba wine tasting room is at 51 Hanford Street. We stopped in Thursday while visiting the Amador wine area and found the tasting room alive and well with a throng of folks tasting Yorba wines, along with…
  • Best Glass of Wine You Ever Tasted?

    Joe Becerra
    24 Feb 2015 | 4:47 pm
    This is a guest article by Beth Peluse. Beth works for Taste Vacations, a luxury travel company that specializes in wine, food, spirits and beer tours around the world. The folks that put on our successful Wine Blogger Conferences also run this touring company. They are well organized and fine tuned for travel adventures. Tuscany Best Glass of Wine You Ever Tasted? The One On Your Next Vacation Location, location, location! Everyone has heard this phrase tied to the real estate industry, but have you ever thought about it for tasting wine? When you taste a wine at home, you may or may not…
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    Wine Country Getaways

  • Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek

    Joe Becerra
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:39 am
    Baiocchi Tasting Room on Main Street in Sutter Creek, CA. Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek Baiocchi Tasting Room in Sutter Creek is one of several new tasting rooms in this Gold Country town. Baiocchi Wines‘ first vintage was 2009. Greg Baiocchi is the winemaker and his wife Sharon tends to the business and PR end of the winery. Both Greg and Sharon work the tasting room that is open Thursday through Sunday, 11am to 5 pm. Baiocchi Wines is actually located in El Dorado County in the Fair Play AVA, about 30 miles northeast of Sutter Creek. In Fair Play, the Baiocchis have 12 acres…
  • Napa Valley Tasting Room Index 2015

    Joe Becerra
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:47 am
    Provenance winery and tasting room in Rutherford, Napa Valley I started the Napa Valley Wine Tasting Index last March in 2014. The idea behind the Napa Valley Tasting Room Index is twofold. It gives our Wine Country Getaways readers a ballpark dollar figure of what it costs to taste wine in the Napa Valley. Secondly, I thought it would be interesting to compare Napa Valley tasting fee inflation rates to that of the United States economy. This index is by no means scientific. It is a sampling of ten popular wineries among some 400 wineries in the Napa Valley. You get the picture; the…
  • Daffodil Hill in wine country

    Joe Becerra
    28 Feb 2015 | 9:18 am
    Daffodil Hill near Sutter Creek Daffodil Hill in wine country – Volcano, California Amador County is a hot tourist destination for wine country travelers. There are many small boutique wineries to visit in the spectacular foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But there is another attraction besides wineries that is worth seeing, Daffodil Hill in the very tiny town of Volcano. Timing is everything for Daffodil Hill! We always set aside mid to late February to visit Amador County. It is usually Presidents’ Weekend or Valentines Day. We have been visiting for the past thirteen…
  • Ann Kraemer, Master Vineyard Manager and Yorba Wines

    28 Feb 2015 | 7:30 am
    Yorba Tasting Room – 51 Hanford Street in Sutter Creek Ann Kraemer – Shake Ridge Ranch and Yorba Wines This is an update to an article I wrote five years ago about our tour through what is now regarded as one of the top vineyards in California, Ann Kraemer’s Shake Ridge Vineyards. Fast forward five years, and Ann Kraemer now has a successful tasting room in Sutter Creek. The Yorba wine tasting room is at 51 Hanford Street. We stopped in Thursday while visiting the Amador wine area and found the tasting room alive and well with a throng of folks tasting Yorba wines, along with…
  • Best Glass of Wine You Ever Tasted?

    Joe Becerra
    24 Feb 2015 | 4:47 pm
    This is a guest article by Beth Peluse. Beth works for Taste Vacations, a luxury travel company that specializes in wine, food, spirits and beer tours around the world. The folks that put on our successful Wine Blogger Conferences also run this touring company. They are well organized and fine tuned for travel adventures. Tuscany Best Glass of Wine You Ever Tasted? The One On Your Next Vacation Location, location, location! Everyone has heard this phrase tied to the real estate industry, but have you ever thought about it for tasting wine? When you taste a wine at home, you may or may not…
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    Wine Welfare

  • Powerboats and Pinot Noir: New Zealand and Wine

    Guest Writer
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:31 pm
    NZ wine tours for the adventurous at heart. It’s often said that wine makes everything better. A witticism often found on social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter sums it up perfectly by stating “Wine is to women what duct tape is to men –it fixes everything” Whilst most New Zealanders would have to insist that it is in fact not duct tape but rather no. 8 wire, that is the panacea for all of life’s DIY dilemmas. Everyone enjoys themselves when drinking a great glass of wine. Especially when paired with a mouth-watering roast lamb or a sirloin cooked to…
  • Little Penguin 2010 Pinot Noir Wine Review

    Brian Thomas Clark
    10 Jan 2011 | 5:19 pm
    We already covered this wine briefly in Part 1 of our Christmas Wine posts last month, but I wanted to revisit the Little Penguin Pinot Noir as its own review. I purchased another bottle recently since I wanted to take a closer, more non-holiday look at it, and was rather surprised at what I found, thus this full review. The first thing I need to mention is: Ignore what I wrote previously. Perhaps they accidentally bottled the wrong wine in the bottle I had purchased before, perhaps it was corked and I was far too innebriated to notice, or perhaps I never in fact drank the Little Penguin…
  • Happy New Year from Wine Welfare!

    Brian Thomas Clark
    1 Jan 2011 | 7:05 am
    Looking forward to another great year of tasting wines and writing all about them. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2011! You may resume recovering from your hangovers. Cheers! Remember to subscribe to get all the latest cheap wine reviews from Wine Welfare in 2011! Also check out: Happy Thanksgiving from Wine Welfare! Merry Christmas from Wine Welfare! New Year’s 2010: Let’s Get Hammered
  • And The Best Wine of 2010 Is…

    Brian Thomas Clark
    31 Dec 2010 | 1:00 pm
    The votes have been tallied and our tasting has been completed! I’ll be honest, I was surprised at the results of the poll. I had not pegged these two wines as the winners, though I did enjoy them. Since this poll has been going on for nearly a month now, I’m not going to write a big hulaballoo post here. Too excited to just get to the winners. And here they are. Best White Wine of 2010 Chateau Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux Rose 2009 I liked this wine from the start. The strawberry, the crispness, the slight thickness. This was a wine built for food. Altogether a delicious wine that…
  • Cheap New Years Champagne (Well sort of…)

    Brian Thomas Clark
    31 Dec 2010 | 8:30 am
    The title of this post is misleading, but not in a dangerous way. I’m not going to recommend a wine to you that’s laced with strychnine because the more of you that die off, the less readers I have. I vow to only ever recommend non-poisonous wines. Wow that was rambling wasn’t it? Sorry about that. We’re talking bubbles at Wine Welfare today, since New Years celebrations are arguably the best time to pop those mushroom corks. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, if you’ve got a tongue, you’ve got to like bubbly. Champagne, sparkling…
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  • Wednesday Wraparound: Los Olivos, ingredient labeling and the drought

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:37 am
      Poor Santa Ynez Valley. First they took its western half away when they made the Santa, err, Sta. Rita Hills appellation. Then they took the eastern side away with Happy Canyon. Then they tore out a hunk of its heart with Ballard Canyon. Now the cannibals are attacking other vital organs with this proposal to establish a Los Olivos AVA. Santa Ynez Valley is disappearing before our eyes. I jest, of course. It’s actually a good thing. I always liked the Santa Ynez Valley appellation. I recognized its importance a long time ago, and gave it props by reviewing wines that my competitor…
  • Tuesday Twaddle: Jon Bonné, Wine Scams, and Can Napa’s Neighbor Steal Their Business?

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:10 pm
      For some time now, the San Francisco Chronicle—Northern California’s largest newspaper, and a force in its wine industry for decades—has been cutting back on wine reporting. The paper used to have a standalone wine section. They did away with that some years ago, and merged it into a weekly wine and food section. Then they put that into a home, garden and food section, in which we were lucky to get much wine reporting at all. The denouement of all this came yesterday, when we learned that Jon Bonné, the paper’s wine editor, has reduced his involvement at the Chronicle to that…
  • Could Chardonnay’s long stranglehold as our top wine be ending?

    1 Mar 2015 | 11:10 pm
      I was surprised to read that Sauvignon Blanc “is Britain’s favorite wine,” white or red, in the Daily Mail. It has “pipped Chardonnay to number one,” the story says. (That “pipped” was a new one on me. I assumed it meant “surpassed,” so I looked it up on Google, with an additional search qualifier of “British slang.” One hit says it means “to be beaten at the last minute,” while another—close enough—is “to defeat an opponent.”) So good for Sauvignon Blanc! You might recall that, just three weeks ago, I wrote a post called “Could Sauvignon Blanc be…
  • San Francisco and Oakland: Not-so kissing cousins

    27 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
      I’ve spent a good part of the last three days in San Francisco on winetasting missions, a lot even for me, although I live just 3 subway stops away from Embarcadero Station and Ferry Plaza. I’ve been in Oakland now for 28 years: nearly ten years before that in San Francisco. So you’ll have to forgive me for making comparisons. When I lived in S.F., in the Eighties, Oakland was a Herb Caen joke. It was Brooklyn to Manhattan—and this was before Brooklyn’s current hipster revival: old, blue collar, conservative Brooklyn, New York’s version of the boring ‘burbs. The only…
  • The history of wine reviewing

    26 Feb 2015 | 6:44 am
      Did my annual wine class last night for the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business’s Wine Club. It’s always so cool to go there, with the big banners celebrating their Nobel Prize winners, and those super-smart students who, one imagines, might be running the show someday. One of the things they wanted to know about was the history of wine reviewing. Here’s what I told them. Describing wine has a long and honorable history in humankind. People have always understood that wines differ greatly in quality and this seems to have been fascinating to even the earliest peoples we have…
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    Jordan Winery

  • Valentine’s Dinner Event Highlights

    Lisa Mattson
    18 Feb 2015 | 4:24 pm
    Last weekend, we hosted dinner parties in the Jordan Winery dining room for Valentine’s Day. Our inaugural event was so successful last year that our 2015 Valentine’s Dinner sold out within a few weeks, so our chef offered to cook for two nights in a row. This was also the first time that guests could purchase event tickets or redeem Jordan Estate Rewards points. The romantic culinary experience featured a Champagne reception, followed by a seven-course meal, paired with Jordan wines. Photos from both events, as well as the menu with links to learn more about the wines…
  • Going carbon neutral with Sonoma Clean Power

    30 Jan 2015 | 2:14 am
    Winter always seems like the perfect time to catch up on paperwork and knock items off the to-do list that have been shelved during the hectic harvest and holiday seasons. Green business certification updates was the first project completed on my list this year. Jordan Winery is now enrolled in the Sonoma Clean Power program, which provides businesses access to environmentally friendly power, generated by local renewable resources, such as solar, wind and geothermal. Roughly 90% of our electricity comes from our hillside solar arrays and the balance from renewable energy. Using 10%…
  • New cheese pairings for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

    Todd Knoll
    29 Jan 2015 | 2:00 am
    I am always seeking the finest artisanal cheeses from California and Europe that pair best with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Red wines like Jordan that are balanced, elegant, lower in alcohol and higher in acidity tend to be more versatile with food & wine pairings, especially cheeses. Each winter, I gather some of our key staff to hand-select new cheeses designed to pair with our three featured vintages of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, served on our Library Tasting and Winery Tour & Library Tasting experiences. This year, the 2006, 2008 and 2010 vintages of our silky Alexander Valley…
  • Introducing the new website

    Lisa Mattson
    28 Jan 2015 | 1:30 am
    It felt like the birth of a baby this month at Jordan Winery. Our new website came to life at 9 a.m. on January, 13, 2015, weighing in at 1.3 GB and 38.4 inches long. We are very proud parents. We’re shaking things up with the new, which was 14 months in the making. One of the best website designers in the wine industry, FINE Design Group, brought our vision for a dynamic, multi-media website that tells our story and provides useful information with the backdrop of stunning visual imagery. Please browse over from the top of this blog page or click here. Surf around and…
  • Annual toy drive yields nearly 750 pounds of gifts for kids

    Lisa Mattson
    21 Dec 2014 | 8:49 am
    We’re proud to announce that this year’s Jordan Winery holiday toy drive yielded 740 pounds of toys for Sonoma County kids. Each year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Jordan Winery employees rally to donate toys for local children in need through the Toys for Tots non-profit organization. Jordan Estate Rewards members pitch in too, bringing donations to our annual Christmas at Jordan party. John Jordan issued a challenge to the employees to try to beat him by donating more toys per pound than he did. The gondola “sleigh” overflowed with 500 of pounds of donations…
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    Cheers2Wine Blog

  • Calistoga Wineries for your Napa Wine Tour

    22 Feb 2015 | 7:35 am
    Let us help you plan your Calistoga Wine Tour. Wine tasting is fun at Calistoga Wineries and are not to be missed during a Napa Wine Tour.
  • Calaveras County Bed and Breakfast

    22 Feb 2015 | 7:35 am
    Learn about Dunbar House 1880, a Calaveras County bed and breakfast located in Murphys. Find out why Dunbar House is the top rated wine country accomodation in Calaveras County.
  • Morro Bay State Park

    19 Feb 2015 | 5:43 pm
    Located in San Luis Obispo County, Morro Bay State Park is a unique park located on the shore of Morro Bay, which is both a state and national estuary. There's so many ways to ways to have fun at this state park.
  • Vision Quest Safari Bed & Breakfast

    18 Feb 2015 | 5:24 pm
    Looking for a unique adventure? Vision Quest lets you spend the night with wild animals in African tent style bungalows. This Safari Bed & Breakfast is located in Salinas, California.
  • Harveston Lake Park

    18 Feb 2015 | 5:24 pm
    Relax at Harveston Lake Park in the city of Temecula. This 30 acre man-made lake has so much to offer. This beautiful park is well maintained in a tranquil setting for all to enjoy. It's a beautiful Stroll along the paved pathway that circles the lake.
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    The Reverse Wine Snob

  • Cune Rioja Crianza 2010 - Drinkability Defined

    Jon Thorsen
    4 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Rioja delivers again. 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha Tinta and Mazuelo from Rioja, Spain.This review is brought to you by CorkExclusive where you can get the Cune Rioja Crianza 2010 for just $11.99 plus FREE SHIPPING on 3+ bottles (mix&match). SRP of $15. Imported by Europvin USA. Sample submitted for review.From the bottle:"Cune Crianza is produced by the fifth generation of the founders of CVNE from the handpicked Tempranillo grapes. It ages for a minimum of one year in American and French oak casks and some months in the bottle prior to its release.13.5% Alcohol"Today's wine is the…
  • The Grape That Saved Chianti? Fattoria Casabianca Loccareto Canaiolo 2011

    Jon Thorsen
    2 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    A rare treat. 100% Canaiolo from Siena, Tuscany, Italy. Aged in second passage French oak barrels for 12 months and in bottle for 6 months prior to release.This wine is unfortunately not available in the U.S. at the moment but it was so unique I decided to highlight it anyway. It retails for right around $20 in other countries. 3,000 cases produced. Sample submitted for review.From the winery:"Colour: Red ruby with light garnet shades.Bouquet: Characteristic, intense, the vanilla of the wood is good balanced with the fruits and the taste of wine.Flavour: Round, with a good structure, very…
  • Caves Saint-Pierre Gigondas 2012 - A Big Name at a Little Price

    Jon Thorsen
    28 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    A Trader Joe's top pick. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and and Mourvedre from Gigondas, France.This post brought to you by: Get wines like the Caves D'Esclans Whispering Angel Cotes de Provence Rose 2014 for just $19.99 plus FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more bottles (mix&match)! Available for $14.99 exclusively at Trader Joe's. Sample submitted for review.From the bottle:"Located in Chateauneuf-du-Pape since 1898, Caves Saint-Pierre is a winery whose reputation has been built on the knowledge of the vineyards along with expertise in the blending and ageing of wines for over one hundred years.11 to…
  • Kirkland Signature Rioja Reserva 2009 - Costco Scores Again

    Jon Thorsen
    27 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    BULK BUY! Insane value at just $6.99 a bottle. 100% Tempranillo from Rioja, Spain.This post brought to you by: Get wines like the Joseph Carr Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 for just $18.99 plus FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more bottles (mix&match)! Available for $6.99 exclusively at Costco. Bottled by Bodegas Muriel. Imported by Quintessential Wines.From the bottle:"Kirkland Signature Rioja Reserva is an elegant wine made from 100% Tempranillo grapes grown in the region of Rioja. Aged 24 months in American and French oak barrels and cellared for a year in the bottle prior to release, this ruby-colored…
  • Joseph Carr Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 - A Classy Cab

    Jon Thorsen
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    A smorgasbord of complex aromas and flavors. 96% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Merlot from Napa Valley and Rutherford, California. Aged in 75% French oak and 25% American oak for 16 to 18 months. This review is brought to you by CorkExclusive where you can get the Joseph Carr Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 for just $18.99 plus FREE SHIPPING on 3+ bottles (mix&match).From the winery:"This Napa Cabernet Sauvignon reflects a traditional old-school approach to winemaking, where terroir is allowed to express itself and the art of the blend results in wines of balance and complexity. Joseph…
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    Nosso Vinho

  • Romance do Chateau Berne

    Paulo Queiroz
    9 Feb 2015 | 4:25 pm
    O mundo é pequeno e traz surpresas legais. Há cerca de 2 anos visitamos o… The post Romance do Chateau Berne appeared first on Nosso Vinho.
  • Pio Cesare Fides 2011 – Barbera

    Paulo Queiroz
    1 Feb 2015 | 1:35 pm
    Aqui está um Barbera D’Alba maravilhoso feito por Pio Cesare. As uvas vem da vinha… The post Pio Cesare Fides 2011 – Barbera appeared first on Nosso Vinho.
  • Château Paul Mas Clos Des Mûres 2013 – Languedoc

    Paulo Queiroz
    1 Feb 2015 | 12:49 pm
    Nosso Vinho de hoje vem do Languedoc, Uma vasta região vinícola no sul da França;… The post Château Paul Mas Clos Des Mûres 2013 – Languedoc appeared first on Nosso Vinho.
  • A Simplicidade que agrada: AgroGento Nero D’Avola Syrah 2013

    Paulo Queiroz
    26 Jan 2015 | 7:42 am
    Nosso Vinho de hoje é a prova de que a Sicília, Itália, está se modernizando… The post A Simplicidade que agrada: AgroGento Nero D’Avola Syrah 2013 appeared first on Nosso Vinho.
  • Viña Herminia Reserva 2009

    Paulo Queiroz
    24 Jan 2015 | 7:47 am
    Nosso Vinho de hoje é um Rioja da Viña Hermínia, um negócio que existe desde… The post Viña Herminia Reserva 2009 appeared first on Nosso Vinho.
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    Wine Blog - Bacchus and Beery

  • Grgich Hills Chardonnay 2011

    Bacchus & Beery Wine Blog
    24 Feb 2015 | 1:28 pm
    Grgich Hills Chardonnay 2011, Estate Grown, Napa Valley, CA $42 (S) – Rating 91 A blend of winemaking styles, barrel aged without buttery malolactic fermentation. The result is a Chardonnay with a crisp mouth-feel, balanced acidity and a touch of creaminess. The nose offers notes of Meyer lemon, tropicals and wet stone minerality. On the palate, flavors of Meyer lemon, red apple, pear and a touch of white pepper spice. Just a hint of oaky vanilla caramel in the long finish. Buy This Wine The post Grgich Hills Chardonnay 2011 appeared first on Wine Blog - Bacchus and Beery.
  • Alpha Omega ERA 2011

    Bacchus & Beery Wine Blog
    24 Feb 2015 | 12:48 pm
    Alpha Omega ERA 2011, Napa Valley, CA, $250 (S) – Rating 95 This is a Napa Cabernet that is certainly worthy of your attention. Past ERA vintages have been a red Brodeaux blend but the 2011 is 100% barrel fermented Cabernet from the following famed Napa Valley vineyards, Beckstoffer To Kalon in Oakville, Beckstoffer, Missouri Hopper in Yountville, Stagecoach on Atlas Peak and Lyons. A robust nose of black cherry, blueberry, blackberry and spice. A rather plush mouth-feel with dusty tannins and balanced acidity. The palate is treated to an integrated combination of flavors, including…
  • Wine Guerrilla Rebel Cru 2012

    Bacchus & Beery Wine Blog
    24 Feb 2015 | 11:18 am
    Wine Guerrilla Rebel Cru 2012, Red Wine, Sonoma County, CA, $35 (S) – Rating 90 A fun blend of 45% Zinfandel, 19% Petite Verdot, 13% Malbec, 9% Cabernet Franc, 9% Petite Sirah and 5% Alicante Bouchet, perfect for your next BBQ. Aromas of blueberry, smoke and spice. Soft tannins and balanced acidity on the palate offering flavors of blueberry, blackberry, dark cherry and dark spice. Dusty dark chocolate on long finish. Buy this Wine The post Wine Guerrilla Rebel Cru 2012 appeared first on Wine Blog - Bacchus and Beery.
  • Carol Shelton Wild Thing Zinfandel 2012

    Bacchus & Beery Wine Blog
    24 Feb 2015 | 10:52 am
    Carol Shelton Wild Thing Zinfandel 2012, Old Vine Zinfandel, Mendocino County, CA, $19 (S) – Rating 91 Blended from 83% Zinfandel, 15% Carignane and 2% Petite Sirah creating a rather balanced and fruit forward wine without being overly jammy. Aromas of red fruit, strawberry, raspberry and brown spice. Plush mouth-feel with balanced acidity and smooth tannins. Flavors abound of bing cherry, blackberry, briar, raspberry and ripe strawberry with notes of cinnamon and espresso in the finish. A better food pairing Zinfandel than most. Buy This Wine   The post Carol Shelton Wild Thing…
  • Alpha Omega Chardonnay 2012

    Bacchus & Beery Wine Blog
    19 Feb 2015 | 2:07 pm
    Alpha Omega Chardonnay 2012, Napa Valley, CA, $68 (S) – Rating 92 A bigger, more luxurious style than the delicious AO Unoaked Chardonnay. The nose is treated to a bouquet of apple, caramel, vanilla and spice. Plush on the palate with soft acidity. Robust flavors of red apple, caramel, vanilla, pear, tropicals and baking spice. Creamy vanilla caramel in the very long finish. Buy this Wine The post Alpha Omega Chardonnay 2012 appeared first on Wine Blog - Bacchus and Beery.
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    Wine Virtuosity

  • 2013 Exczellencziás – A Search For Dry Tokaj Greatness

    Niklas Jorgensen
    16 Feb 2015 | 4:17 pm
    Bilingual post. Yes, it did strike me when I tasted the 2013 Exczellencziás from Bott Pince; what’s the point writing about a wine with a total production of 546 bottles? Few will be able to locate it and I will only look like a show off. But then again, the Exczellencziás is such an interesting experiment by Judit and József Bodó at Bott Pince, their search for the ”big dry Tokaj” as Judit puts it. And it would be a pity not to tell you about it because when the couple finds the formula, the production will most likely go up. The 2013 Exczellencziás will be released in Hungary…
  • Alkonyi László Goes Winemaking – Kaláka Pince

    Niklas Jorgensen
    4 Feb 2015 | 9:08 am
    Tokaj – A szabadság bora (Tokaj: The Wine of Freedom), is one of the ten best books ever written on wine. According to Hugh Johnson that is. And honestly, although perhaps being biased by now, I can only agree. Alkonyi László’s book is such a thorough work covering all the aspects of the region. Mr. Alkonyi has also produced the just as great Tokaj: Dulomitológia (Tokaj: The Myth of Terroir) where he discusses the role of the terroir. Mainly in Tokaj but also in Burgundy and Bordeaux. Although it’s been a while since they were publihsed, both of his books are quite…
  • Birichino Saint Georges Zinfandel

    Niklas Jorgensen
    3 Feb 2015 | 9:32 am
    Now this came a bit unexpected although I by now should know that the wines from Alex and John has this cool character expression. But a Zinfandel with only 13 percent alcohol and barely any oak impressions? Yes pleeeease! The 2013 Saint Georges Zinfandel is the result of yet an old vineyard find by the guys at Birichino. More precisely, ungrafted Zinfandel vines close to the Santa Cruz mountains and planted in the beginning of the 1920’s. Impression The 2013 shows this typical transparent color of the Birichino reds. On the nose it’s at first a bit shy but aeration allows the…
  • Ornellaia – A Vertical

    Niklas Jorgensen
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:05 am
    Axel Heinz is in town. The winemaker at Ornellaia, an estate that hardly needs any lengthy introduction. Actually none at all. It’s a treat listening to the knowledgeable Mr. Heinz; he’s good with words, humble and also honest. Abilities that suits a winemaker at Ornellaia. We’re about to taste 9 wines from the estate, 6 from Ornellaia and 3 from their brand called Le Serre Nuove. The latter is sometimes referred to as the estate’s second wine but the fact is they’re styled quite differently. While Le Serre Nuove usually is consisting of at least 50 percent…
  • Szepsy István; 2011 Úrágya Furmint

    Niklas Jorgensen
    27 Jan 2015 | 9:31 am
    It’s fascinating to follow the single vineyard wines of Tokaj. Not only is it a great way to understand vintage variation, it also shows the complexity of the region.  I’m a big fan of István Szepsy’s Úrágya. The vineyard which was planted five decades ago lies north west of the village of Mád. The neighboring sites are also classic names with Urbán to the north and Birsalmás to the south. Úrágya is perhaps not the most elegant of Szepsy’s single vineyard wines but that is compensated by a truckload of character. However, the 2011 did differ and actually…
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    Hoot n Annie

  • Where To Eat: McPhee’s Grill in Templeton, CA.

    Hoot 'n Annie
    4 Mar 2015 | 10:49 am
    Another favorite restaurant of mine is McPhee’s Grill in Templeton. Due to the fact that we live in Paso Robles and it’s easy to just drive downtown we don’t get to McPhee’s as much as we’d like BUT…we went there for our last date night. I’ve been there for lunch and dinner before and I must say I prefer dinner. Not because of the menu, food, or service but due to the evening ambiance of McPhee’s. The dimly lit rooms of the restaurant just add so much to the experience. As per our usual, we sat at the bar and proceeded to dive in. The bartender has waited on us before, he’s…
  • Paso Robles: Spearhead Coffee

    Hoot 'n Annie
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:57 pm
    Annie here…As much as I love drinking wine, I also really enjoy me some good coffee now and then…or every morning, more like it! There’s a new coffee joint in town and it took me a while to get down there, but I finally did and was most definitely NOT disappointed. This place was super cool…and by cool I mean, the kind of place you want to go and stay a while, hang out, enjoy yourself and your coffee and just bask in the goodness of the much lauded vice we all know and love: caffeine. Yes, it took us a while to get to Spearhead, and in the meantime we’ve been…
  • Paso Robles Wine: Pianetta Winery

    Hoot 'n Annie
    28 Feb 2015 | 8:03 am
    One of the many tasting rooms located in the beautiful downtown of Paso Robles, Pianetta Winery was started in 2002 by John Pianetta and his daughter, Caitlin. However, John began growing grapes on his property a few miles north of Paso Robles roughly 20 years ago. So, don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years. See what I did there? The tasting room, which is located on 13th Street, is a cool little spot with the island style tasting bar, meaning they are in the middle and tasters surround them. Scary, right? Just kidding. What that does mean though, is that there is good…
  • Where to Eat in Paso Robles: Villa Creek Restaurant

    Hoot 'n Annie
    25 Feb 2015 | 1:07 pm
    We recently put up a blog post about how there have been some changes at Villa Creek Restaurant in downtown Paso Robles. The most significant change is that they are now open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 4pm (although a little birdie tells me they are open at 11:30am) and dinner is Tuesday through Saturday 4pm to 10pm. We’ve always enjoyed their food and have wanted them open for lunch for a long time. Apparently, long ago in a galaxy far away, they were open for lunch but ditched it and have now brought it back. This means another great lunch option in downtown Paso…
  • Paso Robles Events: Wine 4 Paws

    Hoot 'n Annie
    24 Feb 2015 | 3:11 pm
    Wine 4 Paws, this is one of those local Paso Robles events that goes to benefit much more than the wine drinking public. It goes to benefit our four legged friends at Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo. As you may know, I am a sucker for wine events that go to help something. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of adults standing around getting drunk for no apparent reason. Below, Sarah Tomasetti, gives you her take on the event. That should count for something as she is the one that started the event to benefit Woods as well as promote our local wineries. Thanks to Sarah for reaching out and…
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    Wine Values and Bargains

  • Cameron Hughes Arroyo Seco Chardonnay 2013

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:09 am
    We have two very tasty and delicious wines from Costco on our recommended list to start off the first week of March.  These should be available at most Costco stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. My local Costco had plenty of these two wines to last through the month. Cameron Hughes 2013 Chardonnay Arroyo Seco Cameron Hughes Arroyo Seco Chardonnay 2013 – Costco $8.99 What a deal on a well-made Chardonnay for nine bucks! The Cameron Hughes Arroyo Chardonnay is said to be one of the top selling wines in the Cameron Hughes inventory. Their online store says $15 for this wine.
  • Another fantastic Syrah from Santa Ynez Valley

    25 Feb 2015 | 4:31 pm
    Zaca Mesa 2010 Syrah Santa Ynez Valley Zaca Mesa Syrah 2010 Santa Ynez Valley K&L Wines $13.99, Costco $17.99 A few weeks ago we reviewed the Andrew Murray Tous les Jours 2013 from the Santa Ynez Valley in the Santa Barbara wine country. We loved that wine and now comes along another delicious Syrah from the same wine appellation.  It is the Zaca Mesa Syrah 2010. While the Andrew Murray Tous les Jours is young, fruity, and lively, the Zaca Mesa Syrah 2010 has the advantage of aging. The spec sheet tells us this wine was aged for 16 months in French oak barrels and bottled in April of…
  • Monastrell Grape makes a delicous and spicy red wine

    22 Feb 2015 | 1:39 pm
    100% Monastrell from DO Jumilla Juan Gil – 100% Monastrell Grape This is the Spanish grape better known throughout the world as Mourvèdre. Mourvèdre is one of the key grapes in the Rhone Valley of Southern France. In Spain, this grape is widely grown in the DO (Designation of Origin) Jumilla, located in southeastern Spain, in the Murcia political region. I purchased the 2012 Juan Gil from The Wine Club in San Francisco for $12.98. If you have drunk wine from Spain, more than likely it has been a Tempranillo wine, the king of Spanish grapes. Garnacha and  Carignane are also popular…
  • White Burgundies – splurge tasting

    18 Feb 2015 | 2:57 pm
    Our annual splurge tasting – White Burgundies This is our annual dinner event which we hold each year in January. The flu bug hit a few members of the Vintage Tasting Club so we postponed it until February. We hold a blind tasting bimonthly focusing on wines under the $20 mark. Each member takes a turn hosting and selecting the wines to taste. At each meeting our nine members plunk in $10 to a wine kitty for the Splurge Tasting.  None of the Vintage Tasters would consider purchasing expensive wine, so the splurge tasting gives us a chance to try some wines we would normally never get a…
  • Provenance Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford 2013

    16 Feb 2015 | 11:30 am
    Wow, I cannot remember a February with this many summer-like days. We need rain, but Mother Nature wants to give us warm days in February. The warm days make me yearn for crisp, clean white wine. Here are two white wines I tried last week and liked very much. The Provenance Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Provenance Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford 2013- $12.99 Costco At Costco a week ago, they had an instant rebate of $3 on Provenance Sauvignon Blanc Rutherford, bringing the price to $12.99. The price at the Provenance online wine shop is $23. It’s hard to believe that one can get $10 off…
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    The Wine Cellar Insider

  • Does France still have a Taste for Life and Wine?

    Jeff Leve
    4 Mar 2015 | 9:36 am
    This post first appeared in The Wine Cellar Insider The wines of the Cotes du Rhone are going to have to rethink their new advertising campaign. This entirely due to just one simple sentence! This could only happen in France, the country that many people consider the epicenter for wine and food around the world! The “Taste for life” or “gout de la vie” slogan will have to be replaced by another. You might be asking why, as there seems to be nothing wrong that slogan, which truly captures the essence of the wines from the Rhone Valley. The reason is based on the latest legal decision…
  • Robert Parker, Neal Martin now Bordeaux Critic at The Wine Advocate

    Jeff Leve
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:09 pm
    This post first appeared in The Wine Cellar Insider Congratulations Neal Martin! You have some big shoes to fill as you are now in contention to be the world’s most important wine critic. It was only a matter of time before Robert Parker started to enjoy life more. He’s been writing about Bordeaux since 1978. That is 35 years worth of tasting en Primeur tastings.That is one amazing track record. In an announcement made in London today, following a post written by Robert Parker on his website, Robert Parker wrote, “I wanted to take this opportunity to share with readers first…
  • 2015 UGC in America Los Angeles New York Chicago San Francisco Canada

    Jeff Leve
    12 Jan 2015 | 6:01 am
    This post first appeared in The Wine Cellar Insider It’s that time once again for the UGCB as the 2015 UGC tour is about to begin. The UGC, (The Union of Grand Crus Bordeaux) is the best wine trade group in the world with about 135 chateaux active members from every appellation in Bordeaux. Fortunately for American consumers, the first tour of the year always kicks off in North America every January. It’s good for the Bordelais as well as this provides with the excuse, or chance, depending on their point of view to escape the bitter cold, snowy, January weather Bordeaux and enjoy…
  • 2004 Left Bank Bordeaux Top Wines from the Medoc Tasting Notes Ratings

    Jeff Leve
    29 Dec 2014 | 11:01 am
    This post first appeared in The Wine Cellar Insider This report focuses on the top 2004 Bordeaux wines from The Left Bank, with an in-depth look at Pauillac, St. Julien, St. Estephe, Margaux and Pessac Leognan, as well as the Haut Medoc. 2004 Bordeaux wines are as I mentioned in my article on the best wines from 2004 Pomerol and 2004 St. Emilion published a few weeks ago, a mixed bag. 2004 Right Bank Tasting Report However, if you’re willing to experiment, try different 2004 Bordeaux and be open to the experience, there are some nice wines to be discovered. Article after article on Bordeaux…
  • The Top Ten Best Wines Tasted in 2014

    Jeff Leve
    24 Dec 2014 | 6:14 am
    This post first appeared in The Wine Cellar Insider I always enjoy reading top ten lists. It’s the perfect set of cliff notes on a topic. It gives you a quick look at the writer’s preferences on a topic. My list of the top ten best wines tasted this year combines the best wines I have been able to taste over the past 12 months with memories of the year. Face it. Without the memories, wine would be just another alcoholic beverage. It’s the ability to recall special moments when a wine was shared that give wine it’s unique place in our life. It’s been an interesting 12…
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  • The Boer, The Brit and the Hemp Protein – wine review

    28 Feb 2015 | 12:16 pm
    The wine: The Field Marshall, Boer and Brit 2012 Where’s it from? Stellenbosch, South Africa Where to buy it: Whole Foods Market, or What it will set you back: £10.49 How boozy is it? 14% Confession time: I am obsessed with Whole Foods Market, affectionately known in the US, where it originated, as Whole Paycheck. If you haven’t come across one yet – they seem to be mostly in yummy mummy areas of London at the moment – I would highly recommend it. My other recommendation is that you don’t arrive hungry, or you will leave having spent £120 on some organic…
  • LWG interviews Chris Scott, of Thirty Fifty and Find A Vino

    25 Aug 2014 | 11:44 am
    I’ve become more and more interested in people in the wine business devoted to making wine accessible and easy for drinkers to get to know. Chris and Jane Scott who run wine education company Thirty Fifty are great examples of this – and when they wrote to me to tell me about their new app, Find A Vino, I was keen to know more so I interviewed Chris. Chris Scott of Find A Vino LWG: So tell me how you first got started in the wine business? Chris Scott: I first worked with wine in vineyards in New Zealand, where I’m originally from. But it was actually on holiday with my wife Jane…
  • LondonWineGirl writes about beer for a change

    5 May 2014 | 8:45 am
    It’s only fair to warn those of you who are somewhere on the autism spectrum, before you release your Inner Angry Nigel in the comments section, that this post is mainly about beer, not wine. Rest assured, Colins and Nevilles, that my normal wine reviewing service will resume in the next post. I normally hate holiday smugness. I hate the cute photos of feet in flip-flops on Facebook. I hate having to admire the tan acquired (I make Dracula look swarthy.) I can’t even watch A Place in the Sun without rolling my eyes. So it is with trepidation that I am writing about a bar in Puerto…
  • Dim Sum, wine, fancy tea: LWG’s trip to Bo Lang

    19 Apr 2014 | 6:06 am
    Bo Lang is a dim sum restaurant in South Ken, a part of London which seems to be a strange restaurant black hole – one of those neighbourhoods that’s so multicultural and affluent it should by rights be much foodier than it is. I’m pretty sure people have stopped opening trendy restaurants anywhere between Battersea and Earls Court for fear that the Made in Chelsea cast might annex the whole place. LondonWineHusband and I chose Bo Lang because of a Sunday morning steamed bun craving (mine) and a desire to visit the brilliant indie wine merchant The Sampler (his, honestly…
  • Weird, wonderful Evolution is a nine grape extravaganza.

    14 Oct 2013 | 11:53 pm
    The wine: Evolution White, Sokol Blosser Where’s it from? Oregon Where to buy it: or Whole Foods What it will set you back: £12 When you’re learning about wine there tends to be a lot of emphasis on the different grape varieties (that’s Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, not green and red!) and what their different flavour profiles are. Single varietal wines – yup, that’s wines based on one type of grape – are quite easy to get your head around and deservedly popular with consumers who appreciate knowing roughly what they can expect even if they…
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    Enobytes Wine Online

  • Box Wine Now Has its Own Judging Competition

    Pamela Heiligenthal
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Box Wine Now Has its Own Judging Competition Have you heard? Box wine now has its own judging competition, “Concours International Wine in Box.” The first annual event takes place in Toulouse, France on March 20th.   Wine judging competitions are quite popular, not only in America but also abroad. And for the first time, […]
  • Video: The Wines of Bordeaux

    1 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Video: Discover the Wines of Bordeaux Michael Fagan takes us on this memorable journey through the historic vineyards of Bordeaux in 2005. Discover why this region produces wine with such a prestigious worldwide reputation. Explore the wines, the people, and the Chateaux of this famous appellation.   
  • Hawks View Cellars Current Releases

    Marc Hinton
    25 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Hawks View Cellars Current Releases So many visitors who come to Portland, Oregon seldom take advantage of visiting the many wineries located close to the city, and that is not a good thing! One of the do not miss wineries is… … Hawks View Cellars. They are located just to the southwest of Portland (about […]
  • Hawks View Cellars Red Blend

    Marc Hinton
    21 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Wine Review: 2012 Hawks View Cellars Red Blend, Washington The Hawks View Cellars Red Blend has a very respectable pedigree, which should be quite a marketing bonanza.  The wine is a Bordeaux style blend from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA and Double Canyon Vineyards supplied the fruit. The blend is 43% Malbec, 32% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% […]
  • Can White Wine Age?

    Pamela Heiligenthal
    19 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    The simple answer. It depends! On what? A number of elements, such as… where the grapes were grown, the balance of fruit and acidity, and the ratio of phenolics, acids and sugars to water are key. And factors such as vintage variation and winemaking decisions also play a big role in aging potential. So with […]
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    50 States of Wine - A Food, Wine, Craft Beer, and Travel Blog

  • Wine of the Week: Rosemount Estate 2014 Shiraz-Cabernet

    4 Mar 2015 | 5:50 am
    According to Treasury Wine, the owners, the Rosemount family of wines was developed to make it easier for consumers to clearly identify each range – making it simple for consumers to trade up and down while staying loyal to Rosemount, no matter what the occasion. The grapes in the blend come from all over Southeastern Australia. We drank probably 6 bottles of this blend, and each bottle has been somewhat different, from a fruit-forward, luscious version to a thinner, more tart and tannic one as well. They must make a lot of this wine to get that much variation. In general, they all featured…
  • Bacon vs Jerky [Infographic]

    25 Feb 2015 | 5:28 am
    Nothing to do with wine, but man cannot live on donuts alone. Thus, the ultimate battle looms: bacon versus jerky. Enjoy:Like 50 States Of Wine on Facebook Follow 50 States Of Wine on Twitter Subscribe to the 50 States Of Wine YouTube channel
  • Wine of the Week: Pi'nouf 2009 Languedoc Red

    24 Feb 2015 | 5:54 am
    Heading home from ski patrol Saturday, my wife asked me to stop off and pick up something to drink with dinner. This was the first wine I saw and, being a fan of G-S-M blends, was intrigued by this similar option. I'm also a big fan of twist-off closures, another reason I picked this up. Syrah 65%, Grenache 25%, 10% old vine Carignan, this is like tasting the south of France in a glass: cassis, earth, and dark fruit aromas are followed by raspberry, earth, vanilla, and wood flavors on the palate. Relatively voluptuous mouthfeel ends in a tannic finish. At $10, this is a well-priced wine to…
  • Casillero del Diablo Devil's Collection 2013

    18 Feb 2015 | 6:23 am
    I'm a big fan of Concha y Toro. Not content to sit on past successes, they keep coming up with new ways to keep themselves (and us) occupied. The most recent innovation is a new line for Casillero del Diablo, the Devil's Collection. This is aimed at younger, hipper crowd, with higher quality grapes and winemaking at a reasonable price point. I received 2 of the 3 wines to taste, with just the sparkler to try in the future.Tasting Notes:Devil's Collection Red: 60% Syrah, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 15% Carménère from Chile's Rapel Valley; 60% aged in French and American oak, 40% in…
  • Home Run Inn Pizzeria, Darien

    17 Feb 2015 | 6:08 am
    When I think of Home Run Pizza, I think of frozen pies, not great but decent (pretty tough to find a great frozen pizza), so I've never really thought about going to one of their pizzerias (there are nine Home Run Inn pizza restaurants in the Chicagoland area). We were invited to meet up with family there, however, so off we went. The interior is inviting and not at the same time, with an open area of the restaurant and a wall blocking off the bar area to the right, which is a bit disconcerting as you enter. Overall a decent looking and comfortable room. Though it looked like there was plenty…
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  • In an endless winter, wines that will transport you to summer

    25 Feb 2015 | 1:07 pm
    As I write this, it’s about to drop down to two degrees again here in New York, hardly the kind of weather that brings on thoughts of refreshing summer wines. But as part of my own strategy for coping with this brutal blast of winter we’ve been enduring for weeks, that’s exactly what I’ve been tasting. They're not a substitute for a warm beach, but they've taken some of the chill out of my mind, at least, and given me a jump on some exciting new releases to be enjoyed in the months ahead.From New Zealand, Mud House’s 2014 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($12) immediately got me in the…
  • Sips: A nice crisp pinot noir from New Zealand

    6 Nov 2014 | 10:07 am
    Let’s face it: good under-$20 pinot noir with real varietal character, complexity and balance is hard to find. From New Zealand, Nobilo’s 2013 Icon Pinot Noir from Marlborough solves the problem. This widely available wine has an average price of $19 on Wine Searcher, with many retailers listing it for a good deal less. It has notes of black cherry, plum, blueberry and a typical and pleasing New Zealand pinot earthiness. Nicely integrated oak and refreshing acidity complete the picture.  It matched well with sliced London broil and will pair with lots of other dishes, from salmon to…
  • A wine made when Nixon was President reminds us how sexy 'old' can be

    25 Jul 2014 | 8:14 am
    As a critic, I get to taste many hundreds of wines each year and sometimes get invited to events, many of them involving wine regions, wineries or importers presenting their latest releases. Sometimes the wines are memorable and I write about them; sometimes not.One of the more unusual experiences of this kind came not long ago when I was invited to stop by Morrell & Co., the well-known New York retailer and wine bar just across the street from my  office in Rockefeller Center. The occasion was an updating of the store and bar and a chance to taste a few wines. There was a rosé from…
  • In the under-$10 wine crapshoot, an impressive Spanish white

    11 Jul 2014 | 8:06 am
    In the middle of summer, I crave fresh, lighter white wines, preferably with little or no oak but with good complexity and a price that will permit me to buy plenty of them to have on hand to sip with weekend lunches, before dinner or with the fresh fish and shellfish.  With those requirements, I tend to gravitate to the wines of the lesser-known appellations of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, which can still offer excellent values. One of them is  Avelino Vegas’s 2013 “Abadía Real” verdejo-viura blend, a $9 Vino de la Tierra from the large Castilla y León region of…
  • Prohibition ended 80 years ago today

    5 Dec 2013 | 2:28 pm
    It was on this day back in 1933 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt ended Prohibition after roughly 14 years. Take a look at this old newsreel on the announcement that includes some classic images showing how authorities tried to enforce the ban on alcohol.Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
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    Wine Folly

  • Compare The Best Places to Buy Wine Online

    Madeline Puckette
    23 Feb 2015 | 6:25 am
    What are the best places to buy wine online? We selected 9 top online wine retailers in the US and compared them based on selection, pricing, quality, features and site experience. last updated February 23, 2015 Compare The Best Places to Buy Wine Online Selection: over 10,000 wines Focus: California, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and Oregon Value: Good Pricing: 66% of wines are over $30 Features: largest wine selection available in the US over 2000 wines under $25 Sort by clearance, direct buys, organic and wine scores old and rare wines tasting notes auctions wine clubs ( at $20,…
  • 7 Primary Styles of Spanish Red Wine

    Madeline Puckette
    20 Feb 2015 | 8:30 am
    Spanish red wines offer offer exceptional value and a bold entry into the red wines of Europe. Here are 7 major Spanish red wines to get a basic understanding of what the country has to offer. You can find great sub-$15 fruity crowd pleasers but there are also bold high tannin red wines that easily match the top collector’s wines of the world. Wine was introduced to Spain by the Phoenicians in 800 BC. Because of this, the wines of the Iberian peninsula are not the same French varieties we grow in the US. The wines are striking and unique, they also match perfectly with rich foods…
  • A Specific Red Wine is Linked to Weight Loss

    Madeline Puckette
    17 Feb 2015 | 3:56 pm
    Drinking red wine could be beneficial in fighting obesity, but not just any red wine. A Specific Red Wine is Linked to Weight Loss Which red wine is it? An OSU study found that a specific type of red wine slowed the growth of fat cells and formation of new fat cells in the liver. The finding suggests that consuming red wine grapes (either raw, as juice or wine) could help people manage health problems related to obesity, such as fatty liver. “We are trying to validate the specific contributions of certain foods for health benefits.” Neil Shay, Biochemist & Molecular Biologist,…
  • How Long to Decant Wine? Answers and Tricks

    Madeline Puckette
    13 Feb 2015 | 3:58 pm
    Most red wines need decanting. You can also decant affordable wines to improve the flavor. Decanting times range from about 30 minutes to more than 3 hours depending on the variety and age of the wine. Here is a list of decanting times for different types of wine. Since every wine is different, check your wine periodically for ‘doneness.’ How Long to Decant Wine? Most of us drink red wines in the 2–10 year mark, so the following advice is tailored to regular drinking habits. Red Wines Zinfandel: 30 minutes Pinot Noir: 30 minutes (e.g. red Bourgogne) Malbec: 1 hour…
  • A Chemist Explains Why Corks Matter When Storing Wine

    Dr. Andrew Waterhouse
    4 Feb 2015 | 7:35 am
    Want to start a wine cellar? Believe it or not, choosing the right bottle might be just as important as what’s inside. Dr. Andrew Waterhouse, professor of Enology at UC Davis, elegantly explains the important of bottle stoppers and aging wine. Corks Seal a Wine’s Fate: Aging Wine in Natural vs. Synthetic Closures Most foods are best as fresh as possible. I remember picking peaches at my grandfather’s ranch in Northern California and eating them on the spot. What a taste! But the exceptions to this rule are the many wines that actually need some aging to taste their best. Winemakers…
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    Pure Luxury Transportation

  • VinOlivo: Celebrate all Sonoma Valley has to Offer!

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:02 am
    For the past 10 years, the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers have organized a special Sonoma Valley wine event that has only gained in popularity and continues to impress all attendees. The event is VinOlivo. This year’s event takes place from Friday, March 13th to Sunday, March 15th. Guests are invited to begin the weekend early on Friday by choosing from a list of over 40 Sonoma Valley wineries to visit. Tickets are available for one day only, or, for the three day weekend. Exclusive VinOlivo offers include many perks such as complimentary wine and olive oil tastings at Benziger Family…
  • Top 10 Napa/Sonoma Romantic Hotels for 2015

    Carey Sweet
    24 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    Auberge du Soleil Interested in history? Take a look at our list of 2010 Romantic Hotels in Napa and Sonoma! 1. Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford If you’re looking for a place to propose to your sweetie, why not present that sparkling ring while you lounge by the pool, sipping sparkling wine – the pool itself sparkles with a pebble-sheen floor inlaid with Italian mosaic tiles and glistening mother-of-pearl. Intimacy is the signature of this breathtaking resort, with just 50 guestrooms tucked in adobe structures amid the hilly landscape of woods, vineyards and olive trees. Cozy up in front of…
  • Petaluma Company Launches On-Demand Car Service

    16 Feb 2015 | 3:16 pm
    (The following excerpt is from an article in The Press Democrat by Robert Digitale with photos by Beth Schlanker announcing the exciting news that BlinkCar will expand on February 27, 2015 to include Petaluma, Sonoma Valley, and Santa Rosa!) Gary & Jennifer Buffo Share the Exciting News! At a time when ride-booking companies like Uber are shaking up the taxi industry, Petaluma’s Pure Luxury Transportation is launching its own on-demand car service, BlinkCar. Pure Luxury, which has a fleet of more than 130 chauffeured vehicles, this winter began BlinkCar, one of the nation’s first…
  • Upcoming in Events in Sonoma Allow You to Harvest Your Lunch or Enjoy an Afternoon of Cheese Paired with Wine, Cider, & Craft Beer

    16 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Looking for something special and unique for this weekend in Sonoma Wine Country? Pure Luxury has a couple of unforgettable adventures in mind. Whether your ideal experience includes a hike in beautiful Sonoma Valley, or a leisurely afternoon nibbling on cheese while  tasting wine, a day or an entire weekend in distinguished Sonoma Valley is an escapade for all your senses. Wild for Mushrooms & Benziger Pinot Noir, Saturday February 21st A View of the Benziger Family Winery Property Usually when one “forages” for food, the search takes place in a kitchen. For this special event, the…
  • Evangeline is a Taste of France in Calistoga

    Carey Sweet
    13 Feb 2015 | 11:33 am
    Do you love eating French food in Wine Country? Of course you do. So here’s great news: hot on the heels of Solbar’s reopening this week in Solage Calistoga resort, culinary director Brandon Sharp is hard at work on another new restaurant. Evangeline has debuted in the former 1226 Washington restaurant space on Washington and First streets, with a concept of casual French with a Creole accent. That means former Solage sous chef Gustavo Rios is crafting Gallic dishes like Poulet Grand-Mere, Gumbo Ya-Ya, Poisson Eau Fou and the Croque Marin (a Croque Madame with Millionaire’s Bacon, which…
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    Wine Reviews and Tasting Reports - International Wine Report

  • TENUTA LA NOVELLA Chianti Classico 'Casa di Colombo' 2011

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:28 am
    The 2011 ‘Casa di Colombo’ is a wonderful showing from Tenuta la Novella. It brings together wonderful aromas and flavors of blackberries, cherries and roasted plums mixed with spices, leather and damp earth. The full body is nicely balanced and structured around soft, velvety tannins that carry through to the smooth spice-tinged finish. (Best 2015-2022) - March, 2015 (JD) 91 POINTS Wine Specifications Report Date: March, 2015  Producer: Tenuta la Novella Vintage: 2010 Drinking Window: 2015-2022  Suggested Value: $NA Country: Italy Region: Tuscany Appellation: Chianti…
  • TENUTA LA NOVELLA Chianti Classico Riserva 2011

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:28 am
    The 2011 Chianti Classico Riserva is another outstanding effort from Tenuta la Novella. It opens with lovely aromas of ripe blackberries and cherries followed by spices, tobacco and hints of floral notes. Full-bodied and plush with well-integrated tannins and a polished finish that leaves behing a mouthful of  juicy dark fruits lingering. Everything seems to be working here. (Best 2016-2026) - March, 2015 (JD) 92 POINTS Wine Specifications Report Date: March, 2015  Producer: Tenuta la Novella Vintage: 2010 Drinking Window: 2016-2026  Suggested Value: $NA Country:…
  • TENUTA LA NOVELLA 'Piano del Sorti' 2010

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:28 am
    The 2010 'Piano del Sorti' is a terrific showing from Tenuta la Novella. It immediately opens with enticing aromas of blackberries, black cherries, spices, floral, earth and a touch of lightly toasted oak which all come together beautifully in the glass. This full-bodied red is well balanced and shows excellent laters of depth. It all comes together in a round polished finish. This is already delicious, but will certainly be even better if allowed time to fully develop. (Best 2017-2027) - March, 2015 (JD) 93 POINTS Wine Specifications Report Date: March, 2015  Producer: Tenuta…
  • TENUTA LA NOVELLA Chianti Classico Riserva 2010

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:28 am
    The wines from Tenuta la Novella have impressed me since the first time I tasted them a few years back and they have not disappointed since. With the legandary Bordeaux consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt working closely with the property these wines are showing constant improvement in quality with each vintage. The 2010 Riserva is a modern style Chianti Classico, dark in color with intense aromas of blackBerries and dark cherries, layered with exotic spices, fresh violets, licorice, minerals and some sandalwood notes. This full-bodied, supple Chianti is notable for its depth, focus and…
  • LES SAFRES Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2012

    25 Feb 2015 | 3:44 pm
    The 2012 Les Safres Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a wonderful showing in 2012. This classy effort delivers a gorgeous mix of dark cherries and raspberries woven together by licorice and wet stones, white pepper and herbs de Provence. This is nicely balanced and very well structured with a beautiful velvety texture that stays firm through the finish. Even at this young age this is already showing some nice characteristics, but will benefit from another few years of bottle age. (Best 2016-2026) - January, 2015 (JD) 92 POINTS Wine Specifications: Report Date: January, 2015 Producer: Les…
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  • house of wine

    1 Mar 2015 | 8:06 am
    According to every channel of social media, this is pretty much what everyone did this weekend: My friends even had a contest to see who could create the most “grapefriendy” photo of their wine and their HOC. In the final episode they drink Siduri, a Pinot Noir-only winery who told me they gave their wine to production … Continue reading →
  • the grapey oscar goes to…

    22 Feb 2015 | 7:48 am
    At the Oscars, Piper-Heidsieck will be the exclusive Champagne (Cuvée Brut and Rosé Sauvage during the pre-show, and Prestige Cuvée at the Governors Ball). And for the wine, Sterling Vineyards will provide a Limited Edition Red Carpet Reserve, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. But in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which won the Writer’s Guild Award for best original screenplay and … Continue reading →
  • scandal wine recap: ride or drink

    21 Feb 2015 | 6:58 am
    Things continue to be horridly non-grapey on Scandal. I’ll let Abby walk you through the non-wine plot and get back to snoring… Well, Liv didn’t die at the hands of her kidnappers. I KNOW…HUGE NON-SHOCKER. The most realistic part of this episode was Quinn admitting that she couldn’t get that red wine stain out of the … Continue reading →
  • #yoleaux winners!

    16 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    The holidays are long over, but we look back on them happily – especially these people, who won the grapefriend #yoleaux contest! The holidays are a time for traditions, but I challenged people to do something they’ve never done before. The prize: an awesome Yoleaux shirt, tote bag, and chocolates from Wines of Bordeaux. I, … Continue reading →
  • grapefriend ginsburg reveals her nap wine

    15 Feb 2015 | 12:22 pm
    Everyone had quite the time pointing out that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed off during the State of the Union the other week. So then Ruth tells everyone that Justice Kennedy brought wine to the dinner they had before the SOTU and therefore she “wasn’t 100% sober.” Hilarious – because who doesn’t knock back a glass … Continue reading →
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  • A Blend Of Regions

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:45 am
    Reviews of the Herzog Variations Four Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and 2 Cragganmore Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.   By Joshua E. London and Lou Marmon   Washington Jewish Week  February 5, 2015   It is often said that wine makes itself, and that all that is really needed are grapes and the right conditions. This is largely true. Left alone, grapes will indeed start to decompose, the skins will break and natural yeast will work its magic on the juice – all things being equal. As Benjamin Franklin once wrote (typically misquoted and mangled into an adage about beer):…
  • Hip, Hop and Wine

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:27 am
      Reviews of the Bartenura Moscato and the Jefferson’s Ocean, Aged at Sea, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Very Small Batch   By Joshua E. London and Lou Marmon   Washington Jewish Week  February 5, 2015   Ever since the modern kosher wine industry began the shift from sweet, syrupy kiddush wine to table wine, producers and importers have been desperately trying to break free of the ethnic market into truly mainstream wine sales. Who knew that the industry’s first real success would be a sweet, simple quaffer?   Moscato, a semi-sweet, lightly fizzy,…
  • Warm Up This Winter With A Nice Wine

    17 Feb 2015 | 8:39 am
      Some Winter Wine suggestions.   By Lou Marmon     Gazette Newspapers  February 4, 2015     With winter’s grip still upon us, it is comforting to know that there are wines ideal for chilly weather. Fuller in body with more complexity and structure, winter wines are better to serve with the cold-weather meals.   Among the recent releases of reds suitable for these icer times is the award-winning Terlato & Chapoutier Shiraz + Viognier 2013, an intriguingly spicy and citrusy blend from Australia modeled after the wines of France’s Northern Rhone…
  • Wine and Memories

    11 Feb 2015 | 8:23 am
    Review of Four Gates Pinot Noir 2009 and Westland American Single Malt Whiskey.   By Joshua E. London and Lou Marmon   Washington Jewish Week  January 29, 2015   One of the lovely things about wine is the way drinking of a particularly pleasant one can stir an involuntary memory and evoke recollections of the past without conscious effort. Likewise, wine can sometimes cue a subconscious mental filtering and sifting of long ago accumulated trivial data, bringing the mental detritus to one’s immediate attention. For one of us, for example, a recently tasted wine called to…
  • Presidental Preferences

    9 Feb 2015 | 6:58 am
      Review of Shirah Wines White Hawk Syrah 2012  and Oban 14 year old Single Malt Scotch.   By Joshua E. London and Lou Marmon   Washington Jewish Week  January 22, 2015   Most of our Presidents have been “healthy” drinkers, and many have had a fondness for fine wine—with the exception of a few lightweights and teetotalers.   Though George Washington was a big whisky producer, he actually loved Madeira much more, and typically ordered it by the pipe (126 gallons). Thomas Jefferson remains the best known Presidential oenophile. He amassed a vast cellar which…
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  • Best Kroger Wine | Drinking at Kroger

    4 Mar 2015 | 10:52 am
    Deciding on the best Kroger wine is almost as hard as deciding which of your kids you like better. While that might be a bit of a stretch, we did have a lot of challenges putting together a list of our favorite wine from Kroger. To simplify things, we’ve only included wines that are available exclusively at Kroger. If we’re talking about the best Kroger wine, let’s make it wine only available there! You can get Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (delicious) anywhere. Final note, we’re limiting ourselves to wines we’ve reviewed here. If there are other wines that deserve to be included in…
  • Yosemite Road Chardonnay Wine Review | Drinking at 7-Eleven

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:05 pm
    Yosemite Road Chardonnay is an affordable private label wine offering from your local neighborhood 7-Eleven. I never knew that 7-Eleven had their own private label wine until I stumbled up a bottle of Yosemite Road. I had always considered it more of a place where you pick up a bottle of Barefoot or Andre, not actual legitimate 7-Eleven wine. Obviously, there was much excitement. After trying the 7-Eleven Yosemite Road Cabernet Sauvignon, I decided to give Yosemite Road Chardonnay a as well. Rather than tell you about the 7-Eleven Yosemite Road Chardonnay, let me tell you want it isn’t.
  • Mar Del Sur Chardonnay Wine Review | Drinking at Food Lion

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:04 pm
    Mar Del Sur Chardonnay is part of the Mar Del Sur line of wines, advertised as being exclusively available at your local neighborhood Food Lion. As the name indicates, all of these wines are sources from the southern hemisphere. As far as I can tell, they all come from South America, with some from Chile and some from Argentina (Mar Del Sur Chardonnay, specifically, is from Chile). Whatever the source, Mar Del Sur brings an affordable variety of every day wines. When I think of the Mar Del Sur Chardonnay, I think of what it is not. And that is a California Chardonnay. This wine doesn’t have…
  • Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon Review | Drinking at Costco

    1 Mar 2015 | 11:31 am
      Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon is a hefty wine, built to stand up to the most robust of food pairings. For those of you not familiar, this wine is part of the family of Kirkland Signature wine available exclusively at Costco, In addition the the Kirkland Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, Costco offers a wide variety of varietals under this label. Typically most Kirkland Signature wines are a good balance of value and quality. If you’re willing to drink the Costco private label wine, you’re usually rewarded with a good deal. Unlike many comparable Cabernet Sauvignons, Kirkland…
  • Liberty Creek White Zinfandel Wine Review | Drinking at Walgreens

    28 Feb 2015 | 11:52 am
    Liberty Creek White Zinfandel is a great example of what our Drinking at Walgreens series is all about. Liberty Creek is a line of wines available at your local neighborhood Walgreens in 1.5 liter bottles. Now, in addition to picking up some beauty products, maybe some Nyquil, and getting your photos printed out, you can buy cheap wine in giant bottles. And that, my friends, is why Walgreens is an amazing, magical place. If you’re considering picking up a bottle of Liberty Creek White Zinfandel, you should be aware that Walgreens notes that it is, “refreshingly sweet with cranberry and…
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    HoseMaster of Wine™

  • How to Enjoy Wine--A Simpleton's Guide

    2 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Wine might be the most difficult beverage on Earth to enjoy properly. Coffee is easy. No matter what coffee “experts” tell you, coffee is all the same. It’s roasted beans, for God’s sake. Powder it and run hot water through it, and, bingo, it’s coffee. Essentially, coffee is human Drano. You don’t need anything to enjoy it, just open your trap and pour it down the drain. And beer is just beer. It’s not about complicated human enjoyment. No one worries about cellaring a great beer collection, or...
  • Ephemera: Great Palates Don't Exist

    26 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    I am of the opinion that there are no great palates, only very experienced palates. I’ve had the great pleasure, and the occasional great misfortune, to taste with many of the most acclaimed and famous wine people, and that has convinced me of it. Yes, there are certainly physical differences between people in terms of their tasting abilities. Most of us are very sensitive to certain flavors and compounds, while being anosmic to others. And there are people branded as “supertasters,” which...
  • Have You Ever Meta-Winemaker to Watch?

    23 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    The inspiration for this post was published on Inside Scoop SF Winemakers to Watch. It’s a wine writing gimmick, but a damned fine gimmick. I taste countless wines generally unavailable to my readers, I speak of them with great regard, using only my finest journalistic muscles, confident that there will be almost no one to contradict me much less even taste the wines, and then I bestow upon those winemakers who returned my admiration the most fervently the honorific of Winemaker to Watch....
  • The HoseMaster Regrets the Errors

    16 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    I am now willing to admit that I may have been exaggerating when I said that I was the person who made the Cabernet Sauvignon that won the 1976 Paris Tasting. I was once in Paris. Ms. Hilton was drunk and immobile at the time, but I may have confused that encounter with the Paris Tasting. I never meant to mislead the public. I was 21 years old the year the 1973 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine that won the Paris Tasting, was harvested, and being of legal drinking age at...
  • Ephemera: Special ZAP Edition

    12 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    About every eight or nine years Zinfandel is predicted to be the next big thing. There was a time when Syrah was regularly predicted to be the next big thing, but Syrah’s thing seems to have withered and fallen off. Zinfandel is wine’s eternal bridesmaid—so close to the altar, yet so far. And it seems Zinfandel is, right on schedule and according to Jon Bonné, and others, poised to take its rightful place in the Millennials’ marriage bed, once again more cherry than raspberry. I doubt it. Will...
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    Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

  • Wine Word Wednesday: Green

    4 Mar 2015 | 4:33 pm
    The post Wine Word Wednesday: Green appeared first on Hudson Valley Wine Goddess.
  • Chateau St Jean 2006 Eighty-Five Fifty-Five

    2 Mar 2015 | 7:57 pm
    Chateau St Jean is usually one of our stops when we head to Sonoma.  We generally go right to their reserve room.  This particular selection we purchased back in 2010 when we were out that way for a wedding. When the wine arrived home we put in the wine cellar and forgot about it until Saturday.  Truthfully it could have spent another year in the bottle, but it was enjoyed by all. The Eight-Five Fifty-Five is a Cabernet blend and what stood out immediately for me was the Syrah. It came across in the aroma and on the palate. The wine had aromas of cigar box and spice with hint…
  • Tasting Turkish Wines

    26 Feb 2015 | 6:14 pm
    I recently did a podcast with Shane Rai owner of Vino Rai, a Seattle based importer of Turkish Wines.  Being that I am (or now was) a Turkish wine virgin, he was kind enough to send me a sample of Gali 2010 Merlot / Cabernet Franc blend. I was very excited as I am always open to new wine experiences. The Gali Estate is planted on 104 acres on the Gallipoli peninsula with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. This particular blend is 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc. Upon opening the wine there was a strong aroma of Anise with a hint of black pepper. The palate showed strong…
  • Wine Word Wednesday: Fresh

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:50 pm
    The post Wine Word Wednesday: Fresh appeared first on Hudson Valley Wine Goddess.
  • Come Walk With Me April 19

    23 Feb 2015 | 7:22 pm
    Some of you might know that I lost my mom in August to Pancreatic Cancer.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would be taken so early at the age of 74. Three years ago I lost my dad to Diabetes. Truthfully, I believe it could have been avoided if my dad changed his habits, but tell that to a 77 year old, it isn’t happening. Mom & Mrs. Steinman October 2013 My mom was young and in good health. The picture above taken October 2013.  There was no reason to think we would lose her so soon.  Her mom lived until 96 and her grandparents lived to rip old ages as well.
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    Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

  • Wine Word Wednesday: Green

    Debbie Gioquindo
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:12 am
  • Chateau St Jean 2006 Eighty-Five Fifty-Five

    Debbie Gioquindo
    2 Mar 2015 | 4:30 am
    Chateau St Jean is usually one of our stops when we head to Sonoma.  We generally go right to their reserve room.  This particular selection we purchased back in 2010 when we were out that way for a wedding.When the wine arrived home we put in the wine cellar and forgot about it until Saturday.  Truthfully it could have spent another year in the bottle, but it was enjoyed by all.The Eight-Five Fifty-Five is a Cabernet blend and what stood out immediately for me was the Syrah. It came across in the aroma and on the palate.The wine had aromas of cigar box and spice with hint of…
  • Tasting Turkish Wines

    Debbie Gioquindo
    26 Feb 2015 | 5:18 am
    I recently did a podcast with Shane Rai owner of Vino Rai, a Seattle based importer of Turkish Wines.  Being that I am (or now was) a Turkish wine virgin, he was kind enough to send me a sample of Gali 2010 Merlot / Cabernet Franc blend. I was very excited as I am always open to new wine experiences.The Gali Estate is planted on 104 acres on the Gallipoli peninsula with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.This particular blend is 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc.Upon opening the wine there was a strong aroma of Anise with a hint of black pepper. The palate showed strong…
  • Wine Word Wednesday: Fresh

    Debbie Gioquindo
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:49 am
  • Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room: Spring Not Quite Sprung, They’re Grateful for Grapefruit

    Debbie Gioquindo
    24 Feb 2015 | 4:16 am
    It’s that blessed sign of spring in the offing—pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training, and ballgames in the sun baked, so called Grapefruit League will soon commence. Perhaps that is why grapefruit flavors are on the brain, and the palate, at Captain Lawrence. It’s a frigid Saturday, yet another substantial snowfall in the immediate forecast. Fittingly, the Police’s “Invisible Sun” plays in the tasting room. Howie and Kate Eaton of Cortlandt Manor have “snuck out,” in Howie’s words, while his mother watches the kids. He has the Point Proven pilsner, she has…
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    Hvino News | Georgian Wine News

  • 6 Georgian wine producers take part in Foodex Japan exhibition

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:30 pm
    04.03.2015 (Hvino News). 6 Georgian  wine producers  have registered to take part in the international food and beverage exhibition Foodex Japan 2015, opened on March 3 at Makuhari Messe exhibition complex near Tokyo (Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city).Georgian wine producers participating in Foodex Japan are:  Kakhuri;  Kakhuri Gvinis Marani, Qimerioni,  Telavi Wine Cellar, Shumi, Winery Khareba.A separate stand is occupied by Georgia's Embassy to Japan. Georgia's Ambassador Levan Tsintsadze was present at the opening ceremony.Foodex Japan 2015 has been held since…
  • Georgia occupies special place as "entire country" in American list of natural wine makers

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:11 am
    02.03.2015 (Hvino News). Food Republic - an American "site for people who want to eat and drink well, and to live smart" - has recently published a list entitled "16 Important Names To Know In Natural Wine (Plus An Entire Country)", authored by Richard Martin and Chad Walsh.The "entire country" mentioned in the title is Georgia, which occupies position #5 in the list. The paragraph on Georgia reads:5. The Entire Country of GeorgiaAlthough recent discoveries indicate that the oldest known winery was actually in Azerbaijan, Georgia has perhaps the world's longest continuous history of…
  • Export of Georgian wine to China up 30% in 2015

    27 Feb 2015 | 5:55 am
    27.02.2015 (Hvino News) According to David Aptsiauri, ambassador of Georgia in China, sales of Georgian wine in the country have notably increased.Currently, the Chinese market  is a priority for the Georgian winemakers, especially in a situation when the main markets – Russia and Ukraine – are in a state of economic crisis, and the export of Georgian wine in these countries fell sharply.In 2014, sales in China increased by 34% in comparison with 2013 which is primarily due to the active marketing program.In 2014,  a total of 1.2 million bottles of wine were exported from…
  • Georgian wine invades Asian market

    27 Feb 2015 | 5:47 am
    27.02.2015. After successfully delighting taste buds all over Europe, Georgian wine is continuing to make an impression around the world. Next destination – Asia.Georgian wine is invading the Asian market and featuring at upcoming exhibitions in Japan and China, thanks to the efforts of Georgia’s National Wine Agency.Six Georgian wine companies will be presented at the 40th International Food and Beverage Exhibition (FOODEX JAPAN) in Japan – the largest annual food and beverage trade show in Asia.The expo established in 1975 and since then, the event has served Japan’s $700 billion…
  • Should Georgia sell agricultural land to foreigners?

    25 Feb 2015 | 1:45 pm
    by Eric Livny and Salome Gelashvili 26.02.2015. Should Georgia allow foreigners to purchase agricultural land, and, if so, on what terms? This question was posed to a panel of experts including Georgian and international investors in Georgia’s agricultural sector, government and NGO representatives as part of the first of a series of public debates organized by the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) and USAID’s G4G project. Held on 13 February, 2015 at Expo Georgia, the debate was moderated by ISET President Eric Livny.A BIT OF HISTORY: THE…
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    DiWineTaste Podcast - English

  • Best Wine of February 2015: Trento Extra Brut Riserva Lunelli 2006, Ferrari

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    28 Feb 2015 | 10:00 am
    Everything starts in 1902 when Giulio Ferrari - the founder of this prestigious winery of Trentino - had the intuition of understanding his land was well suited for the making of great sparkling wines. Trento Extra Brut Riserva Lunelli is the result of this long story, extraordinary representative of TrentoDOC, an example of great elegance and finesse, DiWineTaste Five Diamonds and the best wine of February 2015.
  • Muscat Blanc: the Aroma of Grape Turned Into Wine

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    16 Feb 2015 | 10:30 am
    Muscat Blanc is among the most ancient and appreciated varieties of history, praised by many authors of the past because of the delicious wines produced with this grape, it is still today one of the most appreciated ones. A grape very common all over Italy, Muscat Blanc is particularly famous in France as well, where it is used for making extraordinary sweet and dry wines, all characterized by a charming aroma of grape.
  • Best Wine of January 2015: Offida Rosso Il Grifone 2008, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    31 Jan 2015 | 8:45 am
    Tenuta Cocci Grifoni was established in 1970 by Guido Cocci Grifoni, and right here in this winery has been produced, in 1969, the very first bottle of Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC. Committed to the reevaluation of local white varieties Pecorino e Passerina, this winery from Marches is one of the protagonists of Offida appellation, to which belongs the best wine of January 2015 - Il Grifone 2008 - DiWineTaste five diamonds.
  • The Taste of Wine

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    15 Jan 2015 | 11:30 am
    Let's introduce the evaluation of the taste of wine, by understanding the parts making it and how they develop, from basic tastes to tactile sensations. Important role is also played by the contribution of aromas, an important factor making the taste of wine - and of any food - more complex and interesting.
  • Best Wine of December 2014: Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria 2007, Tenute Silvio Nardi

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    30 Dec 2014 | 11:50 am
    Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria is the result of twenty years of research aimed to the production of a great wine, magnificent expression of class, finesse and elegance. Impeccable expression of Sangiovese grape and its characteristic crispness, Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria 2007 enters our Guide for the first time and conquers five diamonds, as well as the title of best wine of December 2014.
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    DiWineTaste Podcast - Italiano

  • Il Migliore Vino di Febbraio 2015: Trento Extra Brut Riserva Lunelli 2006, Ferrari

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    28 Feb 2015 | 9:50 am
    Tutto nasce nel 1902 per opera dell'intuizione di Giulio Ferrari - fondatore di questa prestigiosa cantina del Trentino - quando capì la vocazione della sua terra a produrre grandi spumanti. Il Trento Extra Brut Riserva Lunelli è il risultato di questa lunga storia, straordinario rappresentante del TrentoDOC, un esempio di grande eleganza e finezza, Cinque Diamanti DiWineTaste e migliore vino di Febbraio 2015.
  • Moscato Bianco: il Profumo dell'Uva che si fa Vino

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    16 Feb 2015 | 10:15 am
    Il Moscato Bianco è fra le varietà più antiche a apprezzate della storia dell'umanità, decantata da molti autori del passato per i vini deliziosi che con quest'uva si producevano, trova ancora oggi una nutrita schiera di appassionati. Molto diffuso in tutta Italia, il Moscato Bianco è particolarmente celebre anche in Francia dove si producono straordinari vini dolci e secchi, tutti caratterizzati dal suadente profumo d'uva.
  • Il Migliore Vino di Gennaio 2015: Offida Rosso Il Grifone 2008, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    31 Jan 2015 | 8:40 am
    Tenuta Cocci Grifoni è stata fondata nel 1970 da Guido Cocci Grifoni, ed è proprio in questa cantina che è stata prodotta, nel 1969, la prima bottiglia della denominazione Rosso Piceno Superiore. Dedita alla riscoperta e alla rivalutazione delle varietà bianche Pecorino e Passerina, questa cantina marchigiana è fra le principali protagoniste della denominazione Offida, alla quale appartiene il migliore vino di Gennaio 2015 - Il Grifone 2008 - cinque diamanti DiWineTaste.
  • Il Gusto del Vino

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    15 Jan 2015 | 11:20 am
    Introduciamo la valutazione del gusto del vino, comprendendo le parti che lo compongono e come si sviluppano, dai sapori fondamentali fino alle sensazioni tattili. Ruolo importante è infine svolto dal contributo degli aromi, senza i quali il gusto del vino - e di ogni alimento - sarebbe decisamente meno complesso e interessante.
  • Il Migliore Vino di Dicembre 2014: Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria 2007, Tenute Silvio Nardi

    Antonello Biancalana - DiWineTaste
    30 Dec 2014 | 9:40 am
    Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria è il risultato di venti anni di ricerche tese alla produzione di un grande vino, magnifica espressione di classe, raffinatezza ed eleganza. Impeccabile espressione dell'uva Sangiovese e della sua caratteristica freschezza, il Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Doria 2007 entra per la prima volta nella nostra Guida e conquista i cinque diamanti, oltre al titolo di migliore vino per il mese di dicembre 2014.
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    Mad about Madeira

  • The Perfect Madeira Wine Glass

    Niklas Jorgensen
    1 Mar 2015 | 8:58 am
      All these years, writing about Madeira wine, and never a mention on what stemware I use. Perhaps I’m slightly excused if telling you it’s been an on-going experiment, or rather, a search for the optimal glass? However, two years ago I finally found it….an aquavit glass. I’ve never been a real stemware fundamentalist – I’ve settled with the copita glass when drinking fortified wines, you know, the glass with a narrow taper. It helps to enhance the bouquet of most fortified wines without allowing the alcohol to shine through and make you sneeze. Well, that’s…
  • D’Oliveiras 1989 Malvazia Colheita – A Best Buy

    Niklas Jorgensen
    19 Feb 2015 | 4:54 am
      Best buys in Madeira? The colheitas for sure. You get a glimpse of a vintage Madeira, the grape character is more evident and you don’t have to ask your better half for permission to buy a bottle. But even if a producer can bottle a colheita already after five years, few do. Most of the wines are around 10 to 15 years when the aging in cask are stopped. But then there’s the guys at Pereira d’Oliveira. Several of their colheitas has aged more than the stipulated 20 years for a vintage, yet they’re not labeled as such. It all comes down to a philosophy of the producer –…
  • Vinhos Barbeito’s 2000 Single Cask 44a Malvasia

    Niklas Jorgensen
    26 Jan 2015 | 9:06 am
      And I thought they were all gone! The feeling when realizing you’re still in possession of two bottles of an old favorite is nothing but priceless. But there’s more to the story….   Five years has passed since I last wrote about Vinhos Barbeito’s 2000 Single Cask 44a Malvasia. It’s time again. Last summer, one of the two rediscovered bottles was brought to the annual vacation week at the tiny island of Fårö, north of Gotland, Sweden. Ingmar Bergman used to live here and I can understand his choice. One morning I noted on my Instagram flow that my…
  • 2014; An Odyssey From A-Z

    Niklas Jorgensen
    24 Jan 2015 | 3:08 am
      Hello? Anyone? Wine blog to reader, Roger, out. 2014 were, by far, the most inactive year in the history of Wine Virtuosity. The focus was put on Mad about Madeira although the activity hardly impressed there as well. But I did wine travel last year, I did drink the best wine I’ve ever had. And I did write. Just not here. It all comes down to a matter of adaptation. During the first half of 2014 I contributed on a weekly basis for the Swedish online wine site of Vinbanken and during the fall I started writing more lengthy stories for a printed wine magazine, Livets Goda.
  • Vinhos Barbeito: 20 Years Old Verdelho Ribeiro Real Lote 1

    Niklas Jorgensen
    7 Nov 2014 | 7:51 am
      The moment is closing in and I don’t like it at all. For two months it has been my companion, this complex and ethereal Verdelho which totally reverses the belief what a Madeira ought to be. Now, when looking at the bottle I realize there are only enough for a further two memorable treats and the thinking starts; did I pour a glass to everyone I wanted to convince? Will I ever taste it again? And why didn’t I buy one more out of the 1,236 bottles produced? Not all wines makes you go wow if you have it at a tasting. Some wines just asks if you have a moment to sit down,…
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    Total Wine & More

  • Discover Spain & Portugal: Explore some of the world’s best wine values

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:22 am
    Starting March 1, we’re bringing wines from Spain and Portugal to you at your local Total Wine & More location. That’s right, we want to help you discover these wines with tastings, events, savings and more! Our Discover Spain and Portugal events will focus on different regions from each Country. From Spain, we’ll be exploring the Rueda, Ribera Del Duero, and Rioja wine regions. From Portugal, we’ll be showcasing the wines of Vinho Verde and the Douro. One of the stunning vineyards in the Ribera del Duero wine region of Spain We’ll be…
  • Open that Bottle Night: Get Your Corkscrew Ready!

    26 Feb 2015 | 10:45 am
    We’ve all got that one wine bottle. You know the one. Maybe it’s on the pricey side, but it’s that one bottle that you bought for a “special occasion” to celebrate or commemorate. Yet somehow that occasion has passed by, or possibly it hasn’t even presented itself yet. We’re here to tell you – it’s time to stop holding on. Break out that significant bottle and enjoy it! No Jess. We’re pretty sure that’s not the one. This Saturday (2/28/2015) is finally the day to uncork, swirl and sip. The last Saturday in February is known…
  • Classic Cocktails for the 87th Academy Awards

    22 Feb 2015 | 1:43 pm
    This Sunday the 87th Academy Awards will be broadcast live to honor all of favorite actors, actresses, film makers, and more from the past year. Whether you plan on entertaining a few friends or having a relaxing night in watching The Oscars, watch it in style. Mix up one of these classic cocktails that have graced the big screen so you can enjoy during the award ceremony.  The Manhattan Marilyn Monroe certainly had a bright idea when her and co-stars found a bottle of bourbon and some vermouth in Some Like it Hot in 1959. While the characters in the movie went the bourbon route based on…
  • Grab Your Glass — It’s National Drink Wine Day!

    18 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Hey, would you look at that — It’s February 18th again! Get the wine glasses out, because today is National Drink Wine Day. Indeed, you heard us right. It’s a real thing! Today we celebrate everything wine. We honor its production and producers, who have have been making it since 7000-6600 B.C.E.  We also toast the popularity of wine, with over 19 million acres of the world’s surface being planted with grape vines today. While the methods of producing wine and its popularity have changed over time, the end product still retains its original intended purpose —…
  • 5 Reasons to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

    9 Feb 2015 | 4:21 pm
    National Drink Wine Day is back on February 18. If you’re not already planning on celebrating with us, here are a few reasons to grab your best wine pals and participate. 1. You had a great day Everything seems to be going your way today! Work went great, you got that promotion you’ve been gunning for, or maybe it’s something as simple as getting the kids off to school without anything crazy happening. No matter how large or small your triumph was, it’s time to celebrate! 2. You had a bad day They happen. Things in life just don’t always go the way we plan.
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    Amateur Wine » Amateur Wine

  • #HOTGV: On whisky with Sir Colin Hampden White

    Qin Xie
    23 Feb 2015 | 4:44 am
    #HOTGV? What could this be? Why it’s a new drinks podcast, which, in long form, spells out Heard on the Grape Vine. Heard on the Grape Vine, or #HOTGV Heard on the Grape Vine will, I hope, be the audio version of Amateur Wine in that it seeks to both entertain and educate the amateur wine lover who wants to learn more. Although primarily focused on wine, it will also feature spirits and other drinks. If you think you’ll already love it, subcribe here: On whisky with Sir Colin Hampden White For this first podcast, I was joined by Sir Colin Hampden White, the launch editor of…
  • Chianti Classico and Gran Selezione tastings 2014, Florence

    Qin Xie
    12 Feb 2015 | 4:52 am
    This time last year I was in Florence for the launch of the new Chianti Classico classification, the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. It was part of the Anteprima di Toscana where several other appellations were also celebrated. As the wines are becoming more widely available, and indeed starting to be ready to drink (albeit only a small handful), I thought I would put down a few thoughts. A short note on Chianti Classico Chianti Classico is a Tuscan appellation situated within the wider region of Chianti. It’s worth clarifying that all Chianti Classico wines can also be classified as…
  • Quinta do Portal, Celeirós

    Qin Xie
    2 Feb 2015 | 4:10 am
    This is a post in the Spotlight on: Oporto and the Douro Valley series The winery at Quinta do Portal is impressively large (it’s capable of producing some 1.2 million bottles of wine a year) considering that the estate itself is only around 15 hectares. But that’s because the family owned estate is also part of the group that owns Quinta do Confradeiro, Quinta dos Muros and Quinta da Abelheira. Between all those Quintas, the area under vine is more like 105 hectares. The man in charge of creating all those wines is Paulo Coutinho, who has been at Quinta do Portal for more than 20…
  • Quinta de São José, Ervedosa do Douro

    Qin Xie
    22 Jan 2015 | 4:04 am
    This is a post in the Spotlight on: Oporto and the Douro Valley series Quinta de São José, a small, family run estate of just 10 hectares, lies in the heart of the Douro Valley, a short boat ride up from Pinhão. Although accessible by road, it’s much easier to get to the Quinta from the river. Most of the wines produced at the estate are dry Douro wines but there’s also a small amount of port produced owing to the family heritage – João Brito e Cunha, owner and winemaker, is a direct descendant of Dona Antónia Ferreira, the doyenne of port. While winemaking is the core…
  • Quinta de la Rosa, Pinhão

    Qin Xie
    12 Jan 2015 | 5:20 am
    This is a post in the Spotlight on: Oporto and the Douro Valley series Quinta de la Rosa, an impressive and imposing estate on the edge of the Douro river, was purchased as a Christening gift for Claire Bergqvist 1906. Actually, it would be more correct to say that, while the winery is sizeable (to include the family home, visitor centre and B&B accommodation), the estate itself has only 55 hectares under vine. In the early days, all of the grapes produced on the estate were sold to large port producers such as Sandeman. Today, under the management of Claire’s grand daughter Sophie…
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    12x75 Wine Blog

  • The Comeback Kids

    Guest Blogger
    25 Feb 2015 | 2:14 am
    By Anna Scott   Type ‘wine comeback’ into your favourite search engine and see how many pages of results come up (clue: it’s quite a few). A quick glance at this information might lead you to deduce that pretty much everything and anything in the world of wine has made a ‘comeback’ at some time […]The Comeback Kids is a post from: | A Comical Wine BlogThe post The Comeback Kids appeared first on 12x75 Wine Blog.Related posts:Some Precarious Wine Predictions for 2015 Crap wine, plebs, snobbery and the whole class debate – sorted Who should be the new face of…
  • First #7wordwinereview Dinner of 2015

    17 Feb 2015 | 9:53 am
    (#7wwr Dinner – Cocomomo Holborn – Thursday, 26/02) – Cost of the Event is £25   12×75 is pleased to announce our first dinner of 2015. If you are looking for an evening of unpretentious fun with good food, great wine and even better company, then the #7wordwinereview dinners could be right up your street. In […]First #7wordwinereview Dinner of 2015 is a post from: | A Comical Wine BlogThe post First #7wordwinereview Dinner of 2015 appeared first on 12x75 Wine Blog.Related posts:Some Precarious Wine Predictions for 2015 Marmite wines…
  • Some Precarious Wine Predictions for 2015

    Guest Blogger
    25 Jan 2015 | 2:58 pm
    By Anna Scott   There’s a lot of trend posts around at this time of year, some of which might make you sigh from sheer hipster exhaustion. Do we really need another pop-up casual dining concept that specialises in selling hyper-local, minimum-intervention cuisine served with wine straight from a stainless keg? And yes, I did […]Some Precarious Wine Predictions for 2015 is a post from: | A Comical Wine BlogThe post Some Precarious Wine Predictions for 2015 appeared first on 12x75 Wine Blog.Related posts:First #7wordwinereview Dinner of 2015 A review of 2012 &…
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    Fareham Wine Cellar Blog

  • Valentine’s Day

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:20 am
    Valentine’s Day #valentinesvino This year Hatch Mansfield ran a Valentine’s Day competition for the wine shop with the best looking Valentine’s Day window. This was a competition for the followers of @HatchMansfield on Twitter. We thought we would enter. So, armed with some various Rosé wines and some card hearts, fashioned by my colleague’s daughter, to dangle from the ceiling and some heart-shaped sequins we came up with this. All there was to do then was to take a picture and get tweeting using the hashtag #valentinesvino. Hard to capture the amazingness of our…
  • Louis Latour Agencies

    13 Feb 2015 | 10:03 am
    Louis Latour Agencies 25th Anniversary Portfolio Tasting Wednesday 4th February 2015 @ The Hospital Club Louis Latour Agencies is the UK subsidiary of one of the one of the best known producers of Burgundy, Maison Louis Latour. The Louis Latour Agency business was founded in 1990 purely as a company for selling Louis Latour’s Burgundies to the UK wine market. Other producers, first from France, and also from New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and Australia have gradually been added to the portfolio of wines they represent. These include Simonnet-Febvre in Chablis which was acquired by…
  • Frizzante Prosecco

    30 Jan 2015 | 5:39 am
    Frizzante Prosecco Villa Domiziano Prosecco Corda At Fareham Wine Cellar we sell Villa Domiziano Prosecco Corda a frizzante Prosecco sealed with a normal cork and secured a bit of string. I quite often get asked questions by customers wanting to know what frizzante Prosecco is and what spago means. Put simply a frizzante Prosecco is semi-sparkling wine – the wine is bottled at a lower pressure than fully sparkling wines. Therefore, traditionally, the bottle would be sealed with a normal cork, secured with a bit of string – the Corda or Spago (these both mean string in Italian).
  • Glenmorangie Tusail

    24 Jan 2015 | 5:07 am
    Glenmorangie Tusail The Latest Glenmorangie Private Edition No. 6 Has Arrived Glenmorangie Tusail follows hot on the heels of last years Glenmorangie Companta. The means that the list of Private Edition releases now looks like this, Sonnalta PX – finished in old Pedro Ximenez (dessert) Sherry casks Artein – finished in ex- Sassicaia casks (one of the first Super-Tuscans) Finealta – a recreation of the Glenmorangie blend from the early 1900s with a small amount of peated malt Ealanta – a 19 Year Old whisky aged in virgin American white oak casks sourced from trees grown in the Mark…
  • 1965 Vintage Armagnac

    20 Jan 2015 | 9:28 am
    1965 Vintage Armagnac Are you looking for a 50th Birthday Present? Why not try a bottle of 1965 Vintage Armagnac that will be 50 years old in 2015? At Fareham Wine Cellar we stock 1965 Armagnac from Baron de Lustrac and Baron de Sigognac.  Both producers are specialist in the production and supply of rare, old, vintage Armagnacs and both still have stocks going back to the early 1900s – have a look here for a full list of available vintages, maybe there is one for another anniversary or birthday celebration. 1965 Vintage Armagnac has a number of advantages over other wines and spirits…
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    Great Northwest Wine

  • DaMa Wines 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, $35

    Great Northwest Wine
    4 Mar 2015 | 10:02 pm
    Dawn Kammer and Mary Tuuri Derby launched DaMa in 2007, three years after Mary’s husband Devin — founding winemaker of Spring Valley Vineyards — died in an automobile accident. Seattle barrister Judith Shulman has replaced Kammer as a proprietor, and soon after they brought in consulting winemaker Ali Mayfield. It’s been a winning combination with this bottle of Cab, a product of Sagemoor and Weinbau vineyards as well as Abeja’s Heather Hill in the Walla Walla Valley. Ripe dark plum and black cherry aromas include hints of caramel, cola, allspice, black olive and earthiness.
  • Darighe 2010 Proprietor’s Blend, Columbia Valley $65

    Great Northwest Wine
    4 Mar 2015 | 5:31 pm
    Jean-Claude Beck creates this tier under the Woodhouse Wine Estates banner, and he produced it in a Meritage-style using the five primary red Bordeaux varieties — Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Cabernet Franc (18%), Merlot (12%), Malbec (7%) and Petit Verdot — from StoneRidge and the late Fred Artz’s vineyard on Red Mountain. It’s quite showy with French oak (new barrels made up 75% of the program), offering a dense and alluring aromatic profile of plum and black cap raspberries with molasses, Melba toast and allspice. There’s a rich entry of Bing cherry, cassis and pomegranate, backed…
  • Martin-Scott Winery 2012 Needlerock Vineyard Counoise, Columbia Valley, $28

    Great Northwest Wine
    4 Mar 2015 | 1:17 pm
    The Scott family farms its Needlerock Vineyard just upriver from the Columbia River’s Rock Island Dam near Wenatchee, Wash., and while some of their Counoise has been used in the wide-ranging Cole’s Collage blend, this bottling of the Rhône variety shows merit on its own. The nose of black cherry, plum syrup, cola, dried strawberry and toast leads to a remarkably delicious drink of Rainier cherry and white strawberry. It carries blood orange acidity akin to a Grenache and easy tannins, making for a smooth and fruit-forward finish. Enjoy with roasted chicken or pork loin with a cherry…
  • Oregon wine industry honors viticultural pioneers

    Andy Perdue
    4 Mar 2015 | 5:30 am
    Jim Maresh planted these vines in the Dundee Hills some 45 years ago, making them among the oldest vines in Oregon wine country. (Photo by Andy Perdue/Great Northwest Wine) DUNDEE, Ore. – It’s been 45 years since Dick Erath stopped by Jim and Loie Maresh’s place in the hills above this town to see if they might be interested in planting wine grapes. The Mareshes knew next to nothing about wine grapes, but they were fascinated. So they began to plant Pinot Noir on their farm. Today, some of those original grapes remain, and they are among the most cherished here in the…
  • Delfino Vineyards 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Umpqua Valley, $30

    Great Northwest Wine
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:55 pm
    In 2012, both the vines and the Oregon wine country B&B belonging to Jim and Terry Delfino celebrated their 10th anniversary, and this Cabernet Sauvignon offers a fascinating tone of dark purple fruit from start to finish. Aromas of Marionberry salt-water taffy from Bruce’s Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach, Bing cherry and chocolate-covered orange peel transition to flavors of plum, black cherry and pomegranate. Well-managed tannins, brisk acidity and a finish of anise give this Cab a lighter, pleasant and food-friendly structure. Rating: Excellent Production: 122 cases Alcohol: 12.9%…
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    Latest blog entries

  • Cellar Rats Wine & Cheese Tasting Party

    25 Feb 2015 | 4:47 pm
    Calling all Cellar Rats! Join us for a fun afternoon of tasting that is just for YOU!   Taste our limited production Spring Release wines before they are released to the public! Taste yummy cheeses from around the world! We'll have a cheesemonger on-hand to share specially selected cheeses. Taste from our new reserve tasting system, the Coravin, (if you haven't already) and be entered to win a Coravin yourself! Pick up your Cellar Rats exclusive Club Glass and learn what fun specials are in store for you when you use it!   When: Saturday, April 11 from 2-5pm Where: At the Northwest…
  • 2012 Merlot Review in Great Northwest Wines

    11 Feb 2015 | 9:37 am
    Our 2012 Merlot was featured in Great Northwest Wines! Read the transcript below. Seattle Seahawks fans can order bottles of this Merlot that pays tribute to the Twelves, and it’s a wine worthy of serving on Saturday night, even though it’s priced for Tuesday night. Kirkland, Wash., vintner Robert Delf and his winemaker, Robert Smasne, continue to rack up gold medals for their collaborations, just as this fruit-forward Merlot did at the 2014 American Wine Society national competition. That group of judges in North Carolina no doubt found tones of sweet Marionberry, President plum and…
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    Two Guys From Napa

  • Fifty Shades of White: Favorites from the International Alsace Varietals Festival

    26 Feb 2015 | 2:50 pm
    International Alsace Varietals Festival Grand Tasting It’s hard to find a wine festival focused on white wines, which is one of the things that makes the International Alsace Varietals Festival so enjoyable.   We were lucky enough to attend this year’s events and found many outstanding white wines to recommend for you to try on your own. This fun and unique event was sponsored by the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association and celebrated varietals such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Muscat. The Festival’s events included an Educational Session with…
  • “Honey, Let’s Go…”: 2015 Pinot Noir Events

    21 Feb 2015 | 4:56 pm
    Are you crazy about Pinot Noir?  Do you like to travel?   Well, we’ve got almost 20 suggestions below on where you can go to satisfy both of those cravings during 2015. You’re probably not surprised to find Pinot Noir-centric events in wine country destinations such as Anderson Valley, Santa Barbara, Sonoma County and the Willamette Valley.  But, you can also find excellent additional reasons to plan trips to places such as Chicago, LA, New York and Portland. There are some interesting combinations below: Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs in New York City, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noirs…
  • Starting the Year with Sonoma County Wines: Favorites from the 2015 Winter WINEland

    27 Jan 2015 | 4:09 pm
    Winter WINEland at Kendall Jackson Wine Estate Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending the Wine Road’s celebration to kick off 2015, the two-day Winter WINEland wine and food event covering the Dry Creek, Russian River, and Alexander Valleys in Sonoma County.   We didn’t make it to all of the participating wineries (please – there were 140 of them) but we were impressed by many wines at the places we did make it to. Skewis Wines So, if you are heading to a wine store, a restaurant, or planning a wine tasting trip to northern Sonoma County, these are the wines (and…
  • 2015 World of Pinot Noir: Crystal Clear Reasons to Go

    23 Jan 2015 | 11:24 am
    The first weekend in March, Pinot Noir producers and lovers from around the world will converge at the 2015 World of Pinot Noir Festival on the gorgeous California coast in Santa Barbara.  The 15thAnnual World of Pinot Noir takes place on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th at Bacara Resort & Spa and this year’s Crystal Anniversary event comes with multiple in-depth Tasting seminars and excursions, Grand Tastings, a Burgundy seminar and tasting, and gourmet lunches and dinners showcasing the local cuisine. Two of our favorite parts of the World of Pinot Noir (WOPN) are…
  • Attention Petite Sirah Groupies: The 2015 Dark & Delicious Event

    20 Jan 2015 | 4:48 pm
    An adorable cake from What the Cake? at the 2014 Dark & Delicious If you’re a red wine lover who enjoys food and wine events then you should know that the annual Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah™ event provides an amazing experience and it’s coming to the East Bay on February 20th. Over 40 premium Petite Sirah wineries join forces with Bay Area restaurants, caterers, and food purveyors to provide you a chance at plenty of fun, food, and wine in a convenient location (and with free parking, no less). Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah™ is the preeminent Petite Sirah annual…
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    VinePair » The Wine Blog

  • The High Price Of Alcohol In Pennsylvania Can All Be Blamed On A Flood

    Adam Teeter
    4 Mar 2015 | 11:30 pm
    When it comes to alcohol control, Pennsylvania is one of the most restrictive states in the country – import into the state is strictly regulated, and consumers must shop at specific state controlled stores if they wish to purchase their favorite wine, whiskey or beer. Restaurants are at the state’s whims as well, having the ability to only buy what the state’s alcohol board permits in, which is often very limited and has more to do with backroom deals than quality. And if the restriction wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, the prices of booze in Pennsylvania are very high,…
  • 7 Ways Wine Can Leave You Needing A Lawyer

    Tim Edison
    4 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    To most of us, wine is something that allows us to kick back, relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life. While that is the intention, things don’t always end up as planned. That certainly wasn’t the case in the situations below. These are 7 ways in which wine could leave you needing a lawyer… When you crash your forklift into a container causing it to topple and break 461 cases of red wine valued at $1M in the process Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. The 461 cases of Mollydooker Velvet Grove within the container were being loaded onto a vessel for export to the U.S. from…
  • What’s The Deal With Natural Wine?

    Keith Beavers
    4 Mar 2015 | 1:00 am
    The world of wine can be confusing to those who are either just getting into it or those who just want to enjoy good wine. For the latter it is even more confusing because the industry is a-twitter with buzzwords intended to lure us into a purchases. Sometimes these marketing tactics are even pretty shady. In the ’70s and the ’80s one shady tactic was California claiming to offer Chablis and Burgundy, simply using these famous names to label their wines – there is no such thing as California Chablis, but it sold a lot of wine while it lasted. Some marketing tactics, however,…
  • Mulled Wine Spiced Muffins [Recipe]

    Clara Kim
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    When the temperature drops, there’s nothing more heartwarming than curling up with a piping hot alcoholic beverage. Mulled wine is a winter tradition that has stood the test of time. In fact, it’s so beloved it now has its own national holiday. No surprises here. Take one whiff of cinnamon, spice and all that’s nice and instantly evoke the best that winter has to offer. But why stop at wine? Mulling spices are our favorite addition to otherwise boring baked goods. Want to spice up your winter morning routine? Treat yourself to our butter-free Mulled Spice Muffins. Mulled Spice Muffins…
  • Pop-Culture Pairing: The Perfect Wine For Jimmy Fallon And Those Who Love Him

    Colette Bloom
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    In his five years as the host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon has reinvented the concept of the late night talk show. A former SNL star with a series of failed films under his belt, Fallon had everything to prove. However, he quickly demonstrated that his penchant for giggle fits and charmingly personable demeanor lend themselves to an hour of television that is both entertaining and easy to watch. When comedy legend, Johnny Carson, premiered on the Tonight Show in 1962, his show became a cultural centerpiece with the American people, changing the game for late-night TV. Over time, his show, and…
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    Jameson Fink

  • Smith-Madrone: Stu Smith on Wine and the Ephemeral Sense of Art

    Jameson Fink
    4 Mar 2015 | 7:53 am
    Post-Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, all I wanted to do was eat tacos and drink cocktails. And guzzle beer. But I am very glad I took a trip up to the top of Napa Valley’s Spring Mountain to visit Smith-Madrone. A few months prior, I’d had the wines–a Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Riesling–sent to me and [More] The post Smith-Madrone: Stu Smith on Wine and the Ephemeral Sense of Art appeared first on Jameson Fink.
  • A Return to Golden Paramount Seafood for Dim Sum in Richmond, BC

    Jameson Fink
    1 Mar 2015 | 4:51 pm
    Was I ever excited for an encore visit to Golden Paramount Seafood for dim sum in Richmond, British Columbia. I was on a Chinese food adventure with other eager eaters from the world of writing courtesy of Tourism Richmond. It is no exaggeration to say: We. Ate. So. Much. For the love of noodles*, we had three (!) [More] The post A Return to Golden Paramount Seafood for Dim Sum in Richmond, BC appeared first on Jameson Fink.
  • Grassi Ribolla Gialla at Cook in St. Helena

    Jameson Fink
    25 Feb 2015 | 1:49 pm
    Sometimes after all that Napa Cabernet, you crave refreshment. And not just beer. Enter the 2012 Grassi Ribolla Gialla. To call this Italian white wine grape obscure (and especially in Napa) would be an understatement. But a few producers are waving the flag for RG either in blends or all on its own. The Grassi [More] The post Grassi Ribolla Gialla at Cook in St. Helena appeared first on Jameson Fink.
  • Are There Questions About Wine You’re Afraid to Ask?

    Jameson Fink
    23 Feb 2015 | 1:57 pm
    In the spirit of bringing you Wine Without Worry, over on I have answered all the questions rolling around in your head you might be reticent to voice in mixed company. Speak up, I implore you! The queries below originate from enthusiastic, curious wine drinkers looking to learn the basics and beyond. And please [More] The post Are There Questions About Wine You’re Afraid to Ask? appeared first on Jameson Fink.
  • Napa Valley: Outdoor Eating and Drinking in St. Helena

    Jameson Fink
    21 Feb 2015 | 10:51 am
    I’ve been in Napa for the past week attending the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers which was held at the lovely Meadowood Resort. Now I’m on my own, staying at the much less posh but very convenient El Bonita in St. Helena. It’s easy to walk to the heart of the town for eating and [More] The post Napa Valley: Outdoor Eating and Drinking in St. Helena appeared first on Jameson Fink.
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    Vegas Wineaux

  • Beer People are Crazy – Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

    Vegas Wineaux
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:30 pm
    While I've had coffee infused beer in the past, this particular stout will put hair on your chest. I'm grabbing tweezers.
  • Daily Drinkers: 2011 Dourthe La Grand Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc

    Vegas Wineaux
    2 Mar 2015 | 5:35 pm
    Drinking this wine and imagining oysters made me think of a Hemingway quote from A Moveable Feast: As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture...
  • Paso’s 11 – New Series

    Vegas Wineaux
    28 Feb 2015 | 12:00 pm
    This series will be a description of each AVA, its climate and geology, the grape varieties grown, and, of course, the wineries and wines that it produces.
  • Yeah, But Does Nevada Really Need a Wine Industry?

    Vegas Wineaux
    26 Feb 2015 | 12:00 pm
    I mean really? Does Nevada need a wine industry? After all, money isn’t everything.
  • Tasting Notes: Siduri Redux & Oregon Pinot

    Vegas Wineaux
    24 Feb 2015 | 9:13 am
    So if a couple like Adam and Dianna can manage to create well over a dozen different Pinot Noirs from many disparate regions and still have them TASTE LIKE PINOT NOIR, then what the hell's wrong with the nitwits whose Pinot Noir tastes like dreck? I don't get it.
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    Wine School of Philadelphia

  • Snow Day! Classes Cancelled for Saturday, February 21st

    Keith S Wallace
    20 Feb 2015 | 3:04 pm
    Hi, We’re sorry to announce that we have to cancel all classes scheduled for Saturday, February 21st due to the forecast for significant amounts of snow in the Philadelphia area. We will be sending out reschedule codes in the next few days, in the same amount of your purchase, so that you may select a new class at your convenience. The code will never expire and may be used for any class listed on Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, but we wish for all our students to be safe on the roadways. We do hope to see you at the Wine School soon! The post Snow Day!
  • Best Wine Buys in the PLCB Stores (Currently)

    Keith S Wallace
    13 Feb 2015 | 7:36 pm
    90+ Point Wines Available in Philly Wine Buys at the PLCB Stores   Victor Vineyards 2011  Roadside Red Fun little Zinfandel-based bottle from the town of Victor in California’s Central Valley. Red fruit, port-y raisins, licorice, and milk chocolate notes.  My current “house red” for everyday drinking. 88 Points  $8.99 (PLCB Wine Stores) Callabriga 2010 Dao A serious red from Portugal for very little money. A fistful of mineral and a gritty mouthful of tannin.  Ripe, dark fruit and Belgian chocolate appear as the wine opens.  Could be cellared for 5-7 years with…
  • Wine Schoolers in the News

    Keith S Wallace
    13 Feb 2015 | 6:54 pm
    Wine Schoolers in the News A lot of our students go on to great things. A surprising number of them are in the news this month for their achievements.  Congrats, all!   Miguel Lecuona. A longtime Diploma student who went on to earn his Wine MBA in Bordeaux. For the past eight years, he has been running a marketing consultancy for the wine trade. It was just announced that he is a featured speaker at this year’s International Wine Tourism Conference in La Champagne, France. Ben Franco and his winebar “Winedown Cafe” are featured in  the Reading Eagle newspaper. He…
  • Ever Make A Wine Snob Cry? We Have, and It’s Good Fun.

    Philip Brandeis
    13 Feb 2015 | 2:03 pm
    Wine Snobs or Wine Ninjas? We should probably be sad about the emotional state of Wine Snobs, but we aren’t. Admittedly, we’ve made a few of them cry. But we don’t train those type of people. We train Wine Ninjas. The following is a list of our recent “deviling” of the Snob set. Say Goodbye, Sonic Decanter Right before Christmas, we burst the bubble on thousands of Wine Snobs when we worked with the Washington Post on an exposé on the latest wine gadget: the Sonic Decanter. Yet another expensive wine gadget that claims to make wine taste more expensive. A…
  • Wine, beer associations move under same organizational umbrella in Md.

    11 Jan 2015 | 6:45 am
    By Paul Vigna | Kevin Atticks remains executive director of the Maryland Wineries Association and takes over a similar role with the state’s brewers. Read more here:: The Wine Classroom The post Wine, beer associations move under same organizational umbrella in Md. appeared first on Wine School of Philadelphia.
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    The Wine Blog

  • Oscar Bubbles

    Marketing Manager
    24 Feb 2015 | 9:43 am
    Is it us, or did a LOT of the celebrities at the 2015 Oscars wear dresses that looked exactly like a glass of Champagne? Maybe we are just thirsty, but check out these Champagnes that we paired with a few of our favorite celebs’ gowns and let us know if you agree!     Jennifer Aniston – 2002 Piper-Heidsieck Rare Millesime Brut Champagne. This tete de cuvée was the official wine of the 2015 Oscars. Like Jennifer’s dress, this bubbly drink is nicely layered and delicate; however, the dress is brand new, and the Champagne is a good 13 years old!   Oprah Winfrey –…
  • How to Taste a Glass of Wine

    Marketing Manager
    20 Feb 2015 | 3:20 pm
    Wine tasting: beloved by some as an art form, loathed by some that consider it to be total nonsense. While we agree that it can, like any innocent fun activity, be taken to extremes, learning how to properly taste a glass of wine properly is easy, fun, and goes a long way in terms of helping you find even more wines to enjoy. Here are the 4 easy steps to have you tasting wine like a seasoned veteran in the meantime. Pro-tip: Use this guide to help write tasting notes for the wines that you try. This is a great opportunity to update the wines in your cellar as well. 1. See You’ve…
  • 6 Amazing Tasting Notes from Drync Users

    Marketing Manager
    20 Feb 2015 | 2:50 pm
    Writing tasting notes can seem like just so much work when you’re enjoying your wine. However, it is worth taking the time to jot down your thoughts on your sips, for a number of reasons. Taking the time to assess the sights, scents, and sensations with the wines that you love, or don’t love, will allow you to identify what you want from a wine. Taking notes is a great way to actively remember what you are drinking. Also making notes about where and with whom you enjoyed a bottle will make it even easier to remember. Drync makes it easy to track all of this info in one place. And…
  • February Hot 100 – The Most Popular Wines in the Drync Mobile Community

    Marketing Manager
    10 Feb 2015 | 12:30 pm
    It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Time to turn to thoughts of love…. wines that our users love that is. That’s right – it’s time for this month’s Hot 100 – the most popular wines as selected by the members of the Drync mobile community. You can learn more about the selection process here. So what are you guys really excited about this month? A frequent visitor to the top 5, Apothic Red breaks into the number 1 position this month. Jeez, you guys simply cannot get enough of this bold, sumptuous red. This month’s biggest mover and shaker is the…
  • 4 Awesomely Aromatic Wine Grape Varieties

    Marketing Manager
    26 Jan 2015 | 9:22 am
    When you first crack open a bottle of wine and are ready to give it the first sip, it’s easy to forget to give your wine a good sniff. In the excitement to get to the drinking part (which we fully appreciate and understand) rushing through the aromas can cause you to miss out on some of the out-of-this-world wonder in wine. After all 70-75% of a wine’s taste comes from its smell. Some wines have more of a bouquet than others, and we’re here to tell you about those that should not be missed. Here are four super aromatic grapes worth pausing for. 1. Gewürztraminer The most famous…
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    Wine &

  • Amazing Madeira

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:20 am
    March 2, 2015 – We’re familiar with Madeira and even visited the Portuguese island many moons ago but Lettie Teague’s article in The Wall Street Journal this past weekend taught us a thing or two.   Madeira never deteriorates.  Even a bottle that has been opened will last for years, even decades.  We didn’t know that.  A bottle dating back to 1715 sold at auction in New York last December for $26,950.   A favorite of the upper crust English, it was also very popular in colonial America often named for the cities where a particular style of Madeira was in vogue.  For…
  • Whisky Could Replace Petroleum

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:12 am
    March 2, 2015 – The Highway Patrol pulls you over and the officer asks if you’ve been drinking.  “No sir.  My car has.”   That’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds.  A company in Scotland, Celtic Renewables, has found a way to convert waste from whisky distilleries into fuel for cars and jet engines.  The biofuel is called bio-butanol and it is as efficient as petrol in driving a combustible engine according to Mark Simmers, CEO of Celtic Renewables.   Mr. Simmers told that the stuff left over after malt brewing, called draff, and the pot ale left over after…
  • Will Craft Beer’s Bubble Burst?

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:08 am
    March 2, 2015 – The growth of the craft beer industry is one of those stories that fuel our proclivity to root for the little guy.  We enjoy the idea of David taking on a Goliath like Anheuser-Busch and even better, winning.  In 2013, the latest year for data, craft beers in total shipped 16.1 million barrels to Anheuser-Busch’s 16 million.  A-B took note.  Just a decade ago, Bud was shipping 30 million barrels.   Despite their sarcastic mockery of craft beer drinkers in the much discussed Super Bowl ad, Anheuser-Busch has bought several craft breweries dating back to 2011 when…
  • Glassware Can Enhance Your Wine

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:18 am
    Feb. 27, 2015 — Here’s a fun test for yourself and/or your friends.  No one has to be a knowledgeable wine lover, or even drink wine for that matter.  It’s all about how glassware changes the taste of the wine.  It works with just two different glasses but can also work with three or four.  The only caveat is that one glass must be a good quality wine glass with the correct shape for the wine being tasted.  We recommend Riedel.  This company makes glasses for many varietals and the glasses vary in shape.  There’s a science behind their designs and how the wine is tasted on…
  • Is This Scotch Bottle Tracking You?

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:06 am
    Feb. 27, 2015 –Smart phones, smart houses, smart just about everything. How much more “smart” do we need?  Apparently we need a smart Scotch bottle.   Diageo, the biggest beverage alcohol company in the world has teamed up with Norway-based Thin Film Electronics to create a bottle label that communicates with your smart phone.  A prototype will be launched using Johnnie Walker’s top shelf Scotch, Blue Label, at Mobile World Congress taking place March 2-5 in Barcelona.   The Thinfilm label allows Diageo to track a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label from point of…
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    The Riviera Grapevine

  • Five Lesser-Known Provence Wine Appellations

    4 Mar 2015 | 10:59 am
    Last week we went on a road trip, down past the Camargue and the coastal towns of Sète and Marseillan,… The post Five Lesser-Known Provence Wine Appellations appeared first on The Riviera Grapevine.
  • On the Search for Tradition in the Modern Nice Carnival

    17 Feb 2015 | 4:05 am
    February is synonymous with more than one big event; Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, Six Nations Rugby, and, if you live… The post On the Search for Tradition in the Modern Nice Carnival appeared first on The Riviera Grapevine.
  • Upcoming Event: Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants

    2 Feb 2015 | 11:57 pm
    & Five Tips to Make the Most of It The Acropolis is the place to be this weekend! The… The post Upcoming Event: Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants appeared first on The Riviera Grapevine.
  • An Extreme Wine Experience in the Heart of Provence

    30 Jan 2015 | 2:49 am
    Most of us love the idea of learning more about wine. Even the smallest bit of wine knowledge impresses;… The post An Extreme Wine Experience in the Heart of Provence appeared first on The Riviera Grapevine.
  • Three Things I Love About Nice

    22 Jan 2015 | 7:37 am
    I got back to Europe from Australia this morning. As usually happens when I go home to Sydney, people (especially those who I don’t know… The post Three Things I Love About Nice appeared first on The Riviera Grapevine.
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  • Washing Hair With Wine – Yes or No?

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:52 pm
    Can washing your hair with wine really give you the luxurious locks you desire? Let’s find out if it’s a good idea or just a major waste of a pretty decent Bordeaux!From all my research, it appears many are claiming that wine can be of benefit if, after you shampoo and condition, give your hair a final rinse with the wine.The biggest health and hair benefit in wine is Resveratrol which has been shown to reduce inflammation and cell death in mice, but human trials are less than conclusive. Personally, I do believe Resveratrol can be a wonderful additive for your diet, and…
  • Wine Jokes & Funny GIFS

    25 Jan 2015 | 5:47 pm
    Who doesn’t love a good wine joke or a funny wine GIF? If you are a wine drinker like me, some of these, well, MOST of these should hit right at home, haha!
  • Regifting a Bottle of Wine – Is It Ever Okay?

    25 Dec 2014 | 8:52 pm
    Nothing is more classic of a gift than a nice bottle of wine. But what if you don’t drink? Or it’s just not the type of wine you are into? Well, well, well, you’re a in quite the predicament. Um…well…maybe…you could…ahem…re-gift the wine…YEP, I SAID IT. RE-GIFT!!If you are thinking about re-gifting a bottle of wine, I say the hell with it! Go for it baby! BUT WAIT. Before you go all crazy passing out regifted bottled of vino, you need to follow a few simple rules so you don’t get caught.Rule #1TRIPLE CHECK to make sure the person who…
  • Drinking Too Much Wine – How Much is TOO Much?

    28 Nov 2014 | 10:40 pm
    Yep, we’ve all done it, drank TOO much wine. But how much is too much? A headache in the morning might not mean you have too much, but if you find yourself knocking out a bottle a night, you might need to pump the brakes.HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?Well, the American Heart Association says men should have not have more than 2 drinks a day, while women should not have more then 1 drink a day. But we all know that one drink is often not going to happen, especially when out with friends or at a social gathering. A few drinks is much more likely. But, if you do like to have 3, 5, or more drinks,…
  • Having Wine Before Bed – 5 Things You Need to Know!

    28 Oct 2014 | 11:42 am
    Glutamine! Wait, what? What the heck is glutamine? Well, it’s an amino acid that your body naturally produces. So what, you might be thinking…Get to the point. Okay, fine. When you drink alcohol of any kind, your body stops/slows the production of glutamine, then when sleeping, your body scrambles to replace the glutamine and ramping up this production causes restless sleep since glutamine is technically a stimulant.Does this mean you should cut out the nightcap? Well, if you feel tired, groggy, less focused, then DUH, yeah. But once in awhile isn’t a big deal in my opinion.
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    Today's Wine - Tasting Notes and Tips

  • Selecting The Best Wine Glass | Wine Tips: All You Need To Know

    John Neimann
    3 Mar 2015 | 6:30 am
    You probably wonder why there are so many shapes and sizes of wine glasses.  There are very few beverages that even approach wine for the variety of glasses used to consume a liquid product.  The glass not only holds and lets you raise wine to your mouth; it is designed to maximize the flavor, aroma, enjoyment and tradition of wine.  This post explains what you need to know about wine glasses: Why Have A Stem Clean With Care Types Of Wine Glasses Burgundy Glasses Stemless Glasses Champagne Glasses Mosel Riesling and Riesling Glasses Moscato Glasses Pinot Noir Glasses Wine Tumblers The…
  • Tips: Essential Information For Successful Tasting of Wine

    John Neimann
    18 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    Wine tasting involves multiple senses to provide you, the taster, with a complete and well-rounded experience.  Taste is only one factor: sight, smell and feel all play a critical role in thorough and reliable wine tasting.  You also have to do a bit of physical manipulation to help release aromas and flavors.  Let’s get started. Visual evaluation -  After opening the bottle, pour about a quarter of a glass of the subject wine, we start the tasting by holding the glass by the stem, in front of us and with light behind the wine look admiringly at the color of the wine.  This is…
  • Decanting Wine | Wine Tips: What You Need To Know

    John Neimann
    10 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    There are a number of reasons for decanting wine we’ll describe and discuss the primary reasons and you can decide which, if any, apply to situations you may encounter. Older red wines or white wines may develop sediment over time.  Carefully decanting and leaving the sediment in the bottle eliminates having to remember to pour each glass slowly and carefully to avoid serving sediment to guests.  It also eliminates disturbing the sediment each time you handle the bottle to pour another glass.  Decanting exposes the wine to oxygen which enhances the aroma of wine.  Opening a bottle of…
  • Storing Opened Wine | Wine Tips: All You Need To Know

    John Neimann
    9 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    What to do with left-over red wine or white wine is always a topic of concern and discussion.  The primary concern about an open bottle of wine is exposure to oxygen in the air:  the more wine you are storing until later the less oxygen there is in the bottle.  If you are able to enjoy wine that has been open for up to a week and the bottle is half to three quarters full, seal the bottle with an air tight closure and refrigerate the bottle until you are ready to enjoy again.  If you have less than a half bottle, you can decant the wine to a smaller bottle, seal and refrigerate until the…
  • Wine Tips: Essential Information About The Serving Temperatures Of Wines

    John Neimann
    6 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    The serving temperature of wine makes a difference because it affects the aromatics of the wine.  A temperature that is too cold suppresses the aromatics; too warm releases them too quickly. Either way you miss the optimum experience of enjoyment. Typically a refrigerator operates a few degrees above freezing between 35°F and 40°F. This range is too cold for any wine: white or red.  Room temperature is typically between 68°F and 78°F, depending on the season.  This range is too warm for any wine to be fully enjoyed.                              Wine            …
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    Wine Turtle

  • 7 Crazy Food & Wine Pairings That Actually Work

    1 Mar 2015 | 5:54 pm
    I have gone through wine and food pairings several times on these pages and by now you should know that there are a few specific criteria ruling these matches. Wine has the task to animate food without being neither intrusive nor submissive, cleaning your mouth between bites reviving, this way, the desire of the next bite and exalting, when combined correctly, the dish flavors. But I am a nonconformist by nature and I believe that we should keep our mind always open and that sometimes it can be quite funny and interesting breaking the rules and experimenting new combinations because this can…
  • Inteview with Krista Skellern: The Traveling Wine Lover

    27 Feb 2015 | 2:38 am
    Today we have a special guest for you – she is a fellow wine lover and her name is Krista Skellern. I stumbled upon her blog The Wellist, and as I started reading I was completely taken aback by her story. She was fed up with her job like many of us are, but instead of plowing on like most of us, she decided to take action by resigning and actively trying to make the most of life exploring the world and the many pleasures it holds. She is now living a life that many of us dream of, but all to her own credit! I felt so inspired that I felt compelled to share the story with you and…
  • The 103 Best Wine Blogs That You Can’t Miss

    24 Feb 2015 | 7:12 am
    As relative newcomers to the vast community of online wine bloggers, I thought what better way to introduce ourselves than to make a compilation of some of the best wine blogs out there? A total of 103 of them to be exact! On my journey to finding some of the best blogs out there, I soon discovered that it’s a wine blog wasteland on the internet with countless blogs that haven’t been touched for years. Others are blogs that have large companies behind them. That’s why when compiling this list, I made it my mission to focus on wine blogs that are still frequently updated and…
  • How to Read a Wine Label for Beginners

    21 Feb 2015 | 8:11 pm
    How many times have you found yourself staring with a quizzical look at the wine shelves in a supermarket or wine shop with no clue of what to buy and ending up choosing the wine based on the few little things that you know? A grape variety, a particular brand or, very often, the price. I know, buying a good bottle of wine is never easy (not even for ‘experts’, if it can make you feel better) and unless it is something we already know, our choice will most often be based on our budget or on the shop assistant’s recommendation. But a great help, even for the most…
  • What is Malolactic Fermentation?

    20 Feb 2015 | 1:06 am
    If you are curious about wine, during your wine raids on the net or your wine readings, you may have incidentally bumped into the scary and obscure malolactic fermentation words (or MLF for the most enigmatic writers). You may be thinking: what is malolactic fermentation? And even if a lot has been written and said about it, it feels like these 2 words are often a bit abused by experts especially on wine notes taking for granted that the reader should obviously know what they are talking about. And that’s exactly why, today, I’d like to go a bit deeper and try to explain you in the…
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    Wine, Women and Chocolate

  • 3 Things Not to Do to Slim Down

    Cat Curry-Williams
    4 Mar 2015 | 6:43 am
     Says Dr. Weil, While exercise, quality sleep and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose weight and keep it off, some people will still be tempted to take shortcuts and try weight-loss pills. If this is true for you or someone you care for, be sure to avoid products with these ingredients: Chitosan: A derivative... The post 3 Things Not to Do to Slim Down appeared first on Wine, Women and Chocolate.
  • Shining a Spotlight on Santa Barbara Wines, by Terry Nozick

    Cat Curry-Williams
    1 Mar 2015 | 4:58 pm
    Morgen McLaughlin, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Vintner’s Association, has what I consider to be one of the best jobs in the world, as well as one of the hardest. She is essentially an ambassador for the county’s five AVAs and the numerous, mostly small-production, family-owned wineries that strive for state, national, and international... The post Shining a Spotlight on Santa Barbara Wines, by Terry Nozick appeared first on Wine, Women and Chocolate.
  • Love a good glass of vino but hate hitting the gym to work it off? This news will make your day.

    Cat Curry-Williams
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:53 am
    A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym, says new study New research reveals skipping the gym in favor of the pub is ok Daisy May Sitch Style Writer Research conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada has found that health benefits in resveratrol, a compound found in... The post Love a good glass of vino but hate hitting the gym to work it off? This news will make your day. appeared first on Wine, Women and Chocolate.
  • Yumm

    Cat Curry-Williams
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:44 am
    Kahlua Hot Chocolate  by Chungah Skip the store-bought hot cocoa mix  – homemade hot chocolate is easier to make than you think with just a handful of ingredients that’s already sitting in your pantry. And it’s even better with a hint of Kahlúa!   Hint! I like the whole answer please. KAHLUA HOT CHOCOLATE Prep Time5 minutes Cook Time5... The post Yumm appeared first on Wine, Women and Chocolate.
  • Both men and women crave chocolate

    Cat Curry-Williams
    18 Feb 2015 | 12:05 am
    Both men and women crave chocolate, but far more women than men experience chocolate cravings. Why do women crave chocolate more than men? Chocolate cravings may be linked to low blood sugar, stress or changing hormonal levels prior to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Chocolate and Blood Sugar Levels The sugar and caffeine in chocolate raise... The post Both men and women crave chocolate appeared first on Wine, Women and Chocolate.
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